When Is It the Right Time to Ask a Girl Out


Every man meets a Charming Stranger at least once in his life. It can be anyone: a classmate, a colleague at work, a cute neighbor or a top model you saw once on TV. And you really want to take her hand and go to your favorite restaurant, have an interesting conversation anticipating an equally interesting continuation of the meeting. You want to invite her to fulfill your dreams together, to learn the world, to build your own house ... But all this will be only an abstract projection in your brain if you do not take the first step. Charming Stranger expects you to ask her out on a date. Please do not disappoint her.

What? Are you not sure that you are capable of such a step? This is not surprising - thousands of men refuse personal happiness because of the fear that you are so familiar with. This enemy seems to be an invincible, treacherous colossus, but when you challenge him, he decreases to the size of a stinking bug that you can easily crush. But to overcome fear, you need Tips and Knowledge. And we will gladly share with you what we know ourselves.

do guys take their time to ask a girl out

Tips to Ask a Girl Out

If you already met the Charming Stranger at a party, at a lecture at university or just on the street, and you even had a good chat, flirted (wow, you are so brave!) and you wanted to continue your communication, then such a girl should be asked out on a date. Do not make excuses, do not look for a chance meeting, do not send her messages through friends and not look for her on Facebook, but take your phone, dial her number and ask a girl out.

But stop. Before you call her, you need to prepare. You need to know how to ask a girl out properly. There is nothing worse than mumbling into your phone, "Well, let's go somewhere ... but where do you want? And when is it convenient for you? And can I carry your bag, please?" The man should set the rules of the game from the very beginning, and the woman expects this from him. A Charming Stranger does not need a milksop. And you should believe us, buddy. Therefore, the first step in the appointment of a meeting is preparation. It is a must if you want to follow the best way to ask a girl out.

1. Think of at least 2 places where you would like to go with this girl. It can be a cafe, an exhibition, a walk in the park, a hike to some event. Of course, it's better if it's something interesting, not a banal cafe, but if you cannot think of such a place, the cafe is not the worst option. You are probably wondering why we recommend choosing two places for a date. There are two reasons for this. First, if your date is going perfectly (and we really hope so), you will get tired of sitting in a cafe or restaurant for a long time and you will want to go somewhere else. If the girl does not mind spending a little more time with you, you will understand this by non-verbal signs. And it would be better if you did not lose your head, and immediately offered her some place. Secondly, she might not like the first place you took her to. A girl with good manners will also tell you this nonverbally. In that case, you will have a ready-made reserve option. Having 2 places (or even more) for a date is one of the most effective ask girl out ideas.

2. Think about the place and time of the meeting. To get to the exhibition, it is better to meet at the nearest metro station or in the square near a famous monument. Rehearse the description of the landmarks: how do you explain to the girl where exactly and at what time you meet.

how to ask a girl out on a date 3. Sell your meeting with her. It sounds cynical, but it works. Prepare a speech (about 30 seconds), which will interest her and help you get her consent to a date. Say this phrase several times about each of these two places, soon you will say the same to her.

Now call her and suggest meeting. The sooner you do this, the more likely it is that she will agree on a date. Talk to her for a minute, find out how she's doing. Then boldly offer your first prepared version (place 1, time 1). If it is not convenient or not interesting - you have a spare option (place 2, time 2). If she refused in both cases, say good-bye and call her in a week.

If you are wondering how to ask a girl out over text, you can use the same tips and rules. Start with the preparation, think it through carefully and then write to her. There are several cute ways to ask a girl out, and texting is one of them. Here is a small guide that will help you do everything right:

1. First, awaken interest in her. It is very important. There is an opinion that many girls refuse to date guys just out of habit, even if they like them. Now imagine that she doubts her liking for you. Use messages with humor. Do not be afraid to make fun of the girl directly - that's what they like. Use easy flirting. You can show that you are an interesting guy, with whom she will not be bored (it's the main reason why girls refuse dates).

