10 Tips to Perfect Your Online Dating Profile


Internet is probably one of the most powerful and useful inventions of humanity. However, every great thing has its dark side. A reckless attitude can ruin even the kindest intention. What is all about? I’m talking about successful online dating profiles. Creating them seems to be an elementary and unremarkable thing. Men and women write online dating profiles carelessly and think that they will get hundreds of responses immediately. Well, it’s not enough. All you need is a bit more patience and creativity. Today I will tell you 10 secrets of good online dating profiles.


Post current pictures

Let’s start from the thing that matters a lot – your appearance. A successful photo is 80% of your future dating progress. So, the key requirement for your profile pictures is relevance. We speak about obvious things, of course, but thousands of users neglect this rule again and again. That’s why your photo should not be older than 6 month. Even if you haven’t changed your hairstyle or haven’t lost 10 pounds in recent months, update your pictures regularly. Remember, sooner or later you will meet your online friend in real life and you both will wish to see each other as you look on the site. Nobody loves disappointment, right?

Tease the imagination

Today, most boys and girls have a bit distorted picture about their profile images. Undoubtedly, hot and explicit photos beckon our attention. However, if you look at some really good profiles for online dating, you won’t see there any naked and half-naked body parts. The genuine sexiness is built in your own head when you imagine everything underneath. Showing a little skin on photos is a perfect way for both men and ladies. If you wear suitable and trendy clothes that emphasize your beauty, you don’t have to undress in order to be hot.

Stand out

Believe me; scrolling through tons of similar profiles is quite tiring and boring. Best profile for online dating is easy to notice if it has some distinctive feature. No matter what it is, a slightly weird photo or incredibly catchy greeting. Don’t be afraid to stand out with something special.

Encourage the conversation

men-on-online-dating-websitesBest online dating profiles arouse our interest also by their texts. A fascinating description makes us respond. Point out the most interesting and important sides of your life, especially hobbies and work. These topics cause most questions, which is perfect for starting and continuing conversation. In addition, describe why exactly you are interested in something. It creates a learer picture of you.

Be laconic

Large, vivid, immodest, and arrogant descriptions are suitable only for rock-stars’ autobiographies. People pay money for reading huge pieces of texts and they do it when they really need it, and they surely don’t want to read an endless self-admiring poem about the unknown person on the Web. Dating sites are not the places for that. Try to put everything significant and fascinating in 10 sentences, be simple. Leave the rest of info to discuss in a private chat.

Add some mystery

This online dating profile tip is relevant for both men and women. Anyway, you’re looking for love, don’t you? And the mystery is the most powerful weapon to attract your mate. You are responsible for stimulating the interest. Write one ambiguous and alluring sentence about your dreams or your traits. Then see the reaction.

Be positive

Yes, it’s obvious, again. Yet you should keep positive in every aspect. Upload more current happy photos; share the most positive experience of your past and today. Attract other happy and cheerful people to your life.

Don’t play on sympathy

‘Girls always leave me.’ ‘I have never experienced true love’. ‘Is there somebody to cure my deep wounds left after hundreds of tragic romances?’ Seriously, forget about tears and pity, people want to meet cheerful and happy people who live for today. Moreover, we all had negative experience in our past, so your tragic love won’t make you special.

Keep quiet about plans

Ideally, every dating site user is looking for a life partner, but frank claims about children and marriage may be frightening sometimes. So, don’t focus your attention only on this issue. Keep this topic for much closer conversation when you meet the right candidate.

Say what you’re looking for

Honesty and openness make the basics of online dating, but I decided to mention them in the end to increase their importance. Always say frankly what kind of relationships you’re looking for. And don’t feel ashamed of it. Every person you meet on such sites is also looking for romance, and the chance of coincidence increases if you accurately describe your wishes.

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