20 Good First Date Questions to Ask a Girl


The first date is always a very exciting event. It helps determine whether you want to continue the communication with the person. After it, you come to a certain conclusion, for example, realize that this person is interesting to you. Everything is quite simple.

But to find out everything you need about a woman during the first meeting and to understand whether it is worth spending time on her, you need to ask her the right questions. What are the interesting questions to ask a girl? This is what the article will be about.

interesting questions to ask a girl

First Date Ideas That Encourage a Nice Conversation

There are, of course, a few main tricks to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere:

  • Well, start a conversation with a joke - it helps ease up the situation and improve your mood.
  • During a conversation, it is important to emphasize the dignity of the interlocutor while thinking about questions to ask a girl. You can praise, use words of approval or ask about their opinion a lot.
  • Show your interest when a girl says something or shares her experience. Do not pretend that everything is clear if it is not. You can ask again. There are no people in the world who know absolutely everything.

And to find out something more and get intellectually richer you should try to implement the next ideas into your conversation:

1. Talking about favorite food

If your date is in a restaurant or cafe, then take the menu in hand and ask what your interlocutor will order, what she likes and what are her food preferences. You may ask it also at the very beginning of the evening to find the place where you will eat. Do not start talking about food that you cannot tolerate, it can turn out to be a favorite dish of your companion, and you will embarrass a person, but you don’t want that, right? Tastes differ. Remember this rule.

2. Traveling and exploring the world is a good conversation-starter

You can talk about this for a long time and still have a million funny questions to ask a girl. Discussing impressions from other cities and countries is fun and easy. You can talk about interesting places that you have visited and where else you would like to go to.

questions to ask a girl to get to know her3. Childhood memories

This is one of the easiest and funniest topics that are useful for communication and will give you many reasons for questions to ask a girl. You can talk about which games you liked to play in your childhood, how you went to your grandparents, what funny stories happened to you, what were your school years like, how you learned to swim, ride a bike and how many times you fell from it, how you fell in love being in a kindergarten and how you refused to drink milk there. All this will help get close and have fun.

4. Stupid stories, anecdotes

Tell her about a few of your "fails" from life. Whether you are young or already grown up - laugh at yourself. Single ladies for dating appreciate this. This will make the interlocutor feel that she is not the only one to whom awkward situations happen. You will also understand whether a person has a sense of humor, and you will practice yourself in wit and improvisation.

5. Add emotions and speak brightly

A boring speech does not cause emotions in a girl who wants an interesting and unforgettable evening. Use figurative expressions, emotional words, bright inserts. Stimulate the imagination. Here's how you shouldn’t start a conversation, "Yesterday my friends and I tried bungee jumping, it was fun."

Here's how to say, “Yesterday my friends and I decided to go bungee jumping from the tower. It was cool! Can you imagine yourself standing on this tower, the wind is blowing up there, and you understand that you are completely dependent on the reliability of the equipment? The flight was incredible, my heart jumped out of my chest, but I experienced an incredible pleasure. Let's try it together one day?”

If you learn to communicate using emotions, implement questions to ask a girl as well as imaginative expressions, then your interlocutor will fall in love at first sight!

Topics to Avoid on the First Date

It doesn't matter whether you are trying to fill an awkward pause in a conversation to come up with flirty questions to ask a girl, or you want to provoke your interlocutor and ask something controversial, the main thing is that the meeting does not turn into an interrogation with extreme prejudice.

Never ask uncomfortable questions. Meet a new person as if you are peeling a bow: remove one thin layer after another. No need to try to pierce the bulb with a knife! Ask only those questions that are suitable for your stage of dating. You should not embarrass a person.

After all, the desire for intimacy on the first date is also abnormal, as the complete rejection of intimacy in a relationship. If you are ready to accept a new partner as she is right now, this does not mean that she is ready to learn all your secrets. Try to avoid the next topics to keep your communication easy and pleasant.

1. Talking about your exes is completely wrong

Whether you have good relationships and memories, or bad ones, it doesn't matter. Not a word about it! Any mention of your personal life in the past instantly reduces your attractiveness in the women's eyes. Subconsciously, the woman concludes that something is wrong with you since you could not build a relationship with a person you loved. That is why the list of questions to ask a girl you like shouldn't include those about past relationships. Some people will enthusiastically tell about their previous relationships, not knowing about this rule and ask the interlocutors to share their experiences too. It turns the conversation into a psychological session of two "comrades in misfortune." It not only looks stupid, but it is simply impossible to come up with the worst scenario of the first date.

2. Try to avoid the topic of desired purchases and acquisitions

Especially if you know that the person you are talking to is wealthy. As soon as she feels (and even more, understands) that you sleep every night and dream of a new expensive car, she will think you are a gold digger. And no stunning appearance will save the "operation" from failure. The richer the person is, the less she is willing to share her wealth with others. Because any person would like to be loved not for their status or bank account.

3. Absolute taboos are stories about health problems

However, some people manage to tell about it on the first date, hoping to awaken sympathy and find a shoulder to cry on or get advice.

And you need to wake up completely different feelings. People are biosocial beings. Not only sexual and erotic needs are important to them. It is very important for adults to fulfill their needs for fatherhood or motherhood. Therefore, initially, we will strive to communicate with a healthy partner.

20 Best Questions to Ask a Girl on a First Date

funny questions to ask a girlThe first meeting of two romantic-minded people is always difficult. It's like a plane that runs up the runway slowly at first, and then speeds up, and finally, takes off. There are so many good questions to ask a girl. The first date is considered one of the most stressful moments in modern life because you meet real women face to face. However, it can be the beginning of the most beautiful period. Think about it, when you sit silently at the table and dream about this meeting to end.

