10 Love Quotes That Say Exactly What "I Love You" Means

10 Love Quotes That Say Exactly What "I Love You" Means

Try to ask a person who truly loves someone what the most important thing in his or her life is. You can ask anyone. He or she doesn't need to be an academician or philosopher. In a state of falling in love, any person knows that love is the meaning of life. Polish writer Stanislav Lem said, “We don’t need to conquer space; we are in the stupid position of a man who is eager for the goal he is afraid of. Human needs human.”

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Love through the whole human history was the force that has been driving the World further. Generally speaking, all the greatest deeds (and some of the worst ones) to some certain degree were made because of love or for love. So, it is all about how you put the love in your life. Love is the most important feeling for any human, and we all are dreadfully afraid of being rejected. This explains why people ask how to say I love you without saying I love you. It is also important that you and your partner see, feel, and understand love more or less in the same way.

It is crucial to talk about love with your partner, and there are many ways how to say "I love you" without saying those words. If you have a hard time understanding what love is, then we advise you to read the specially selected 10 quotes that say exactly what “I love you” means for you and your partner.

How to Say, “I Love You” Without Actually Saying It

You don't always need to express your feelings directly to let your partner know that you love her. You can show that you like or even love a girl with your behavior. But don’t put all the initiative on your beloved one. It is pretty easy to avoid saying “I love you,” for example, you can start with neutral wording, something like, “I like you,” “You are pretty,” “I like to communicate with you.” And don’t be afraid of failure. The most important thing is not that the failures may happen, but how you deal with them when they happen. You may want to meet a girl now to prove that you are not afraid of failures.

Unrequited love often stays that way since one person has no idea about the feelings of the other one. It is always better to confess and be refused than to suffer from uncertainty. So, as you see, sometimes it is better to express your feeling directly. But unfortunately, it is not that easy. Although this also has a plus. You can start writing poetry or do other creative work. But it is worth taking courage and saying the cherished words of your beloved. Or at least write them in a note.

  • Receiving gifts

Of course, all people love to accept gifts, maybe even more than giving them. Presents can cause a storm of emotions in any person’s mind, but sometimes it is necessary to control your emotions. Sometimes we expect that such a special person as our lover will present us something unique and valuable. It is not surprising that those high expectations can easily lead to disappointments. Instead of expecting special things, you should treat presents like a symbol of love. After all, your partner spent his or her time to provide you with this present, even if it was something small. The key factor here is your reaction. Because if you get disappointed with his or her gift, then your partner will get disappointed too because of your reaction. Even if you don’t like the present, think about all the efforts that your partner has put to make this present. Your partner’s efforts towards you is a gift by itself.

  • Physical touch

For most activities in this life, humans use hearing and vision. These senses help us navigate through this world. But when it goes to love, we all need regular physical contact. Touching is a component of the proximity of two people, for which the main condition is the absence of a large distance between them. It gives us a sense of connectedness with the world and another person. Without affectionate touches, relationships between two people can’t develop normally, both in social and physical aspects. Depriving a partner of such contact is a sign that you neglect him or her. Hold your partner’s hand when you walk on the streets, hug, kiss, and caress one another. If you don’t want to touch your partner, then your love is not as strong as you think it is. And if you don’t like when your partner touches you, then it is better to break up with him or her.quotes that say i love you

  • Acts of service

Sometimes we want our partners to do something for us, but we never say it directly. It is always pleasant when they get to do this by themselves, without us saying that we want it. But here we are not talking only about something special, but also common and standard things, like cooking a meal, doing a bed, providing help with house cleaning, giving a lift to work, helping to maintain the gadgets in working order. These small deeds cause a great effect on relations between two people. By doing that you can show your love without saying anything. You may try to use a single ladies site to find someone with whom you can try this.

  • Quality time

How much of your time during the day do you spend with your lover? I mean your full attention when nothing is separating you from your partner, like your phone or other matters. Spending time with a person and fully devoting your attention to him or her is the best way how to say “I love you” without saying it. All that you both want is to spend more time with each other. Allow yourselves to do this. You may set a schedule. For example, you may spend your time together after work. But make sure that you are not doing anything else in those moments of quality time because other things will distract you from your partner. You may want to read quotes that secretly say “I love you” because you can make a perfect complement for your girlfriend with one of those quotes.

Top 10 Quotes That Say I Love You

The speed of human progress drastically increases when humans learn how to save and share information and knowledge. We live in the informational era when we have access to almost all human wisdom via the Internet. And wisdom is exactly what we need when we are talking about love. People are different, and we all differently understand and feel love. Many quotes say "I love you." For this article, we tried to find not only quotes that help express your feelings, but also quotes that can show what love means to other people.

1. Throw away everything that is in your thoughts: sadness, emptiness. Remember how you gave me summer, while it was February.

This first quote is a very nice way to express your feeling to someone. The author of this quote expresses it by telling that they spent a nice time with a beloved partner. You may re-render this quote and use it to support someone you love. You will simply redirect his or her feelings from bad emotions to good, by reminding about the perfect time that you spent together at some point. And you do it poetically, mentioned that there is nothing in the whole world that could ruin those moments of happiness for you.

