Dating a Single Mom: Tips and Tricks

With the divorce rates higher than ever before many people in their 30s find themselves re-entering the dating scene. Many divorced women get back in the game as single mothers. Most men are pretty uncertain about how they should behave with single moms. Here are some useful tips that will help you gain an insight into dating single women with kids.


  • Cease the guesswork.

If you have some doubts as to asking a woman out just because you don’t know whether she will agree, then you should get rid of your hesitation and just call her. Remember one simple truth: all women love when men ask them on a date. So asking her out is everything that is required from you. You definitely delude yourself thinking that she will reject your invitation just because of her kids. If she is really interested in you, she will find somebody to babysit her kids for the time she will be away with you.

  • Ask well in advance.

You should understand that she lives according to the schedule and she has to plan many things ahead. That is why asking her out on the same day as your date is supposed to be is not the best idea since she might not be able to find a babysitter right away. Additionally, she may think that she is your fallback for that night that is why you called her. So, take her time.

  • Mention her kid(s).

Her daughter or son is the main part of her life so asking questions about kids is a must on a date. Not only will you show that you are interested in her family, but you also will let her know that you care. If it really goes from your heart, tell her how you get on with children. Some stories about your experiences with friends’ kids or your nieces will give her a clear idea that you are good dating material.

  • Get rid of stereotypes.

According to the most popular stereotype about single mothers, they go on dates just because they are looking for a new father for their kids. In fact, they are looking for a partner who will make them feel loved and desired. They are young and they need men’s attention. That’s it.

  • Offer to take care of a babysitter.

She will appreciate if you undertake to hire a babysitter for her child so that she can go on a date with you. It doesn’t mean that you are required to do so but agree this is a nice gesture. This way you’ll show that you really care about her and her child.

  • Avoid other men’s mistakes.

Many single moms periodically refill their collection of stupid men’s remarks. You shouldn’t become a new source or repeat old blunders. There is one comment that drives women crazy. It’s something like “Despite you’re a mom, you look stunning”. What is it about? Don’t voice that ever. Another turnoff is asking a woman whether you could come to her place when her child is asleep.

  • Try to find out more details.

You should be careful with your endeavors to get more information about her. Although you want to have a full picture of her life at your hand, don’t bombard her with questions about her ex and his participation in their child’s upbringing as well as other personal questions. Being too inquisitive you may arouse some doubts in her. She may notice that you have a vague idea about dating women with kids.

  • Don’t ask to meet her kids until she offers herself.

It’s up to her to decide when to introduce you to her kids. She will bring this matter up as soon as she realizes the things are getting serious between you. You can take the initiative only if it’s been more than 2-3 months of your serious relationship and she hasn’t even discussed the possibility of meeting her children.

  • Appreciate her decision to introduce you to her kids.

It’s a very important step for her so show her that you are grateful for it and don’t let her down.

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