What to Expect in the First Month of Dating


The relationship between a man and a woman can begin for several reasons. The first reason is amorousness or affection. The next reason is a logical choice, when people, at a certain stage of development, decide to have a family. Very often, the intimate relationship between a man and a woman becomes the engine of further relationships between the sexes. However, regardless of the reasons for the beginning of the relationship - it already exists and it should be built beyond that point.

The first month of dating can be called the foundation of relations. It’s the very first and most important stage, as people want to be together and start building their relationships. It’s in the ability to build healthy harmonious relationships lies the secret of happiness and success.

For the emergence of mutual attraction, a man and a woman should seem to each other attractive and interesting people. If there is no mutual attraction, then the further development of relations usually doesn’t come. Many people don’t know what to expect in the first month of a relationship. Men, in the majority, primarily turn their attention to the appearance of women: facial features, figure, gait, manners, and voice. If a man likes a woman, he begins courting her, pays compliments, and asks her out on a date.

Most women also don’t mind seeing an attractive man next to them. But still, greater importance is given to such qualities as men's mind, staunchness, reliability, and masculinity. If a woman decides that a man corresponds to her interests, then, as a rule, encourages his courtship and accepts the invitation to a date.

At any stage of the development of romantic relations, it’s important to remember that they, first of all, should give joy, bring satisfaction, a sense of happiness and inner peace. Relationships should be easy at the very beginning! Therefore, it’s very important to observe your feelings in the process of developing relations. If initially you aren’t comfortable with your partner, communication and meetings bring you more frustration and disappointment than joy, you should think about whether it’s worth continuing this relationship. Any relationship must be constructive, not destructive.

Things to find out in the first month of dating

The first month of relations can be compared with investigation. A bit of curiosity and observation - and by the end of the month you will know for sure whether to continue your relationship or not. And so what can you learn about a person in the first month of the relationship?

People find out a lot of things about each other even on the first date. During the first month of a relationship, you still don’t know the partner as a personality, but can already discover a lot about his main traits and life. First of all, you learn about:

  • interests and hobbies of the person;
  • how they spend their free time;
  • some information about their family and friends;
  • where they work and live;
  • their favorite movies, music, and books;
  • bright moments in life, memories from childhood;
  • whether they like traveling, what countries they have visited;
  • their food preferences;
  • their prospects, goals in life;

Rules of the first month of dating

New relationships are a new life, impressions, hopes, and emotions. But not all people know how to behave in the first month of a new relationship, what to say and do, and what they should keep from. At the same time, each of the partners tries to show themselves in the best light, leaving behind their worst qualities and learn about the other person as much as possible. The right start of a relationship can lead to a happy marriage. So, let's look at the rules and tips for the first month of dating that should be observed to be happy with each other.

  • Don’t control him

In general, willingness to control everything is a bad quality, typical for insecure people. When you have just started a relationship, you can’t dictate a person with whom to communicate, where to go, what to wear, or how much time they can spend with friends. A sense of ownership and pathological jealousy can quickly end the relationship that has just begun.

  • Disclose your desires to each other

You need to know what you want from a relationship and be able to talk frankly about it with each other. Many men and women are afraid to talk about their desires and try to hide them. Relationships aren’t a play of conjecture.

Intimacy isn’t possible without honesty.

  • Don’t meet too often

This is the first carefree month of relations, you are inspired by your partner and dream of spending all idle moments together. But don’t rush. The best option is to go out on a date 1-2 times a week - it will keep enthusiasm, excitement, and love for a long time.

  • Embrace one another more often

Scientists have found that gentle touches reduce the number of stress hormones, relax the nervous system, improve the immune system, and stabilize emotions. Embrace your loved one for no reason and hold hands more often. Thus, you become closer, and the relationship between you – more trustworthy and sincere.

  • Laugh together

Laugh is really the best medicine. It reduces stress and helps you sleep better. It lifts the spirits and strengthens sympathy for the person with whom you laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself and different life situations together. You will see even more beauty in each other.

