15 Ukrainian Women Stereotypes to Get Rid Of

Our lives are overfilled with stereotypes. For a human being, it is one of the many precautions, so it is natural to believe them. However, there is no place for silly prejudice in the 21st century. Nowadays, we have all the opportunities to discover this world without boundaries. It is high time to get rid of a bunch of them. Today, we will bust and even confirm some common Ukrainian women stereotypes.


The fictional myths about women

#1. The Ukrainian girls are greedy. Take into account that Ukraine is a rapidly developing but still a poor country. The childhood of Ukrainian girls for dating who are about 21-25 years old now was not so bright after the dissolution of the USSR. Their families faced unemployment and poverty, so meeting a foreigner for marriage is just an advantageous chance for them to create a happy family. Their aim is to provide a prosperous life for themselves and their children, not to clean out your wallet.


#2. They are rude. These Ukrainian ladies stereotypes must have appeared due to the close connection with Russia. The Russian men are known as extremely rude and even aggressive, which is more than we can say for their women. As well as Russian, young Ukrainian women for dating are very polite and gentle. They mannerly behave in public and are never rude, especially towards the elder and strangers.


#3. Girls in Ukraine are sexually accessible. This is the most offensive statement in the list of Ukrainian women stereotypes. Since their childhood, these girls are taught to be modest, respect their personalities and dignity. Although sex before marriage is common nowadays, they chose their partner carefully and don’t sleep around. You need to be special for her, so the intimacy with a Ukrainian girl is a treasure you should fight for.


#4. They drink too much. Another stupid stereotype connected to the most famous Russian fact. There is no doubt that Slavic people are extremely hospitable and cheerful, they like feasts and parties. However, it doesn’t mean they all drink like a fish. The tendency towards healthy lifestyle has widely spread over the recent years. The Ukrainian women also look after their health. Moreover, they all dream about being good mothers of healthy children, so bad habits are very rare among them.


bored-housewife#5. They only live off their husbands. The cult of a family is very strong in Ukraine. The typical model of an average Slavic family is simple: husband is a breadwinner who earns money, and wife is a hearthstone keeper who raises children and keeps the house I order. That’s why many foreigners think that women in Ukraine are capable of sitting at home and nothing more. It’s not true. Modern Ukrainian wives are really good at housewifery, but at the same time, they aspire to build a career or at least to be employed and make more money for family.


#6. Dating Ukrainian girls is too expensive. In Ukrainian culture, it is common to woo a woman you are dating. It includes visiting nice restaurants, going to the cinema, giving flowers and presents. Some foreigners made up a Ukrainian girl’s stereotype that means you will spend a fortune on that. In fact, dating a western woman is almost the same: it is a custom to go out and make gifts, so there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover, if you decide to find a Ukrainian woman in her homeland, you will be pleasantly surprised by the local prices. In comparison with the European or American tags, they are pretty low. Therefore, you don’t have to be on the Forbes list to date and marry a Ukrainian woman.


#7. They don’t look for self-development. It is no secret that women all over the world dream about creating a happy family. The Ukrainians are not an exception. However, most of foreigners think that becoming a wife and mother is an ultimate task for these women, and they are completely wrong. Even if they devote themselves to a family, they don’t stop expanding their skills and interests. Due to the latest social tendencies, Ukrainian girls aim to make the best out of their skills so that they could be independent and educated personalities.


#8. They are capable of cooking only Ukrainian dishes. Ridiculous but still worth to be busted. It seems that every single man on the planet finally learned the names of authentic Ukrainian food. It is good, but why on Earth they think Ukrainian women cook only borshch and vareniki? The experienced housewives always know how to please their husbands. Be sure, your dream girl from Ukraine will surprise you with a variety of original dishes every day, including Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, German, and even Pan-Asian.


#9. The Ukrainian girl will run away from you as soon as you take her to your country. Who told you that? Surely, most women who are looking for a foreigner to date dream about living abroad. But this is not the most important thing. Slavic women get married out of love, so if they agree to leave their homeland with husbands, it means they truly love them with all their hearts. It is foolish to think that a single Ukrainian girl will leave you in a completely unknown country.


#10. They are all immoral atheists. The age of militant atheism on the territory of Ukraine has gone more than a quarter of century ago. You may remember that funny politician oratory about the unholy and vicious Soviet people who don’t believe in God. Today the situation is quite the opposite. The Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism are widely spread in Ukraine. The locals honor the religious traditions and make every effort to preserve them. Moreover, the atheist or agnostic women in Ukraine treat the official religion with respect.


A few positive stereotypes about women

Happy-mother-and-childNow it is time to confirm some Ukrainian women stereotypes. Believe us they are surely delightful.


#1. They are beautiful. Of course, they are! This is pretty much the key reason why western men look for the Ukrainian wife. It is too hard to set these gorgeous ladies aside.


#2. They are perfect wives and mothers. Most of the Ukrainian women are family-oriented. This is a huge part of their centuries-old culture. Ukrainian girls are loving wives, great cookers, caring mothers.


#3. They are educated. One of the most valuable Soviet heritages is the educational system. The Ukrainian schools form a reliable foundation for the children’s erudition. Moreover, the academic education and getting a degree are considered extremely important for Ukrainians. Almost each of them aims to go to the university or college.


#4. They are fond of western men. Although Ukrainian ladies love their men, they also like meeting foreigners. Western men are considered to be successful, caring, and capable husbands.


#5. They prefer older men. The age difference among the Ukrainian family couples is a common tendency. It is OK to be 5 or 10 years older than your wife. Ukrainian women look for an independent, wise, and skillful life partner to create a happy family.

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