The Biggest Mistakes in Online Dating that Prevent You from Succeeding


Dating sites are the best way to diversify life for those who are disappointed in their personal lives, fell into depression, came out of it, and hungered for new sensations. At your service, there are all the advantages of the Internet - anonymity (if you wish, you can create any image of yourself, but remember that in this case a new acquaintance will hardly grow into something serious), accessibility, and rapidity. In addition, it is much safer than casual dating in nightclubs or just on the street. Recently, even a new trend has appeared: online dating is more preferable and effective than dating in "real life." We want to teach you how to receive maximum from online dating and offer you a great deal of material about what mistakes you can make (and they are committed by all newcomers who rely only on themselves), how to avoid them, and how to get the most out of dating sites. Enjoy reading!

online dating success

Introduction: the Three Wales of Online Dating

As in any other business, you need to know the basics of what you are going to do. You need to lay a solid foundation, without which time spent on dating sites will be wasted. This foundation (or 3 whales, as we call it) consists of the following IMPORTANT and MANDATORY components of online dating success:

  • Profile
  • Photo
  • Communication

Let's talk about each of them separately. Let's start with your profile. Profile on a dating site is like advertising. To make it really effective, it must be well thought out and fall into the very heart of the recipient. Most men and women have no idea how to create a profile that attracts the attention of the opposite sex. Below we will present some tips on successful online dating that will help you create an ideally suited profile:

1. First we learn how to write a successful online dating profile. Your profile should evoke emotions. Instead of writing "I love to travel and explore new places," try writing this way: "Travel is my passion. Every time I go to a new country, I learn something, discover something new in myself and I appreciate my life more. When I was in Egypt, I was very interested in the pyramids in Giza, I did not only see a part of the story, but I also felt it." This way of writing causes emotions in the women and men reading it. When you write about your trips in the form of a story, she or he can imagine your entire trip and imagine that she or he was there with you.

2. Making your qualities in the form of a list will not cause affection in a woman or a man. Remember that your profile should focus on people who are looking for love, and they are very emotional.

3. Do not write in your profile that "my friends consider me a wonderful person." This information will not do anything. After all, she or he does not know your friends and does not know who they are. For this reason, it is better to write about your hobbies and interests.

online dating success4. Never write in your profile what progress you have in your working life. Women hate boasting. But they love confident men. Instead of boasting, you can write "I worked very hard to become who I am now. I was not always successful, and it was not easy, but I never gave up. Success means freedom and a lot of free time for me that I would spend with you. "

5. Do not let your profile stagnate. Do not be afraid to look through your profile and change something in it every week or so. Experiment with new photos, new greetings, and data in the profile header, update the status. Filling a profile with new information will let others know that you are still in the game. People pass by profiles that have not been active for a couple of weeks.

Now let's talk about the photo. If you would like to know how to be successful at online dating, read this part carefully. Surprisingly, in the Age of Selfie, there are still individuals who do not understand the importance of photography in online life. If you are one of them, but want to start a new online dating, then it's time to say goodbye to the old "get-together" and join a new one. Photo is very important. It's no secret that a beautiful photo for a dating site is the main guarantee of success in correspondence. When choosing a potential partner, first of all, we evaluate the photo in the profile and only then pay attention to the person's personal qualities. Not every photo can convey your attractiveness and charm, so you need to seriously consider creating a photo for a dating site.

The main criteria for a successful photo are, first of all, the quality work of the photographer and, no matter how trite it may sound, a happy smile on your face. Photos with a stoned expression are unlikely to attract attention. The photo must be real, reflect your real appearance. In most cases, failures at online dating have nothing to do with how attractive you look in your photos or how good your figure is. Much more important is how honestly the photo on the site conveys your appearance and how truthfully you are ready to introduce yourself to others.

1. When selecting photos, do not use pictures where there are other people besides you. Let the beholder evaluate your merits, not comparing you to someone else. Do not use photos on the background of any sights. It is your person that should attract attention, not the surrounding background.

2. As for the choice of clothes in the photo, there are no restrictions. You can take pictures in everyday clothes or in a chic evening dress - it all depends on your desire. The basic rule - the photo should reflect your expectations from the future dating. You should not go to extremes. For example, too candid photos can be misinterpreted by representatives of the opposite sex. Sometimes it's better not to reveal until the end, leave something "behind the scenes." Do not wear too long skirts and dresses, use minimum costume jewelry. The same applies to men. Pictures with a naked torso will represent you as a narcissus.