2. Love does not tolerate explanations. It needs action.

Some say that if we truly want something, then we can achieve it. Elon Musk once said, “If something is important enough, you are doing it even if the odds are not in your favor.” His quote is not about love but makes a perfect addition to our quote here. If you want to be a different guy or a better lover, then there can be no explanations why you didn’t do something. Love demands actions for its support. It is like a campfire if you are not adding fuel to it, then it will go out. If your love is important to you, then never let it go out by your inaction.

3. Love is a state when, by giving, you gain.

Another nice quote that explains what words “I love you” truly mean. They mean that by giving your time and effort to the beloved person, you receive his or her time and efforts towards you back. When you give, you receive back, and this makes you want to give more. Many scientists have been searching for a perpetual motion machine, but it is not a machine, it is a human feeling. You receive from your partner emotions, efforts, and love then you give him or her more of those feelings and emotions, then she or he does the same for you. Love is a constant process or giving but at the same time of gaining too.

4. Some say that love is like a war. It is easy to start, hard to finish and impossible to forget! So, I must confess I can’t forget you!

Oh yes, the word "confess" is present in this particular quote from our list of quotes about love that don’t say the word "love." This sets a certain mood of the importance of this moment. You should use this quote if you have already tried other ways of confessing your feelings to the girl you love. In this case, you make efforts to confess, but without saying the keywords. Thereby if she refuses you (even without directly saying it), you can always say that this was a joke or a quote you liked and wanted to her opinion about it.

5. Love can neither be bought nor sold.

Attachment, attention, sex all this is available on the market, everything is sold and bought. But not a feeling of deep, real, genuine unity, true belonging to each other. You can’t buy it anywhere. No love potion can inspire you with this feeling.

Nowadays you can literary buy everything on the market, even your health. If you have enough money, then you can get a new heart if your old one is not good enough. But think about this. So many authors write about the future, and in their novels, humans pretty often are almost immortal. They can get new organs or biological augmentations or something else that prolongs their lives. You may say that those novels are pure speculations, and no one knows what our future will be. We can agree with you, but one thing will never change. Nothing can give you a feeling of true love. Love is something that may appear between anyone. If you disagree, then why here so many novels about the love between people who belong to different social groups and races? Because true love can never be controlled, thus it can’t be sold or bough.

We search for quotes about love that don’t say the word “love” because we want to be with someone. We are controlled by our love, and it dictates us how we feel and what we want to do. Both for the better and the worse. But love is not something that we should be afraid of. It is a very pure feeling. There is nothing else in this world that can make us happier than mutual love. Don’t be afraid of loving and being loved. The love itself can tell you how to say I love you without saying it in a text or with any other means if you know how to find inspiration in your love.quotes about love that dont say the word love

6. Minutes I spent without you seem like an unbearable eternity.

This is one of our favorite quotes that say I love you without saying it. This quote implies that you care about another person because it says how you miss him or her when they are not with you. By the way, we don’t miss strangers. We only miss those about whom we care a lot. So, it is enough to say to this person that you missed him or her to let this person know that they are special for you. Following his or her reaction, you can say that you missed them like you miss friends or lovers.

7. Love has nothing to do with possession. Its highest manifestation is freedom.

This quote implies that love frees, but at first glance, it seems on the opposite. How can something that makes you want to be with someone free you? A mutual love frees your mind and provides a whole new world of opportunities to you. Because when you truly love someone, you feel that you both can achieve everything you want, and there is nothing that can stop you. If you feel that love only creates unnecessary boundaries in your relationships, then it is better to break up because this love is not natural.

8. Love in marriage is maintained as long as the husband and wife continue to be interested in each other's thoughts.

This one is very simple, right? Love disappears only after someone stops being interesting for you. Plus. Your interest in someone’s thoughts is followed by respect. And you know how respect is important for creating healthy relationships. If you have started to lose interest in your partner, then you have to do something about that. Try to go on a vacation together and visit new places. This may help you reawaken your interest in this person.

9. The whole world is worthless if there is no peace for me in your heart

Use this one to make a compliment to someone. Don’t be too serious when you will be saying that, because you may scary your lover. Let it be a light compliment with a huge sense inside. If she has managed to understand this sense, then you will know her attitude to you. If not, then you should never repeat this quote. She is maybe not willing to tell you anything about that. In this case, it means that she doesn’t want to be with you. In any case, use this one with caution and always with a smile on your face.

10. Love is a tender feeling: it does not tolerate unfaithfulness and lies, burns down in the fire of jealousy, breaks down on the wall of betrayal and pretense.

This one reveals what can destroy love once and for all. We must avoid mentioned above feelings and deeds if we want to have happy relationships. But the key factor that you should understand here is if your relationship with your girlfriend was happy from the very beginning, then unfaithfulness and lies will never appear in your life. Thus, there will be no reason to be jealous. This is how we are created by nature. We don’t cheat and lie if we are happy.

People whom we meet on our way step by step add lines of text to the book of our lives. Someone writes lines in gloomy black, some use dull gray, and someone paints letters with all the colors of the rainbow. Some of them will remain invisible as the smallest font, while others are undoubtedly written with Caps Lock. Some would like to emphasize; some would like just to cross out. And some accidentally fit into the fields in neat italics. But you cannot forget or erase any of them from your book of life. We hope that you enjoyed reading our article and quotes that say the word “love.” Now you are ready to dive into the world of love and happiness. Good luck.

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