The Complete Guide to Ukrainian Girls

For decades, rich Ukrainian culture was closed for western people. The iron curtain hid tons of secrets and rumors about the USSR right until it fell in 1991. Then, the world finally revealed the biggest treasure of independent Ukraine – the incomparable beauty of women.

For more than 25 years, men all over the globe have been thinking about Ukrainian girls dating. Why? Because such hospitable, intelligent, gorgeous, and family-oriented women could not be found anywhere else in the world. In their turn, hot Ukrainian girls look for foreigners to create a family. As you can see, this is a victorious combination if you’re looking for a life partner.

But before you start searching for a future wife, let us introduce you a comprehensive guide to Ukrainian women dating.


The mystery of Slavic girl

You must have heard about the uniqueness of Slavic women. It is because Eastern European countries conceal a high-quality gene pool in combination with rich history. Their people stand out for strong spirituality, loyalty to traditions, incredibly high intellectual capacity, openness, and friendliness. Now imagine that Ukraine is the center of Slavic culture. Indeed, it is a cradle of Eastern European civilization. That’s why local people are very proud of their country’s history, they aspire to preserve their originality through the ages and spread their glory around the Earth. As you may guess, one of their most admirable prides is women.

It is interesting that along with their love for homeland, Ukrainian girls are very open to the whole world. They are open-minded and ready for discovering something new any time. Being grown in a harmony with their surroundings and nature, women of Ukraine bring this balance anywhere they go. They create the atmosphere of love, peace, and happiness at home and in the circle of friends or co-workers. Add this deep inner world to their astonishing beauty and you will get the clue to Slavic girls’ mystery.

The concept of family in Ukraine

Due to the unbreakable family traditions in the country, the Ukrainian women are considered the best wives. So, how do the Ukrainian families look like and what is their source of happiness?

happy familyAt first, we have to go back to the distant past. Ukraine has always been a religious country. Throughout the centuries, marriage has been a commitment to God as well as to the spouse. Just like in any other Christian culture, children were and still remain the most significant part of every Ukrainian family. They were not only a source of joy for parents, but also were a huge help to the household. That’s why Ukrainian children are taught to be hardworking and helpful until today.

As years passed by, a completely different philosophy took over the millions of Ukrainians. Communism declined each of religious doctrines completely. However, Soviet government was highly interested in raising strong and durable units of society. Therefore, a massive family-oriented propaganda had been held year after year, until the USSR dissolved. Because of this, families in Ukraine of those times were extremely strong; divorces were very rare. In addition, cheating in marriage was unacceptable as well as dating a married person. Everything was made for children so that they grow up in healthy and loving families. As you can see, despite the hapless atheism, Soviet Ukraine and other countries kept the sacred importance of marriage.

Today, Christianity in Ukraine is free to develop along with atheism, agnosticism, and other philosophies. But the differences in modern Ukrainians’ views don’t prevent them from being a family-oriented nation. Men and women follow the ancient traditions and aspire to preserve them for future. They do everything to keep love, happiness, and prosperity of their children.

Modern Ukrainians gradually adopt the Western lifestyle. It is quite common for women nowadays to concentrate on career or self-development. But if you find a Ukrainian girl and propose to her, be sure she will be the best wife and will do anything to make you happy.

What helps Ukrainian women stand out

Now, let’s focus on indisputable advantages of single Ukrainian girls. Why are they so special? There are many reasons for that!

ukrainian beauty Beauty. Once you come to Ukraine, you will be struck with the attractiveness of ladies there. This is a key reason why foreigners aim to date a Ukrainian woman. You won’t find such gentle and admirable traits anywhere else.

Intelligence. Some might think that the beautiful outer shell never combines with outstanding intelligence. We are glad to ruin this stereotype! Hot Ukrainian brides are not just pretty dolls. In their homeland, education and knowledge are valued far more than appearance. They read a lot, attend courses, and try to get the best of their skills at every opportunity.

Domesticity. Ukraine is not strongly affected by feminism, but the ancient cult of women can be easily noticed there. They are respected as mothers and caring wives. Therefore, modern Ukrainian girls are raised to become wise and loving keepers of a hearthstone. They are perfect at cooking and very hospitable. Even an inveterate bachelor will be on cloud nine when he decides to marry a Ukrainian girl.

Femininity. Women in Ukraine never lose their charm and attractiveness. They thoroughly take care of their looks, no matter if they are single or in a relationship. In the first case, their aim is to meet a decent partner, so they dress elegantly and emphasize their sexuality. In the second case, they try to stay beautiful and hot for their beloved partners.

Tenderness. Ukrainian women are passionate, sensual, and sweet. To date a Ukrainian girl means to dive deep into the whirlpool of unforgettable love experience.

Mannerliness. Due to the high level of education and strong respect for parents, women in Ukraine are known for their impeccable manners. They never dare to be rude to a stranger or to the elders. Their behavior is worth to be a model for every modern lady.

How to attract a single Ukrainian girl

Did we convince you to date a Ukrainian woman? Then follow our easy instructions to conquer a heart of beautiful Slavic girl!

Always make the first step. In Ukraine, women are not used to take the initiative when they meet a man. They are too well-bred and modest to make the first step. Moreover, in their imagination, it is a man’s task to demonstrate the interest in a woman. If you make a confident and romantic first step, consider yourself a winner.

Be romantic. As you found out earlier, these girls are very sensitive and emotional. It easy for them to fall in love, especially when their potential partner reveals his romantic spirits. Be a gentleman, make touching surprises for her. Here are some nice romantic tips for you:

  • Make presents: flowers, sweets, accessories, and something she likes;
  • Arrange unusual dates: dinner on the roof, a walk in a picturesque countryside, an intimate conversation on a beach; late film show at the cinema.

Respect her. Ukrainian women are aware of their advantages. They know how much they mean to their men. They also know that foreigners are highly interested in romantic relationships with them. Therefore, don’t treat her only like an object for sex or an obedient housekeeper – she is a person after all. Treat your Ukrainian lady with respect and you will surely get mutual feelings.

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