10 Perks of Marrying a Russian Woman

Thousands of Westerners storm international dating services every day in search of a Russian bride. Slavic ladies’ beauty is hard to resist. Sure, what man wouldn’t like to see such a beautiful wife by his side? But attractiveness is not the only attribute that makes women from Russia so popular all over the world. These ladies possess a unique set of qualities that help them stand out among their American and European counterparts. Their family-oriented mindsets, making them cherish their marriage, kids, and husband, are appreciated by men so much that they are ready to overcome the language barrier and great distances to meet a Russian woman.

Slavic wives know their place and never undermine their husbands’ authority, staying independent and standing for their own principles at the same time. Marriage with a Russian girl has its own perks and advantages, and today we are going to show you a couple of them.

marry a Russian woman

What makes Russian brides so special?

Russian girls for marriage have everything a woman might need to conquer a man’s heart. These gorgeous ladies, with all their mesmerizing charm, can master any role they have to cope with; they make perfect mothers and loving wives. They have nothing against being a personal housemaid for their husbands. Here are three attributes that distinguish women from Russia.

Natural beauty

As we mentioned above, Slavic women are gorgeous. They look after themselves, and they have some taste. These ladies know what to dress to impress a man. For Russian girls, dating means a lot, so each accessory and outfit they wear is always chosen carefully. A slight smile and a smooth gait only complement their image.

Pride and dignity

For Russian women, there’s nothing as much important as emotions and feelings when they look for a potential life partner. Sometimes they may seem a bit choosy, and that’s probably why some of them find a husband late. Since happiness and family life play such a big role in their lives, women from Russia would never agree to enter a marriage of convenience. They are only guided by sincere love and want men to show that they can give it to them. Want to marry a Russian woman? Show that you’re confident and your intentions are serious.

perks of dating russian womanCharm

Nature has so ordered, that most Russian beauties know how to seduce a man. That’s why it’s so hard to pass by a Slavic lady. They can arouse men’s desire just by looking at them. But it’s not only their charm that attracts guys so much; it’s their confidence and calmness. If a Russian girl wants you, you can be sure that she will get you.

10 perks of marrying a Russian girl

1) She will make you look handsome

In Russian ladies’ opinion, a woman has no other choice but to look beautiful. Most of them must be top models at heart; otherwise, there’s no other explanation why they dress up even when going to a grocery store right next to their house. Wearing high heels every day? Not a problem. Who cares about personal comfort when the shoes look awesome. You will never see a Russian girl wearing the same clothes two days in a row. It’s the right kind of attitude. If you can be beautiful, why would you choose not to? And that’s what Russian girls are all about. Beauty can become a real power. Besides, how would a potential husband notice you if you’re not attractive?

But the best thing about Russian girls’ obsession with their looks is that your Slavic bride will make you correspond to her beauty by looking after yourself and dressing up. And you will have to comply because you don’t want people looking at your couple, wondering how such a cutie could marry such an awfully-looking guy, right?

2) She will be loyal to you

If you marry a Russian girl, you will have one more good friend by your side. Slavic girls make loving and caring wives; they will have your back no matter what. Russian history is full of cases that prove women’s loyalty. Back in the old days, if a man was sentenced to an exile, his wife would follow him without hesitation. Such kind of devotion is in their blood, so if you choose to associate your life with a Russian woman, you can be sure that she will work on all the problems that might occur in your marriage.

A Russian lady believes that her husband is the best man alive, and she will never even think about cheating on him. For her, he is the cutest, smartest, and strongest. Sure, such loyalty comes with certain responsibility: your Slavic wife will expect you to treat her with as much love and respect as you can. So if you’re not ready to be a loyal husband, then a relationship with a Russian woman is not for you.

3) You will have a second family

Hospitality is the main trait of Russian families. It has no boundaries, and you will experience this hospitality at some point. When visiting your Russian wife’s parents, you will be treated like their son. They will offer you the most emotional welcoming party with the best foods and drinks. Be ready to taste the best of Russian cuisine. And you’ll have to eat everything to the last crumb, as in Russia, it’s not polite to leave the table not finishing your meal. You probably will get so overfed that you’ll end up thinking how these Russian beauties manage to eat so much and stay slim. By the time you will be leaving her parents, you’ll gain a couple of extra pounds.

