Taurus Woman Characteristics and Traits

Taurus Woman Traits

What hasn’t been said about Taurus woman personality at this point? Taurus women are generously gifted by nature – they are very capable, talented, and goal-oriented. All about Taurus women screams naturalness and stoicism. They are one of the most beautiful women among all signs of the zodiac. A Taurus woman is distinguished by powerful sexual energy and the desire to be in the center of attention. Quite deservedly, she receives a lot of attention from men.

She has perseverance, wisdom, and she persistently goes towards her goals. She is consistent and thoughtful, suited to any life situation. She is not the person who seeks to stand out from a crowd by any means necessary, she is fascinated with the competition, has healthy ambitions, but despises fanaticism. Her ideas about life are clear that she follows the generally accepted rules of life for most people.

Taurus woman compatibility

In life, a Taurus woman is a realist who does not build illusions. Her dreams are quite adequate and rational. She isn’t a bookworm; she prefers to receive information and experience in the course of life. The moments when a Taurus woman loses composure and acts spontaneously are extremely rare. She is naturally wise. She is naturally curious, and everything that is interesting to her will be carefully studied, analyzed, and put into practice.

A Taurus woman, who can be perfectly described as “the real woman” has a lively mind, she is an attentive and pleasant companion. She is calm, restrained, and behaves with great dignity, she never allows harsh or rude remarks about herself or someone else, and she never makes them herself. Taurus woman combines external beauty with the iron will, strength, and patience.

Due to her iron will, such a woman rarely loses her temper, but she has her limits. Therefore, others should not abuse her patience. Any baseless criticism or claim can offend her and entail a violent reaction. And, if this happens again, a Taurus-woman is able to turn into an intolerable and vindictive creature. With age, she becomes more domineering, less tolerant to criticism, and pathologically obsessed with luxury lifestyle.

A Taurus woman is always fresh, beautiful and graceful. She is distinguished by her natural charm, smooth movements, calm, and soft voice. She has soft, gentle skin.

Due to her good taste, she skillfully chooses cosmetics, perfumes, and dresses well. However, she knows how not to go beyond the budget. Her weak point is jewelry and luxury items. Furs and diamonds simply hypnotize this zodiac sign, she can make some irrational decisions because of it.

Taurus ladies have a curvaceous shape and a thin waist, they tend to be a bit overweight. They are usually slender in youth, but having married, having found their partner in life and having relaxed because of it, they can cease to watch after their physique and become plumper, which does not spoil them at all. Now let’s talk about Taurus woman likes and dislikes and how to attract a Taurus woman.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman?

A Taurus woman is a real woman in the broadest sense of the word. She skillfully combines professional development, the order in her house, communication with her family, several hobbies, and yet, at the same time, always looks sharp, and stunning. Taurus women become great wives, but to conquer a Taurus girl, a lot of effort must be put into it since it is rather hard to find more a distrustful Zodiac sign when it comes to the beginning of a relationship.

Taurus womanTaurus women approach everything with a collected state of mind, and when it comes to establishing a relationship or when it’s about getting married, then one should never rush it because there is a romantic and vulnerable person behind the steel armor of the mind. She needs time to analyze your behavior, mindset, thoroughly examine your character and your way of life. This will not prevent you from having lots of fun together though, but it will take a long time to gain her trust.

A female Taurus values reliability, loyalty, the ability to support a family, and intelligence in men. Easy-going and wild people will be ignored, a Taurus woman will not tolerate such individuals. A Taurus girl will have to be sought after, but if she clearly and explicitly said “no” to you, then there is practically no chance of success. To attract such a girl, you always need to look slick, you must be sharp and be interested in what is happening around you. Also, Taurus women appreciate a man’s ability to be both strong, brutal, yet charismatic and funny at the same time.

Those men who’ve dated Taurus women at one point or another immediately felt great sense of will and beauty. These ladies are feared in their careers, people envy their success, despite the fact that Taurus women may be quite silent and calm at first. That being said, they are very enthusiastic when it comes to career growth, they are not afraid of taking risks.

One of the most important traits of character of Taurus women is that these ladies always clearly know what they want from life, from work, from a man, and they will do everything to reach their goals in life. She respects the same dedication and inner strength in people. Especially in men, she appreciates the reliability, success, and sobriety of the mind.

