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It's best to say that a French kiss is magic and stop at this point. It is best to say that this is a kiss, during which the souls of lovers are united. It's best to say that this is just an unforgettable kiss, especially when it is done with knowledge - well, or without it, it does not matter. In short, this is the most popular kiss in the whole world.

Despite its popularity, it causes the greatest number of misunderstandings and at the same time stirs the curiosity of youth, bringing lovers closer like no other kiss. That's why I decided to devote an entire article and write a detailed guide to how to French kiss. A dry book description does not allow you to feel what is a French kiss, the excitement, and joy that you experience when you do it. All these emotions - and many others - you can get only in practice. My guide is written on the basis of personal experience, which I suggest you try with your crush.

what is a french kiss

What Should I Do to Make the Kiss French?

So how to do a French kiss? Let’s start from the very beginning. The French kiss implies the contact of tongues, and, like during eating, there cannot be something right and something wrong. Sometimes both tongues work, sometimes only one. It happens that the guy starts French kissing, but it happens that the girl does too. There are an infinite number of options, the easiest of which is to just open your mouth during a kiss and wait for what happens next. It’s the first step in learning how to practice French kiss.

Imagine that your partner's mouth is your mouth, do there the same thing as in your mouth: use your tongue, as if exploring the territory, go through the tongue on the partner's teeth - have fun all the way, but do not do anything in your partner's mouth that you would not like to feel yourself. When you get bored with this activity, just stop and try something new.

Maybe it will help if you think of it as of food. Do you know what pleasure we get from eating? A French kiss is just like it but sometimes even better. Just look, do not swallow your partner!

Why is This Kiss Called French?

So how to French kiss a girl? Let’s learn a little of history first. It will help you understand the very essence of a French kiss. The name of the French kiss is not accidental. France is a country of romance, sophistication, refinement, and charm. Sometimes it seems that it inspired the brightest and most beautiful novels in the world. A passionate French kiss with the tongue appeared in our language as a connecting element with this culture, full of love, fervent confessions, and untold secrets.

At home, a kiss with a tongue is called a "kinship of souls", so this contact is an intimate and binding component. Experienced experts say that the French kiss is accompanied by the following signs:

  • if the partner is experienced and knows how to kiss with the tongue, both people have strong palpitations during this contact;
  • the body begins to tremble slightly with pleasure;
  • people may get slightly dizzy from the emotions experienced;
  • goosebumps appear on the skin.

how to practice french kissAll these signs are quite understandable from a scientific point of view: during a kiss with the tongue, the body produces an increased amount of the hormone oxytocin. People often call it a hormone of happiness. It is this hormone that is responsible for the appearance of such unusual reactions in humans. It is important to note that in order to receive true pleasure, it is necessary not only to know how to French kiss but also to feel attracted to the partner.

There should be sincere affection between people, and only then the pleasure from the French kiss will be full and very bright.

Where to Begin?

The best thing to start is the kisses on your lips, during which slightly open your mouth. This is exactly the moment when many guys and girls get lost and start being nervous. Do not panic if you suddenly feel your heart pounding in your chest. In such circumstances it is so natural, mind you! I experienced it dozens of times.

A kiss with an open mouth causes strange sensations. Strange and beautiful. It is possible that your partner will repeat your action and also open her mouth. If not, try sucking her lower lip. It can help her to relax. When she opens her mouth, the only thing left for you to do is to start working on your tongue.

What Does the Girl Think About During the French Kiss?

"Do I like him? Does he really like me? Do I like how I kiss? What happens if we both lose control of ourselves? It's good to see how excited he is. And, perhaps, he will kiss me now! Oh, he put his tongue too far, I'm suffocating, help! No, it seems that everything is all right, how nice! Oh yeah! How good! I hope we'll be kissing all night." That's what actually happens in the girls' heads during the French kiss. They have admitted this to me many times and I tend to believe them.

When it comes to kissing, many guys do not use their imagination. They hear that their friends are always talking about French kisses, so it seems to them that if they do not use their tongue during the kiss, the girls will find them inexperienced. In addition, unfortunately, not all guys are so fond of simple kisses that they can feel happy with them only for a long time. Young people need something more exciting, so they resort to the only means - a French kiss. In addition, most guys regard this kiss as a way to force events and move on to a new stage of relationships. Well, I did the same many times.