And there’s one more thing to consider. Her father will probably put your loyalty and devotion to the test. Your Russian wife’s parents must be sure that you’ll treat their beloved child right. There are different kinds of tests. You may have to drink a bottle or two of vodka with her dad. Somehow this must prove that you’re the person that can be trusted and relied on. Russians… Anyway, if you pass the test with flying colors, you’ll become a full-fledged member of the family.

Russian girls for marriage 4) Your relationship will be equal

Despite that single Russian girls look for men to rely on, they are capable of taking care of themselves. Independence is one of the Slavic women's distinctive character traits; they won’t ask for help if they can do something on their own. The thing is that a lot of Russian families fall apart because of men, so most women there don’t believe in the idea of perfect relationships. In their opinion, even after finding that special someone, they must still remain independent. Be ready to cope with the fact that your Russian wife will be looking for equality in the relationship. This means that she might want to build her career, so some house chores may fall on you. Apart from being independent, Slavic women can also be really stubborn. But this comes with some perks: your wife will be ready to face all the problems you will certainly stumble upon as a married couple; she will work on your relationship together with you.

5) She will make you a gentleman

For Russian women, dating and marriage are serious steps, so they can be demanding towards their potential life partners. She wants more than a man that will give all his love to her. She wants him to be better than other men. That’s why you may need to work on your manners. Your Russian bride will expect you to hold her bags, hold doors before her, that kind of thing. So you’ll have no other choice but to become a gentleman. But she won’t just expect you to be kind to her. You’ll have the opportunity to show your manners to others, too. So be kind to kids, elderly people, animals, etc.

6) You will get a passionate lover

All Russian women for marriage believe that making a man happy in bed is a number one priority and a wife’s sacred duty. In contrast to Western women, who think that it’s a man’s job to satisfy his partner sexually, Slavic ladies are not so selfish. You still may come across a shy and inexperienced girl, but give her some time, and she’ll surprise you.

7) She will be a great cook

Your hot Russian bride may be an A-class chef at heart, so you’ll taste a lot of delicious meals, that’s for sure. You won’t believe how many recipes an average Slavic woman can keep in mind. At first, you won’t notice anything strange about what she cooks for you, but once you see what ingredients she puts in her culinary masterpieces, you’ll start asking questions. How can pancakes go together with caviar? Why does she put so much cabbage everywhere? What on earth is “halushky?” Is that a drink made from rye bread? No way! Sure, there may be some meals you won’t even want to put in your mouth, but Russian cuisine is also full of really tasty stuff, like borscht, and you’ll be eating tons of it.

8) You will always have someone to talk with

When searching for that special someone, we look for a person who will share our interests, views, plans for the future, etc. Being able to understand your life partner and find the common language with them is the essential quality that keeps a relationship strong and healthy. When you pass the stage when emotions and feelings start fading, you find out that having someone, who can keep the conversation going, by your side is much better than having someone with nothing but a pretty face. Russian ladies are great conversationalists. Most of them are educated and well-read.

single Russian girls 9) You’ll have a wise companion

As we all know, wisdom comes from experience. Russians pass their experience from generation to generation, and this applies mostly to women. A wise Russian wife knows that her husband seeks leadership in a relationship, and she lets him be a leader. But she also knows that she has to remain “the power behind the throne,” carefully guiding her husband. Slavic women often hide their power behind sensitiveness and femininity. They weigh every decision when it comes to marriage and relationships. They know the real value of a family and how it’s important to keep it intact. That’s why they never walk away from problems, preferring to solve them. They know that nobody is perfect, and they are ready to tolerate their husbands’ flaws and some bad habits.

10) You can count on her support

A Russian woman can cope with many roles, being a passionate lover, a caring wife, a financial expert, or a rocket scientist if needed. She always knows what to say to cheer their husbands up after a bad day at work. No matter how tough your life may become, she’ll stay by your side, inspiring you and helping you to find enough strength to overcome any obstacle on your way to success.

In conclusion

Of course, a marriage with a Russian woman is not all wine and roses; sometimes there will be quarrels and misunderstandings. But despite all those issues, you should remember that the relationship with a Slavic bride must be built on mutual trust, love, and respect. Maybe you should decide what you want from your marriage in advance. Your wife shouldn’t be the one who will carry the burden of a family life. Don’t be silent and speak about all the potential problems. Marriage with someone from completely different culture is always a challenge of some sort. Just be patient and try to understand your significant other.

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