  • Watch your expectations

These are wrong expectations that break most relationships. You expect certain behavior, personal qualities and character traits from your partner (all these are your fantasies), but when these expectations don’t materialize, you become angry and offended. Starting a relationship, don’t expect anything from each other except deriving great satisfaction at communication and opportunity to share your feelings. Let the partner be who they are - a real person, not your fantasy.

  • Be self-sufficient

It’s one of the most important first months of dating rules. Don’t get stuck on your partner. Be engaged in self-development and improve your talents, so you will maintain a constant interest in your personality. Don’t become dependent on the partner in any case, either financially or mentally. Dependence on the partner leads to the destruction of relationships.

Sex in the first month of relationships

Many people wonder whether it’s normal when you have sex within the first month of dating. The first intimacy must take place at a suitable time for it. Too fast sex often breeds disappointment and boredom. An excessively long waiting brings timidity and constraint, and, as a result, internal emptiness. Neither one nor the other contribute to progress in relationships and the transformation of ordinary affection into the real, long, and indestructible love.

So when is the ideal time for the first sexual contact between a man and a woman? It's when they can fully trust each other and feel completely safe. Only in this case, each of them can afford freedom of action during the first sexual intercourse.

In addition, a man and a woman should learn each other well enough and be sure that their relationship won't break down after sex. They don’t hesitate to talk about sex. If something goes wrong for the first time, they can discuss the problem and find a way out. Partners need not only to feel that it's time for sex but also want it very much, wishing to make each other happier. Herewith, it’s better to treat the first sexual intercourse more judiciously. And before it takes place, think about some questions:

Do you date your beloved long enough in order to determine the similarity of common interests and goals? Is there a similarity? If so, then sex and relationships become regular. If not, then you need to be prepared for the fact that sex won’t be the key to a successful continuation of your relationship in the future. Can you communicate openly with each other? In order to have sex for the first time, you need to feel quite unfettered. And this is possible only when the partners aren’t afraid to reveal their personalities to each other.

Do you both really want sex? Perhaps, someone just backs down to pressure from the partner? In this case, it’s unlikely that such sex in the first month of your relations will be the key to a strong relationship in the future. And it’s better to wait before the mutual desire appears.

Well, perhaps, that's all. It remains only to add: before you come to the conclusion that it's time to unite sex and relationships, it’s desirable for the couple to discuss this step in detail. Sexual intercourse can lead to unwanted pregnancy or illness. All this must be discussed with one another without hesitation. If a man and a woman can’t afford to be extremely frank with each other, then they aren’t ready for sex yet. And in fact, no one is responsible for its consequences.

Positive signs in the first month of dating

A month is a very small term in a relationship, but it’s an important indicator of the future of your relationship. If you notice these 5 things in 4 weeks of dating, it signals that your relationship has a great future.

1. You meet during the daytime

Many relationships begin with night dating. And sometimes everything is limited only to night meetings and sex. But if you go out on a date during the daytime, and everything doesn’t necessarily end with sexual intercourse, this is a good sign.

2. He respects your personal space

Healthy relationships imply a harmony between "I" and "We". If the partner craves constant attention, presence and joint pastime - you risk getting a lot of problems. First of all, such closeness quickly exhausts your interest in each other. Let your partner live his private life and demand the same.

3. Willingness to accept a partner as he is

You probably heard that you shouldn’t start a relationship hoping to change your partner during the time. Whether it's about very serious problems like addiction or trivial things like constantly dirty dishes - if you expect him to behave differently, then most likely, you will be disappointed. Yes, people can get better, but they do it voluntarily. You can’t force your partner to take a twist, no matter how much you love him.

4. Mutual respect

Mutual respect means that a man and a woman consult each other's feelings and treat their partner decently. They are ready to give an ear to each other and respect the point of view of their partner.

5. Outspokenness

A sense of security allows a person to disembosom himself to the partner, which in turn makes the connection between people much stronger. They know that they can share their innermost thoughts and secrets without the fear of condemnation.

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