How to Act after a First Date with a Girl: a Complete Guide


The very first impression you make on the date is undoubtedly a serious reason for the following communication and relationship. But most of the guys make a mistake when they neglect the rules of acting AFTER it. Your behavior after a first date with a girl can be even more important and determinative than your meeting itself.

This issue raises many questions. What to do after a first date? When to text a girl after first date? What are the dos and don’ts before you invite a girl to the next meeting? Finally, how not to scare her away even if you feel she liked you? Read this article to know more.


Texting after Your First Date: Perfect Timing and Messages

So, you and your potential girlfriend spent a nice day together. Everything was fine; it seems there is some chemistry between you both. It is clear that you want to meet with her again. Now the question arises: how not to screw it up?

The lack of attention can be misunderstood as you did not enjoy the first date at all. As opposed to this, the excessive texting and calling can make her think that you are impatient or weak. But wait a minute, why are we so obsessed with the timing of texting after first date? The answer is quite weird: today, people who make the first move are considered as losers. “What a nonsense?” you may ask, and you will be right. First call or text after a first date shows that precisely you is the one who has a crush. And the strangest thing about all that is that we are taught to feel shame for these feelings.

Numerous so-called love coaches claim you should wait for as long as it possible. Some women are persuaded to keep silence for days and even weeks! Some “after the first date” rules for men tell they also should wait for an appropriate moment to make a woman want them more. Unfortunately, this silence can boomerang on you. Very often people even have no clue that their feelings are mutual because of this silly waiting rule. Therefore, to find out what you both really think you need communication.

So, if the question “When to text a girl after first date?” flashes in your mind, just listen to your heart. Yeah, it sounds quite sentimental, but it helps. Text her when you want. This is a very sincere gesture and it will be appreciated.

What to Text after First Date

There are many options you can choose when texting a girl after a date. To be honest, there isn’t a universal topic you can discuss, it all depends on the results of your meeting. And since you’re reading this article, we may assume that it went well and you are interested in the second date. So, here are some clues about texting after first date.

Inquire about her way home. “Did you get home safe?” – this is a nice way of demonstrating you care about a girl (if you did not have an opportunity to walk her home, of course). This gentleman’s small gesture will make her smile when she sits in her room thinking about the time you spent together. In addition, this message is a bit tricky because it requires an answer, so you can have an opportunity to continue your evening by texting.

texting after first date Tell her you liked the date (only if you did). There is nothing wrong in a “thank you text” after first date. You had a nice time together – say it to her if you did not say it personally. Mention everything funny and things you liked about your evening because everyone needs a certain feedback. Girls get nervous the same way men do, so make her worries end by texting a simple “I had a really nice time tonight. Thank you”. After that, you also may have an answer that can transform into another fun chat before going to sleep.

Continue one of your dating topics. Sometimes it happens when you discuss something on a date, but you need some proofs or more details to make a better impression. “Hey, remember I told you about that funny video? Here is the link”. Such texting after a first date is a great reason to chat with her. Moreover, you can continue any topic you discussed if you have something to add. You can combine this option with the previous two, but don’t be too annoying. Keep your conversation brief and sensible.

Give her a hint of the next date. Needless to say, such text is suitable only if you really want to see her again. It is not necessary to arrange the second date immediately. Just make her understand you are deeply interested in her. “It was a great night. I’d like to repeat it someday” – simple and sincere words that don’t need more explanations. But don’t be too pushy, just let her know you would like to continue your communication. Discuss the details of your next date a bit later.

When to Call After First Date and Should I?

Today texting via SMS, messengers, and social media is more common than calling. It is easier, it does not require much attention, and you have some time to think about what to say. Moreover, some people just feel inconvenient talking on a phone because they have less control over the situation. However, it doesn’t mean that calling represents a big turn-off for girls.

We start forgetting how thrilling and entertaining it is to you hear someone’s voice through the miles. Phone calls have more soul, frankness, and intimacy than emotionless letters on the screen (and pointless emoji). In addition, it requires full attention of the both sides so it supports your connection. There is no obvious reason to refuse to call a person you like.

Rules of texting if things didn’t work out

Ignoring a person is the worst thing you can do after a date no matter how bad it was. If anything went wrong and you really feel this girl is not who you need, follow these tips:

  • Be honest. Under any circumstances do not lie. If you are not into her, admit it. Be honest with her and yourself.
  • what to expect after the first date Do not specify. It is not necessary to point out every little thing you didn’t like. You simply don’t have to do it (neither does she).
  • Be polite and thankful. Don’t be too negative or rude because everyone hates being rejected. Choose the right words wisely, but don’t pretend to be too soft. On the contrary, try to be firm.
  • Be brief. There’s no need in explaining the every detail. A brief, strong, and polite text will make your point clear.

How to Ask Her Out on a Second Date

So, if you maintain a contact after first date, it is just a matter of time when you will meet again. We have already discussed that it would be nice to let her know you want another date, but don’t even think about asking her immediately after a first date or even worse – just in the middle of it.

What to do after a first date? How to know when it is the right time to ask her on the next date? It is simple: keep an eye on your conversation. A nice moment is when one of you starts flirting or making hints. A few days may go by before it starts, but then you will be 100% sure what you both wish. In addition, your desire increases at the moments like this, so you can make it more enjoyable by giving her what she wants - the next date with you.

Another good tip is just to wait a day or two before arranging a date. Let her think everything out, then consider everything by yourself. Find out more about her plans for a week and then you may bravely ask: “What are you doing this Saturday? Let’s meet again”. But when asking a girl on a second date, you have to be specific. No blurred questions and no more hints; set a proper time and place and get ready to get much closer.

What to Expect After the First Date

A completely another atmosphere. It is not about a place you are going to. When people first meet each other, they have no idea how to act, react, what jokes to tell, which topics would be nice etc. It is like watching a film for the first time. You are full of expectations and conjectures. But when you watch it again, you notice other interesting things. The same goes with dating a girl for the second time. You finally met a few days ago, shared some thoughts and details of each other’s lives. Now you both have more correct image of your date and it is easier to control the situation.

A new location. Another date means another experience, and the surroundings play a huge role in creating a closer connection. Set up a second date in a more romantic place or invite a girl to a more sophisticated restaurant. Surprise her with your imagination. Follow the opposite scenario and even try to be unpredictable.

after the first date rules for menMore personal conversations. This is the right moment to get a bit closer together. After a first date, the fear and uncertainty must fade away and be replaced with confidence and stronger affection. Don’t hesitate to discuss more details of your personal life, share memories and other thoughts you can trust her with. Then you will see she can trust you too.

Anything can go wrong. You both will be very disappointed if the long-awaited second date may be in jeopardy. Therefore, come up with a few more ideas where to go in case it is raining or your favorite café has no available reservations. So, a “plan B” can save your personal life.

Ideas about a next date. As you get closer on this meeting, you no longer have to wait hours and days to figure out whether she likes you or not. By the end of this date, you are free to ask what is she doing tomorrow or whether she has plans. If everything went OK, there will be no awkward moments when you talk about your following date.

Sum up

Men have always torn themselves apart with questions about texting after a first date. Women also do the same. Sometimes they all set useless boundaries on their behavior and forget about the obvious things. When two people like each other, they usually don’t find the reason to call or to send a message. When the opposite situation happens, both sides can feel there is something wrong without any explanations. Anyway, the key rule for men after dating is to be tactful and honest. If you really have a crush on a girl and it is mutual, you will know exactly what to do next.

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