The main principle of any conversation is that being a good listener is as important as being a good storyteller. Even if you are a natural orator, make an effort and listen to your interlocutor. Good dialogue is like a game of tennis: now and then you pass the ball to each other, and the duration of your conversation will depend on how often you will pass the ball to each other. Here is the list of 20 questions to ask a girl to get to know her that are great conversation starters.

#1. Tell me about your family? Which family member do you communicate best with? Who is close to you? Women who are close to their fathers, as a rule, are very respectful towards other men. Just be polite and ask general questions, do not try to find out the financial status of the family or get lost if a girl answers she only has one of the parents alive.

# 2. Are you a day person or a night one? You do not want to have breakfast and fall asleep alone every day. This part about your schedule can influence the future choice of a person and tell you whether your activity and lifestyle will coincide.

# 3. What do you like for dinner/breakfast? What if this date still lasts until the morning or at least you need these as best questions to ask a girl to know where to go on the next date. As we have already mentioned, food is always a good topic.

#4. Do you like cats or dogs more? Sounds cliché? When one of you has six cats at home, and the other has a terrible allergy to them, this can be a real problem. What is more, pets are family members too, and you need to consider each other’s taste and the vision of a full family. Will your children play with a cat or a dog?

#5. Do you have a favorite book? American director John Waters once said, “If you come to the man’s home, and he doesn’t have books, you shouldn’t have sex with him.” The same works for women.

# 6. Do you love what you do? This question reveals the ambitions of a woman and her thoughts about the future. If the answer sounds abstract, there is no certainty and no clarity, then it can be a stop signal for you. Find out the life-work relations of a person. It’s better to know right away that she is married to her work and she will never have time to lie with you in bed on a Sunday morning, go on vacation or even just to go to see a movie.

# 7. What concert did you attend last? It is a more inventive version of the hackneyed question, “What kind of music do you like?” Or, maybe, it will work if you want to make a surprise and buy a pretty girl a ticket for her favorite band. What is more, if your tastes coincide, you can go there together so that kind of questions to ask a girl on a date give you more ideas about the plans.

#8. How could your friends describe you? Even a very open and sociable people do not feel quite right and easy to talk about themselves, but they can “safely” describe their character and habits, taking the point of view of another person. Such deep questions to ask a girl will make her comfortable and help open up.

#9. How did your parents meet? Everyone likes to tell big stories. Also, by asking about parents, you can learn a lot about the family of a potential partner.

#10. If you could choose any historical era - when would you like to live? We want to add that such flirty questions to ask a girl forced her to turn on the imagination and give the necessary spark for further conversation or, who knows, a role-playing game.

#11. What films/series have you been interested in lately? Tell me what season of Game of Thrones you have watched, and I will tell you who you are.

#12. Where did you grow up? If on the first date you want to know a person closer, ask her about the place where her childhood passed. About her hometown, motherland, which plants grew near their houses, how does her parent’s place smell, does it smell of perfumes, fresh bakery or books?

#13. Tell her about your best trip. A question for inspiration. Even if your relationship does not end up with a happy end, the other person may discover a new, interesting place and you will get the same useful tips and a new mark on the map.

#14. Who had the greatest influence on your life? But do not let her even try to give a hint about her ex! Ask her about deep things, about how her image changed, what was her favorite teacher and why, or who was her style icon.

deep questions to ask a girl#15. What is your purpose in life right now? Cheer her up and say that it is easier to look for the lost meaning of life together.

#16. What did you want to become, when you were a child? This topic will help you understand who the potential partner in adult life is, what her character traits are (after all, the upbringing and the conditions in which a person grew up, to a greater extent, determine what kind of adult she is). Find out what dreams from childhood she has carried through.

#17. What is your favorite alcohol/cocktail/strong drink? Some like refined wine, and others like burning whiskey. Even judging from her answer, you can tell about her temperament. They say that girls who like vodka have more fun than those who prefer rosé, but who knows.

#18. Do you like to cook or you prefer eating out? A hot woman who loves and knows how to cook can be not only an excellent lover but also an excellent mother and wife. Ask a girl a question about what she likes to eat, and whether she would like to spend an evening cocking something for a romantic dinner. Perhaps she is used to eating at a cafe, or her parents regularly cook for her.

#19. Are you a home buddy or a party animal? If you like to go to parties with friends, and she is sitting at home with a book, then you will simply lose the common bond one day. Of course, in relationships, you can and should look for common grounds, but you can't get the pleasure you are looking for from spending time at home. The same as she cannot relax and unwind in a noisy company. It is important that your interests overlap at least somewhere.

#20. What kind of life you consider happy? You will understand exactly what this woman lacks and what she would like to have. At the same time, you can find out whether your views on life and plans for the future match. Such a simple question can tell a lot about a person.

If you are confident, then you are unlikely to have any difficulties on a first date, but most people may experience some embarrassment in the company of an unfamiliar but nice person. This is natural because you want to make a good impression, and you do not know where to start. That is why some dates are doomed to failure, as the first few minutes can play a crucial role in the success or failure of the first romantic evening together.

In one sense, the first date resembles an interview when applying for a job, but you should remember, this is not an interview or an interrogation, you are just trying to get to know each other better. It is always better to start the conversation on the first date with a smile and a sincere compliment.

Show good manners and honesty, ask exactly what interests you personally because only this way you can find out whether this person is suitable for you or not. If you are interested in what is included in the daily duties of a paleontologist because this is the job of your companion, just ask about it. If it matters to you whether she loves animals or what food she prefers – go ask about it too. No need to invent questions in advance, they will appear naturally. Just do not ask too personal questions or say something that can embarrass your interlocutor and cause negative feelings. Perhaps you are just nervous, but this is no excuse for saying the first thing that comes to your mind.

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