Dating Video & Text Chat with Russian Girls


Preparing for video chat: 3 important tips

Video chat is almost like a first date, so it’s better to take care of all the details. Be sure to follow these three tips.

1) Check if everything’s working

Test your microphone and camera. Make a couple of sound checks to ensure that you sound not too loud or quiet. We don’t want some technical issues to screw up our first date, right? Adjust the angle of your webcam. You will seem more confident when looking directly into it. It’s the first step towards making a good impression.

2) Prepare the background

If you think that the girl you’ll be chatting with will see nothing except your face during the video chat, you’re wrong. There are a lot of unpleasant details she may notice. Needless to say that the room you’ll be sitting in must look clean, and the background shouldn’t distract your companion. Oh, and the sounds of your dog barking like crazy can also spoil the atmosphere. Turning the sound of your phone off will be a great idea.

3) Pay close attention to the lighting

When adjusting the light for a live video chat, it’s better to put it behind your computer. Your face is the main thing the girl should be concentrated on, so be sure that it’s illuminated. If you want to make your face look truly perfect, consider powdering it a bit because the lights can make the skin shiny.

A couple of ways to impress a girl through video chat

You know, you have only one chance to make a good first impression on someone. Follow these tips to make sure that you don’t miss that chance.

1) Analyze her

Before making a call, browse through her profile once again. If you want to impress your cute companion online, you need as many details about her as possible. This will show her that you’re really interested in having a chat and looking for something more than a girl to have some fun with.

2) Stay confident

When it comes to Russian video dating, nothing works better than self-confidence. So your main priority now is to tune yourself into the right mood. Show your companion some confident attitude. It’s no secret that all women, regardless of nation, love ambitious men that can inspire, and your task is to let her know that you have both of these attributes even if you don’t. To imitate confidence, you need to stay relaxed, as if you don’t care whether you’re able to impress her or not. Then, you need to speak freely, avoiding awkward pauses (to do this, follow the first tip). Let your conversation flow and don’t focus on it too much.

3) Use your sense of humor

Who doesn’t want to have a few laughs from time to time? And the best thing about having a good sense of humor is that girls love this trait. Apart from being a great way to break the ice, it’s also a sign of intellect. Just don’t start spitting out one joke after another.

4) Be Honest

And the last but not least, always stay honest. There’s absolutely no need to lie to your companion about your earnings or social status. Remember that you’re joining a Russian dating chat, and Slavic girls don’t care much about such details as huge mentions and bank accounts. Instead, they strongly appreciate men’s honesty. Besides, your lies may be uncovered.

How to dress to impress

The fact that your cute Russian companion will only see your face and some part of your torso doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever you want or sit in front of the camera with no pants on. Even if you’re not dating in person, the clothes you wear still mean a lot. Sure, there’s no need in dressing officially, with white shirts, bowties, and all that stuff. Pick something casual.

Now, for the colors of your clothes: they play a certain role, and depending on your webcam capabilities and the lighting, this role can be important. There are a few colors that suit you best and highlight your features. These are emerald green, ruby red, or sapphire blue. They’re saturated enough to make you look noticeable against any type of background, and you can be sure that they will look nice with your skin tone.

Chat Starting Tips

Here are some rules of Russian and Ukrainian video dating that will help you start a conversation.

1) Make it a bit personal

Your starting speech (or message if we’re talking about text chats) should highlight some of the details from your companion’s profile, like her taste in music, hobbies, that kind of thing. You need to make her feel like you actually know each other.

2) Create a friendly atmosphere

It’s important to point your conversation in the right direction from the beginning. There’s no better way to break the ice than to say something that will put a smile on your companion’s face. Remember that it’s not a job interview, so make things funny and upbeat. Once you both feel comfortable, you can start asking questions.

3) Don’t make too superficial compliments

Russian girls don’t like compliments that say how hot or sexy they are, so don’t start a conversation with praising her beauty. Besides, such compliments say a lot about your intentions. Your video dating chat companion already understands that you’re attracted to her physically, so there’s no need in mentioning it once again.

4) But some light flirting is OK

Just because you can’t praise her beauty with plain compliments doesn’t mean that you can’t make her blush. There’s nothing wrong with dropping your companion a hint that you’re into her.

Few starting phrases

Assuming that it’s not your first time talking to each other, and you’ve already been through text dating chat, these phrases will work as conversation starters.

1) Ask these questions if you want to start a chat and not turn it into an interrogation:
- Hey, how are you?
- So, I heard it’s really cold in Russia. Is it true?
- What have you been up to since we last chatted?

2) Here are some questions your companion will definitely answer:
- Do you like sports?
- You seem so smart. Do you have a degree?
- So, what do you usually do on weekends?

3) These are great first date ice-breakers:
- What’s it like living in Russia (Ukraine)?
- Where did you grow up?
- Are you a dog or cat person?
- What do you like more – books or movies?

Don’t ask all these questions at once. Let the girl find something about you, too.

Mistakes to avoid

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do during a chat with sexy girls.

Don’t rush things

Be calm and patient. If the girl doesn’t want to talk about something that would bring your conversation to a new level, it’s OK. If your companion is not in the mood for chatting, there’s nothing you can do. There are a few ways to tell if a person wants to keep talking with you. For example, if all you get is one-word answers, then you’d better say goodbye and leave the chat. She probably has her own reasons for not talking with you. Don’t try too hard to keep the conversation going.

Don’t make things too personal

You may think that if she agreed to chat with you through the webcam, you already became close. That’s wrong, and there’s still a gap between you that takes a lot of time to overcome. Don’t make things between you too personal right from the start. It’s better not to share private information or ask for some, especially on Russian or Ukrainian dating chat. Slavic people prefer keeping their intimate life a secret. This way you can scare your companion off. Stay casual. You probably like her and want to learn as much as possible about her, but it’s not an excuse for being too intrusive.

Don’t bombard her with questions

Sure, being curious about your companion’s life is natural. But try to stay reasonable. Would you like your date being turned into an interrogation? That’s right. You have plenty of time to ask all the questions you want.

That’s all you need to know about dealing with live chat girls from Russia and Ukraine. Now go ahead and try all these tips in practice.