How to Navigate the Dating Scene: a Guide for Singles


Modern dating can be a real pain in the neck. For the past 20 years, it became so different from dating our parents were used to. Now the whole process goes down to a brief online search to see if your new match from one of those dating sites for singles is worth chatting with. This is how modern dating looks like. Besides, starting a relationship has become easier than ever due to such invention as dating events. Everything is changing so fast that it becomes harder and harder to catch up.

Let’s try to figure out what to do and how to act at a dating event to get the most of it. We picked a few tips that will help you navigate the dating scene. Here you can find some advice for single ladies as well as tips for single guys.


1. Get to know the location better

If you’re not familiar with the place where the dating event is held, spend a few minutes scoping it. After the place gets filled with people, choose a spot next to the wall and start looking. Pay attention to those singles, who came to the event. Try to remember two main spots in the room: the one where drinks and food are and the location of the restroom. All the info you get may come in handy. Now that you know your way around the place, it will be a bit easier to start talking to people. Besides, if someone asks you where to get a cup of coffee, you’ll know what to answer. And this is a great method if you want to know how to find a good woman without putting much effort.

2. Look for people you may be interested in

Sure, standing and waiting for someone to approach you may also work, but what if no one even thinks about coming up and talking to you? Or what if you have to constantly fight off people you’re not interested in? We suggest you forget your passive tactics and start searching for those you would like to talk to. Go back to your previous location at the wall and start scoping the room once again. Spot someone to hang out with. There will definitely be a person who catches your eye.

Of course, you have to choose a companion judging only by looks at this point. Sometimes we decide whether someone is good enough for us or not just by looking at him/her. In general, it’s fair, but only if you evaluate people’s looks and nothing more because there are other peculiarities and character traits that can’t be seen from a single look at someone’s clothes or haircut.

But the way a person acts can give more clues about her/him. And these clues may tell us whether we want to start a conversation with this person or not. To get started, try to spot at least two or three people you would like to have a chat with.

3. Start with those who are easier to approach

Now you’re ready to approach one of your targets and get to know each other. Here you may ask how to choose one person among those you spotted earlier. Well, the obvious answer is to approach the one you like the most. But there’s another way; it’s better to start with those who are not engaged in a conversation with others and available at the moment.

You can come up with a couple of phrases before approaching, or you may just improvise; it’s up to you. If all went well, great! If something went wrong, or you found out that this person is not the one you’re looking for, then continue with other people you chose.

4. Have a backup plan

Here’s the main advice for singles. There may be a situation when you spoke to all the possible companions you picked, and it didn’t work out. In this case, you should try your backup plan. This means that you may try to approach someone you’re not quite interested in. Perhaps this person will be more sociable and open to new acquaintances or even assist you with finding someone better. This new companion may not be looking for a date, but she/he may introduce you to someone outside your circle of friends. Who knows, maybe you can help each other. Anyway, if you failed to find that special someone, your main task is to get to know as
many people as you can.

5. Don’t give up dating

If you didn’t find someone you would like to get to know better, don’t worry. This happens to everyone. Some people don’t even know how to find a date. The main thing here is to keep trying. Finding the right girl or guy isn’t easy. Consider your attempt not a failure, but a new experience. If you didn’t enjoy dating events, then don’t even bother attending them! There are a lot of free dating sites for singles where you can meet someone interesting to you.

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