7 Signs that a Russian Girl Really Likes You

Russian ladies are mysterious and bewitching, which makes it even more difficult for men to understand what’s on their mind. Yet signs a woman likes you are quite easy to decode if only you know what to pay attention to.

What Russian women like in men

1. Masculinity. This is because Russian girls embody the best feminine qualities. So they expect a man to be their personal leader – though they possess strong characters themselves. Russian society is rather traditionalistic so there a man and a woman are supposed to perform their long-established roles.

2. Confidence. Manliness includes confidence as well since it’s a man’s job to approach a woman first and to woo her. Of course, you won’t be able to effectively do it if you feel uncertain about yourself. On the other hand, a Russian girlfriend can make you more self-assured.

3. Exterior. “Meet by clothes, see off by mind” is one of the main Russian mottos. Surely, you can’t judge a person only by his/her look yet beautiful Russian ladies would also like to date good-looking men.

4. Intelligence. It is not so simple to find a Russian woman for guys with low intellect. Apart from being gifted by Mother Nature in terms of gorgeousness, these females possess impressive mind capabilities. One of the favorite activities of Russians is talking personally so you will need to charm your lady over text.

5. Leader skills. There is the popular stereotype about Russian ladies being into tough guys. Well, it is exaggerated a bit. To find a Russian girl, you don’t have to be an alpha male yet she will want you to prove yourself as a leader.

Signs a Russian girl likes you

1. Her eyes sparkle. “Eyes are the mirror of the soul”, tells us another famous Russian proverb. If a Russian lady is keen on some guy, she won’t show her feelings but her gaze will speak instead of her words. So don’t turn your face away from her!

2. She gets even more beautiful. To attract the man of her dream, a Russian lady becomes even more obsessed with how she looks. She purchases new clothes and shoes, changes her hairstyle, and starts wearing more makeup.

3. She struggles to shorten the distance between you two. It is completely natural for a Russian woman to be around you in order to let you know she’s not against your company. The most convenient place for doing so is public transport – it is busy enough in Russia so watch out if she leans on you.

4. She asks many questions. Remember what I told you about talks? Russians usually get to know their partners via long intimate conversations and they appreciate sincerity. If a girl asks you many questions and waits for your replies, it means she is indeed into you!

5. She likes your jokes. Even if those aren’t that brilliant. She just wants to show you her support and willingness to spend more time together.

6. She finds an excuse to touch you. Caressing your palm or shoulder “by accidence”, a Russian girl expresses her desire to feel your body right next to her. Don’t miss your lucky chance to touch her!

7. She tells you nice things. Yes, girls are capable of paying compliments too! Russians are known worldwide for their straightforwardness so if a woman from this country tells you anything pleasant, be sure she means exactly what she says.

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