How to Conquer a Heart of a Single Russian Woman: 14 Easy Steps

Single Russian women are now the most preferred brides for westerners. They possess overwhelming beauty, strong intellect, and many amazing character traits. Yet the most exciting thing about these girls is that they are family-oriented and feminine. We believe this is the very reason hundreds of thousands of foreigners struggle to find single Russian ladies for romantic relationships. In this article, we’d like to tell you how to attract a Russian bride and conquer her heart!

Single Russian Woman

1. Work on your self-introduction

It doesn’t really matter whether you meet a Russian girl live or on the Internet. What does matter is the way you introduce yourself since it creates the basic impression about you. That’s why you’d better do it perfectly. Consider to add the best photo of you and write a sufficient self-description.

2. Prepare for challenges

Despite all the rumours claiming Russian ladies are spineless and obedient, they were always known for their strong characters and straightforwardness. There are obviously dozens of differences between Western and Russian mentalities. So you should get open-minded to comprehend your girl’s mindset.

3. Show her you’re smart

As we’ve already told you, Russian girls are pretty smart. Most of them are well-educated and eager to grow personally and professionally. Likewise, they love reading – Russian national literature is recognised all over the world. So if you have ever read any literary works by Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin etc., you will definitely have some place in your Russian pen pal’s mind!

4. Crack jokes

Without any doubts, girls fall for guys with a great sense of humour. Yet you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to touch a Russian woman’s soul. Merely bother to make your jokes maximally relevant to the context, understandable, and polite.

5. Demonstrate courtesy

The fair sex is getting more and more emancipated now. However, chivalry isn’t dead and gentlemen are needed! In particular, Russian women are into courteous and well-mannered guys because they are very ladylike. Even whilst chatting to a Russian girl, you should be ultimately gallant.

6. Use her name

When we address someone by name, this person gets keener on us. That’s what numerous psychological studies prove. That’s why we strongly recommend you using this trick in order to establish a stronger connection between you and your potential Russian match.

7. Take the first step first

The question of who should make the first move nowadays draws a lot of attention and even provokes arguments. In the West, independence of women is growing and nobody gets surprised if a girl asks a guy out first. However, in the case of Russian ladies, men should definitely take the initiative.

8. Create an attractive look

We bet any guy would like to date a beautiful girl. And it’s equally true for girls – none of them would get attracted to a bad-looking man. Of course, your inner world is the most valuable thing you have. But if you are badly groomed and dressed, your chances to catch an eye of a Russian girl hugely decrease.

9. Behave confidently

Masculinity never falls out of fashion, whatever feminism propaganda claims. And Russian ladies certainly know this – they were always into strong, brave, kind, and self-assured men. Your confidence strictly depends on your self-esteem and vice verse. Keep this in mind and act!

10. Become her fan

We don’t mean you should become somewhat a cheerleader, no. Yet the simplest way to charm any woman is to display your sincere interest to her personality and life events. In return, you also should keep her thinking of you. So how good are your communication skills?

11. Set the boundaries right

At the initial stage of your interaction, it’s important not to intrude a lady’s personal space. Don’t hurry to get close with her until she becomes willing to do so. Russian girls prefer initiative men capable of treating them with respect.

12. Understand why you do it

Among the traits Russian women wish to meet in their prospective lifetime partners, there is the ability to set priorities and determine goals. As a rule, these girls register at online dating sites with serious intents: they wish to find compatible lovers for long-term relationships.

13. Get interested in her culture

Russian culture is amazing and full of intricate stuff. And this is natural Russians are fond of it. Therefore, by showing your interest in your friend’s native traditions and customs, you can make you fall in love with you.

14. Tell her nice things

There is probably no better technique you can put to work to impress single women. Compliments play a significant role in any human communication, especially in romantic relationships. Russian girls highly appreciate well-placed compliments so don’t hesitate to pay them those!

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