These hopes are fully justified. The French kiss is a sort of intimate tuning fork, which sets up partners for a more erotic, sexy way.

How French Kissing Can Lead to Sometning More

A French kiss always leads to sexual arousal. Even if you are driven by absolutely platonic feelings and the image of your beloved girl is not yet presented to you in a longing, naked appearance, you will feel this easily recognizable growing sensation in the abdomen and groin. But you are not the only one there - your partner is experiencing exactly the same thing at this very moment. The question is how you use this excitement. If you have grandiose plans and you are not going to say goodbye to the girl for no reason (and I always had plans like you, my friend), use the energy of a kiss to achieve your treacherous goals.

Use your body. An easy touch with the hips will create an intimate atmosphere between you. This touch should not be intrusive at all, so as not to distract your partner into unnecessary thinking, but at the same time, it must be clearly felt.

Try not to interfere in the course of events. A French kiss will create the right mood for you and remove the possible barriers. It stimulates the mind in such a way that oxytocin production does not stop for a second, so you can relax a little and let the events guide you in the right direction.

Use a French kiss as foreplay. Pause for a few seconds and kiss the partner on the neck or face, and then continue the French kiss. This works in 99% of the cases - the girls are quickly excited and lose control of themselves.

How to French Kiss Step by Step

The technique of the French kiss is complex and very simple at the same time. In order to properly kiss a partner, you need to:

  • relax lips, slightly open them and touch the lips of a partner;
  • Put the tip of the tongue directly into the mouth of the kissing person;
  • gently touch the tongues and start caressing each other.

At first glance, the technique seems to be very simple. But during the contact, you need to watch, so that the partner likes such caresses. Your tongue must not penetrate too deeply into the partner's mouth, otherwise, he or she may start to choke. Sometimes, if there is a feeling that the partner is not comfortable with such a contact, one must be able to delicately ask what can be changed on his side.

how to french kiss for the first timeSome experts are sure that gentle biting of the partner's tongue will not spoil the kiss but will give him or her caresses and playfulness. But this behavior may not always appeal to a partner. The most important thing is the ability to feel emotions of each other during a contact.

Tips for French Kiss

Check my little FAQ on how to French kiss well, it might help you in your romantic adventures. Do we need to work with tongues at the same time? Yes. French kisses are usually initiated by one of the partners, so, at first, one works with his tongue only. For example, you kiss your girlfriend but want something more exciting, and you gently touch her lips with the tongue and wait until she responds with her tongue ... There is a contact! Here comes the most exciting moment of the kiss! You both start the game: you run away - she catches up, she runs away - you catch up. And when it is over ... no one knows!

Is it possible to forcefully push the partner's tongue?

It is possible, but up to that limit, to which you would like it yourself. It is especially pleasant when she is resisting her tongue. Now, wait and see her reaction. Does she resist? Or obeyed? Does she begin to struggle with the tongue? Her reaction can tell you a lot about her true feelings. Best way to French kiss is to listen to your feelings.

How to finish a French kiss?

Gently remove your tongue, tilt your head and close your mouth. If you do this all at once, it will be quite dramatic. If you want to show tact, then after a kiss do not immediately step back from the partner. Sharp removal can lead to emotional shock. To soften it, smile at your girlfriend, caress her. You can also end a "dry" kiss on the lips or on the forehead.

But how to French kiss for the first time? It’s easier than you think. Go with the girl to the cinema and watch a romantic movie, and every time when someone on the screen will be French kissing, whisper in her ear: "Oh, how I like it!", "It's probably so nice!", “Oh, look, it is a proper way to French kiss, I like it” or "Let's try to kiss as they do! ". It sounds trite, but it works in most cases.

  • Train her imagination by talking about the enjoyment gained from eating.
  • The best time to start a similar conversation is a joint dinner.
  • Buy her a candy, let her suck it and enjoy the taste. A kiss is about the same process, but do not tell her about it. She is learning new French kiss techniques right now, don’t interrupt this process.
  • Let her drink from your glass.
  • Treat her like a small child.
  • Ask her to give you a candy mouth-in-mouth.
  • Incite her to contact with the tongues, giving her only the tip of your tongue during a kiss. See if she repeats your actions. Try to make her persevere moving away from her a little.
  • Compliment her every time she does what you like. This gives an absolute guarantee of success!
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