How to Get a Date with a Single Mom


Would you date a single mom? Nowadays this relationship-matter topic causes a lot of controversies. Some people would definitely claim that dating a woman “with baggage” is a waste of time and money. Certainly, this metaphor is a bit rough, but at some point it is true.

“Never date a single mom, she will be the source of your disappointment and worry”-that is what any caring mother should say when her son is about to stumble across not only the potential danger, but also a double time-stealer.

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So Why Single Moms Are So Attractive?

Sure, a lot of readers might disagree with this statement. What can be so attractive in women over 30? Well, the question itself is very specific. We shouldn’t be so deadly categorical about those women as they possess a number of positive qualities that any other girl would normally lack. Here is what supposedly makes hot single moms so hot:

1. They are more experienced. And this statement is a no-brainer. Women with a certain relationship history know how to treat a man. Paradoxically, her previous man is obviously gone, but others keep being interested in a hot single mom. Well, the attitude of such lady is seen from afar. She knows what she wants from life. She did some mistakes, but wasting time from now is not her top priority. A single woman is not like other 20-year olds who would playfully curl her locks and smile when you buy her whiskey.

2. They are caring. Single moms definitely know something about life after marriage. She is a good mother and housekeeper. Besides a man, she has duties – a little (or a teenage) kid with his requirements and tantrums. If a girl knows how to tackle child’s needs, she will be able to put up with a grown man. Care is pretty visible in everyday life. Instead of behaving like an adolescent, a single mom will have a heart of gold!

3. They are strong. Yes, a strong single mom carries a lot of experience. She probably works her buttocks off to maintain a good financial status for both, herself and a kid. Being single requires mental stability, but having a kid additionally to your independence is a double challenge. Single moms rarely stay inside, waiting for life to change. She is risking her well-being, so a random hookup is probably a no-no. Be cautious if your intentions aren’t serious. No one will ever go that far with a guy who doesn’t value his and her time whatsoever.

4. Single moms are serious. Coming from the previous statement, strength gives her willing to exist comfortably. So if weather-headed sillies are not your specialty, why not try a woman who finally takes life seriously?

5. Single moms are sexy. She can get by with a trivial Mama uniform, like jeans, a T-shirt, a pony tail, yoga pants, or something like that, but when you invite her on a date, she will look like a dolly. Dates are the ability to do a sexy hairstyle and feel free.

6. Single moms are high at their standards. Single mothers are very specific about who and why they let in their lives. They have children to take care of, so they are not going to let any Tom, Dick or Harry from Tinder hang around near the door. If she chose you, you must be very special. If you are allowed into the house, you have reached the tolerance level, which is accessible only to the chosen ones, especially among men.

If you are generally attracted to more mature women, it’s only the matter of time when the first meeting will happen.

How To Get A Date With A Single Mom?

single moms datingDating for single moms is a painful subject, so mind that. There is no way in hell you will order her a Martini in the club and make her happy (though, desperate women fall for that, actually). Date ideas for single moms are endless, as long as you remember that a lady you want to get has a child.

Single mom dating tips:

1. Be open about your intentions. When you say you want a happy long-term relationship, don’t jump around. The same goes for random interest. Be direct. Tell you want to sleep around. Hey, maybe your intentions will be mutual?

2. Don’t be cheap. Cheap methods are for picking up some students. It doesn’t mean that you need to book expensive restaurants and buy her a car. Being grown-up is appropriate. Most importantly, show her some respect.

3. Appreciate her time and effort. You know that bringing up a child is not the easiest task, right? Tell how amazing she is. Contribute to your mutual liking by saying you would never be so good at multitasking. When she is late, don’t blame her. Be nice and somewhat forgiving.

4. Show signs of loving kids. Though a lot of women won’t hurry up to introduce a new dad to the neighborhood, be prepared to talk about children with paternal appreciation. If you have a younger sibling, feel free to talk about your beloved Bobby. Not only it's cute when men are so caring, but it shows the level of maturity and readiness for an upcoming relationship.

5. Never stand between a loving mother and her child. It’s NOT a love triangle, her kid is meant to be the attention-catcher in your relationship. Children and teenagers can be a little rebellious at first, but once you break the ice, your relationships will change for better.

6. Build a friendship with a kid. This advice is almost always valuable for me who deal with dates' sons. Girls are usually easier to approach in this situation. But boys, on contrary, are a whole other dimension because they need a father ten times more. Buy toys, play video games, spoil them a little, share lessons. You want to be the type of mature friend they were lacking. Date a single mom, and you will understand the problem like no other.

Show that you are cool, serious and love kids-these steps will basically arrange your meeting.

Dating a Single Mom: General Advice

Man, don’t mess up on any period of your relationship! Here are some tips for dating a single mom: If there is a beautiful single mom in your environment, you urgently need to develop a strategy to earn her trust. And don’t forget about the tactics. Your main weapon is honesty. While dating a single mom, give up the selfish desire to get laid and think about the line that you and a single mom must step over. Do not funk with her heart. She had been fooled before, so a girl definitely has an intuition for it. Her protective mechanisms, of course, may be weak, but they exist. What every single mother does not tolerate is a repetition of the past.

There is someone else. It is a child, which must also be taken into account. In order to start meeting with this girl, you need to put up with her. And with her child. But a little realism will not hurt, dude. Do you think that your life is difficult? So, this girl’s is much more difficult! She is responsible for herself and for one more life. She almost does not have enough time for herself, and in fact still it is necessary to work. Dating single moms is mutual helping.

dating for single momsSingle moms dating has one more perk.

The advantage of dating a single mom is that she knows all the rules of the game and in one way or another needs a relationship. For most girls, you need an interpreter to understand what they mean. A single mother has no time to be playful and mysterious. She will sincerely tell you what she is waiting for and wants from you. Now you are also freed from the need to be insincere. A single mother welcomes the honesty and sensitivity greater than other women who have suffered in the past from senseless acts or drama. The baby is the basis of life, do you think she has time to fight demons in your head and indecisiveness?

So come on, tell her everything frankly. A reward for a relationship with a single mother can be the most significant. It may ultimately prove to be the most loyal and loving woman you've ever met, if you show patience and compassion from the beginning. Her child will perceive you as a friend of the family, and afterwards as a father. You will do well to the whole family! But if you do not want commitments, go, do not break people's lives! Single moms dating obliges you to be honest and kind!

Dating single moms is not a sport!

Additionally, a single mom does not have much time to devote all her thoughts to you and make your relationship from the first day her top priority. You will have a lot of personal time and space, even if she has sincere feelings for you. You will have time to analyze your feelings and decide before you come to her. She will not rush you, demand more time from you and always want more. She's probably not romantic, but comfortable and honest.

Finally, don’t be the second child to her. Understand why her previous relationships have ended and think about those problems. You want to be a helping hand, but not one more unbearable sibling! Wow, that was a long journey! What you need to understand is that single moms have ten times better skills in parenting and loving, but their trust issues and seriousness can be a pretty substantial barrier. Dare to date a grown-up woman, and she will turn your life into a pure dream!

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