Signs That a Taurus Woman Likes You

Do not wait for a Taurus to seek rapid development of relationships. For Taurus, it is quite typical to prolong the period of getting to know each other, they have to inspect you before they commit to a serious relationship. This period can last for more than one month. At this time, keen displays of interest in you that alternate with sudden periods of detachment, and this can help you detect her interest in you.

Ordinary things, such as flirting and coquetry, have little effect on Taurus. Therefore, you can’t really flirt with them that much, you both get to know each other, you give it some time and then you tell them about your feelings, just like that. Do not be surprised if she does not respond to your signs of interest. Also, do not try to understand Taurus women, you won’t. Jealousy won’t work as well, your attention to other women, albeit ostentatious, will only alienate a Taurus woman.

Dating a Taurus woman is not a race, it’s more a marathon. The character of Taurus is practical and slow, so even when a Taurus woman starts caring for you, do not expect that many signs of passion from her. But you can definitely invite them for romantic walks, give them nice and cute gifts, etc. Taurus woman in love is hard to conquer, but they are worth all the effort that goes into this process.

One of the most important Taurus woman characteristics is their conservatism. This also affects their ideas about the role of men and women in a relationship. This doesn’t mean that she will be passive and calm, very submissive. She will try to take upon the role of a man in a relationship. This also doesn’t mean that you should take on the role of a woman in a family, but it will be hard for you to be a leader in her presence. In addition, she does not like being mocked. If you are not ready to accept these features of Taurus women, do not try to date them. Now let’s list some facts about Taurus woman when it comes to sexual relationships.

Taurus Woman in Bed

Let’s talk about Taurus women in bed. A Taurus woman likes men with great physiques. Men with refined intellect won’t find it easy to attract such a woman due to the fact that tactile sensations and visual perception are her main priorities in finding a man. At the same time, athletic men must possess physical data from nature because Taurus women are natural in every single way, including their physiques. dating a Taurus womanA female Taurus without a twinge of conscience or modesty will choose revealing outfits because she isn’t afraid of her own sexuality. Taurus ladies are notable for their impressiveness and awesome appearance, there is also a high level of libido underneath that appearance. Taurus women, thanks to how attractive and sexually active they are, may have a few relationships at the same time.

Taurus has a high level of sensuality, which they put at the forefront of all love and sexual relationships. They require a flexible and patient partner who can quickly and competently adapt to all the expectations and desires of a Taurus woman. They are basically one continuous erogenous zone, but they give the greatest preference to stroking the back of the head and neck. Taurus women are able to respond to touch quite quickly, especially in the case of the mouth and nose. And the greatest sense of sensuality and unearthly pleasure can be given to Taurus women with an erotic massage with the use of fragrant oils, giving the skin extra silkiness, softness, and smoothness. A Taurus woman in bed will be able to fully surrender to feelings. It is love that makes these stoic creatures change, it makes them feel special and alive.

How to seduce a Taurus woman? As we’ve said, it is quite hard to start a relationship with a Taurus woman and be patient because all the representatives of this sign are characterized by excessive conservatism, they give preference to go through all the stages of relationship gradually, they have to get to know their partner. By patiently following all stages of relationship development, Taurus women are able to surprise their partners with their eroticism and excitability. Your intentions and desires should not be voiced to a Taurus woman on the first date, this will not lead to anything good.

Taurus women, by their nature, will not go for one-day relationships, giving all of their preference to the duration and reliability of the bonds of marriage. It is extremely rare to find a Taurus woman with a multitude of love relationships that quickly replace each other. It is rather an exception to the rule. In a marriage with a Taurus lady, everything should be filled with naturalness, ranging from relationships between each other to the atmosphere in a family. Maintaining sensuality and affection will be easy by making evening trips out of town on weekends. You can visit all sorts of art exhibitions, theaters, parks, and all of these romantic trips will be greatly appreciated by Taurus women.

When it comes to Taurus woman compatibility, there aren’t that many signs to choose from. The best match for a Taurus woman will probably be Virgo. They will be quite different in comparison, but still, it is quite likely that such a relationship will be a harmonious one.

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