3. To create a quality photo, it is better to use the services of a professional photographer. Do not skimp, because the quality of the image directly depends on your success on the dating site. Photos can be amateur. When shooting outdoors, you must avoid sharp shadows and use flash. Photographing indoors requires the presence of high-quality lighting. If you already have a photo that successfully combines good lighting, the right composition, and your charming smile, then success is guaranteed to you.

When the work on filling the profile will be completed and you will place in it a posh photo of yourself, you can get to the most interesting - the search for new acquaintances and communication. The first and main recommendation - be yourself. Behave as you are in real life, write on the dating site things you would say to the interlocutor in a real conversation. Being natural does not necessary mean to "get acquainted" with exaggerated joy or to be familiar – just do not try to pretend to be who you are not. Firstly, you will not be able to maintain an image that is vicarious to you for a long time, even in correspondence, and secondly, the ultimate goal of acquaintance is always a real meeting - that's where all the flimsy husks fly off from you and the impression will be irreparably corrupted. If, however, nothing original comes to mind, you can write something on one of the "neutral" topics, which are always suitable for making the initial conversation. Write about yourself, ask the interlocutor about him or her. Staying on the dating site does not oblige you to feverishly get acquainted - it is better to come to the moment of acquaintance through correspondence finding common convergent interests. Here are a few suitable neutral topics:

  • Hobbies (favorite films, music, programs, books, sports, running in the morning, collecting, etc.)
  • Family (brothers, sisters, parents)
  • Preferences (starting from the favorite color and culinary dish and ending with your favorite baseball club)
  • Travel (trips, hiking)

Biggest Mistakes in Online Dating

online dating successEvery day millions of guys come to dating sites, look at women's photos and write to girls in the hope of catching their attention and interest and meeting the girl in real life. But the sad truth is that most of these messages will never be answered. Because of typical online dating mistakes.

Why? What do guys do wrong? Maybe it's worth looking for girls who have already been registered for a long time and are at the end of the list, or those who have just started a profile and have not yet had time to undergo a massive attack of other men? You can. But such tactics, firstly, also does not guarantee success, and secondly, it will be necessary to leave behind the coolest and prettiest girls. And engage in either uninteresting maidens, or try to deal with the rest of the men for the right to be just the 293th guy who wrote her a message.

So once again - what is the mistake of most men, why most of their messages are always ignored? They constantly break online dating rules.

Now we will tell you about the Three Major Mistakes on the Dating Sites, which 99% of men do. We hope that after you read this text, the world will become better and kinder, and classy attractive men will cease to be a minority in it. And no one will break the rules of online dating again.

1. Platitudes. This is one of the reasons why online dating fails. If you ever hated the whole of humanity, then a great way to make sure of its stupidity and worthlessness is to have a female profile and see what other men will write to you. If you've never done this, you will be surprised. Do this experiment. Insert some beautiful photos, some typical text ("Sincere good girl, I never get bored, I'm fond of dancing", etc.), and you will receive a flurry of male messages. What will men write you? You will receive dozens or even hundreds of almost identical messages in which you will be asked how things are going, write "let's get acquainted!", make compliments and send poetry, ask what a beautiful girl does on the site.

2. Rush. Why online dating fails? Because of rush. You know and we know that normal guys do not want to make idiotic correspondence on the net, but quickly and decisively want to meet a pretty girl. Indeed, what is the meaning of this creeping thing? After all, the goal is one - to meet. However, the trick lies in the fact that all the guys who write your target thought the same thing at the same time. So, a significant part of them will immediately try to get the girl in real life with the first or second message ... And they will not get anything. Listen, the worst thing in online dating is to look like the other 2140 guys that have already written your girlfriend. In this cruel world, where all men are eager to get the girl as soon as possible, you will be pleasantly different from the others if you let the girl know that you would like to have a little chat with her first to know her better.

3. Lack of perseverance. This is the last, but no less important of the major male sins. Do you know how most men work? They run through a multitude of profiles, leaving a message in each one ... And they never come back to check whether the girl has read it. At the same time, those rare people that track the girl's reaction and persistently nail her with interesting positive messages, succeed in the most improbable cases. You will be amazed at how well perseverance works not only in real life, but also at dating sites. Girls are very pleased when someone, even if he is not the most handsome guy in the city, persistently and confidently tries to win her.

And now pay attention: all the above mistakes are typical for girls! It's amazing how the Internet blurs the boundaries and how similar to their behavior are those who are hungry for love!

Sum up: Online Dating

So, if you follow our recommendations and do not make silly mistakes, then you will understand that successful relationships that start on the Internet are not a myth but a reality. And we also have a small bonus for those who came to the point having read the article from start to finish: the most important thing, the secret and effective weapon of all seducers in the world is humor. If you are good at it - success is guaranteed to you!

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