Single Dating Stereotypes You Should Get Rid Of

People tend to produce and spread new misconceptions with lightning speed. The most interesting and striking part is that others start to take them as real truth. The realm of love and relationship has always been exposed to different misconceptions. It is full of numerous rules that have a tendency to change with the time but many people can’t accept those changes and keep living according to the old rules. This is where stereotypes stem from. There is a separate group of outdated ideas concerning the singles and divorced. Unfortunately, many people who fall under this category follow common stereotypes about themselves and as a result, can’t live their lives to the fullest. Wondering what can be done in their situation? The answer is simple and clear: get rid of the obsolete ideas that prevent you from being happy and set your own rules. Here are the most common dating conceptions that are no longer relevant.


  • Online dating is the last resort for the hopeless.

The world has changed and all of us should move with the times. Although online dating has become a part of life of many men and women all over the world, there are still some people who are groundlessly skeptical about it. They think this is the last option they would use to find their significant other. In reality, online dating sites are a perfect venue to begin your searches of a potential partner after a long period of living alone. You know for sure that all the users are single as you are and they also look for a partner. Moreover, many dating sites have the search option using which you’ll get the list of potential dates the most compatible with you. People should face it: online dating is mainstream.

  • You should patiently wait until love finds you.

This could make a great motto for a romantic movie but the world depicted on the screen is somehow different from real life, believe it or not. By waiting and hoping you won’t achieve much. Remember that finding love requires making some effort. If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while and got used to your single life routine, leave your zone of comfort in order to experience something new and make the first step towards finding your soul mate.

  • Men should always make the first move.

In today’s relatively equal world where the line between gender roles is becoming more blurred, the idea that the man is a hunter and the woman is a prey seems a bit trite. Many of us are inclined to think that the initiative should always come from a man. If he is interested in a woman, he will let her know. This dating rule can be hardly applied to contemporary society just because it negatively affects both parties: it puts men under pressure and downplays women’s role. Both single men and women can be the initiators of a conversation or a relationship in today’s world. Especially when it comes to dating online. People using dating sites are driven by the urge to find their match and they are not afraid of sending hello to a stranger who seems like the one.

  • First dates are the most important.

Today, the format of the first dates has altered significantly. No doubt, dating is a part of our lives but these days the failure of a first date doesn’t mean a total tragedy. There are so many opportunities to meet more new people, and the confidence that you’ll find another person to ask out keeps your heart warm. Also, today’s first dates are actually the first time people meet offline after a period of online correspondence. The first real-life date (which is more like an encounter) equals to the first meeting. That is why what really matters is your second real-life date. By that time, you will understand whether there is chemistry between you two.

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