2. You can artificially create an intrigue in your proposal. And it will please the girl in any case - even if it's a pretty simple place (she just finds out about that only when she comes on a date). To create intrigue, you can use any non-standard question. For example, if you want to invite a girl to a sushi bar, then write to her an SMS: "Do you know that we have a Japanese temple in our city? :)" Naturally, this question will surprise her, and she will continue her correspondence with pleasure. Regardless of her response, continue: "The Japanese in our city had waited a long time until they built it." Use your imagination. Then just offer to go there on an excursion. Appoint a meeting at some place so that she does not understand that you will go a sushi bar (at a distance of a 10-minute walk).

3. It happens that it is impossible to find an unusual place. If you have no thoughts, where you can invite a girl, then you can just invite her where she will most likely agree to go. Make a list of interesting places where almost any girl would like to go. As a rule, even if her interest in you is not very strong, the very fact that you will go to an interesting place can force her to agree. Then use the power of Google and text messages - write her a couple of interesting facts about the selected location. She will think that you are a very smart and interesting guy. And this is exactly what you need.

Now you know how to ask a girl out on a date via text messages or via phone. So, no excuses for you now. Act!

When to Ask a Girl Out

In order to know when is the right time to ask a girl out, you need to be able to recognize certain signs. We all know that girls almost never talk about their feelings directly. Girls adore riddles, mystery and innuendos. Well, we must be grateful to them for this, otherwise life would be very boring. But not all men are able to understand when is a good time to ask a girl out. But do not be afraid because we are specialists in this matter.

1. Before you learn about best time to ask a girl out, you should learn if she likes you. Pay attention to whether she is trying to be near you. If she moves closer to speak to you, or it seems that she is looking at you intently, this is a sign of interest. For example, if you are at the other end of the room, she can approach you and demonstrate an attempt to start a conversation.

2. Look at her facial expression. Is she always glad to see you? If she smiles, when you talk to her, and, it seems it's good for her to be with you, it may mean that she likes you. For example, if you ask her for a pencil, she can smile and immediately find it for you. And it will look as if the search for a pencil for you is the most important thing in her life.

3. Look, does she initiates a physical contact with you. If she hugs you, or it seems that she often touches you, it means that she really likes you. For example, when you sit next to her, she leans towards you or slightly strokes your hand / back when talking to you. It is the very moment when is the best time to ask a girl out.

the best time to ask a girl out4. Look for obvious signs. Did she ask you on a date? If she hints that she likes you, or if she asks you about your life, she definitely wants you to ask her out. For example, she might ask, "What would you say if I asked you out on a date?" If the girl drops such frank hints, then she cannot wait to drink with you a couple of cocktails alone. This is a very important point! If you get scared because of insecurity and do not invite her to a date, there may not be a second chance. For a girl, this is tantamount to insult.

5. Ask her questions about you. For example, you might ask, "If I asked you on a date, what would you say?" If she says yes, it is the best time to ask a girl out. But if she says no, it's not the end of the world. At least you hinted to her that you could become a couple. With this hint, you made her think. And even if she does not show any external signs on this matter, inside her there is a brisk internal dialog. So all the girls are arranged, you can trust us.

6. Try to hug her. For example, you can approach her from behind and hug from her back, leaning your head against her shoulder as a greeting. If she does not repel you, and it seems that she likes it, then you are on the right way. If she hugs you too, it's a good sign that she likes you, and maybe that's a great time to ask her out. Even if she pushes you away, just smile and lean your elbow on her shoulder to make it look as if you hugged her like a friend. At this stage, it is better not to ask her on a date, since such a reaction means that she feels uncomfortable with you. And now ask yourself, “Do guys take their time to ask a girl out?” No. But you know the right time signs now.

7. Give her a compliment. For example, you can say: "You have very beautiful eyes" or "You are very beautiful". Girls love it. If it seems that she appreciated the compliment and she thanked you, then you are ready to ask her on a date. But if she looks at you with disapproval, or if she seems uncomfortable after the compliment, then it would be better not to ask her out on a date. Knowing when is the right time to ask a girl out is not so hard now, right?

Remember that your main enemy on the path to personal happiness is fear. You have to defeat it. Do you like the girl? You desperately want to ask her out on a date, but you are afraid? Then read our article again and tackle it with the coolness, with which the surgeon does his job. Act step by step and treat everything as a small, harmless adventure. This approach is always effective. Good luck to you, friend!

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