What kind of kisses do Russian girls like?

Most guys, beginning to date a Russian woman and inviting her somewhere, think about how to kiss her, so she liked it. This question is especially important when we talk about the first kiss. Some prefer gentle and short kisses; others may not appreciate a man trying to kiss them on the lips right on the first date. And finally, there are some who expect more active and decisive actions from guys.


For Russian women, dating and kisses play a bigger role then for their Western counterparts, so their preferences in kissing may differ. Let's see what kind of kisses Russian girls like.

A simple kiss can be more romantic than a French one

In almost any situation, a simple kiss is much more romantic than a kiss with the tongue. You may hear a Russian girl dating a foreigner complaining that her partners’ kisses are not always romantic. Most Russian women don’t like excessive expressions of passion at all. They prefer simple but not emotive kisses that guys may find silly. So if you don’t know how to French kiss, don’t sweat it.

Russian girls love kisses in the eyes

If you’re going to date a Russian girl, you should know that some of them like such expressions of love, as kisses in the eyes. They are great for a situation where your girlfriend is upset with something or crying. By kissing a Russian woman in the eyes, you figuratively drain her tears with the kiss. At the same time, doing so helps you avoid discussing the cause of her bad mood and still show your sympathy. Besides, a kiss in the eyes works great if you just want to try something new for a change.

It’s worth mentioning that when you kiss a Russian woman on the neck, she may find it too sentimental. If you see that your partner didn’t expect that you show so much tenderness and affection, finish the kiss in the eyes with a ruder one, for example, a kiss with a bite.

Kisses that Russian women find most exciting

Another interesting fact to know if you date a Russian woman: they like kisses on the neck ten times more than men do. It’s not clear why, but kissing a Russian girl on the neck drives her crazy. If you don’t kiss your Russian girlfriend on the neck, you risk losing her. Statistics speak for itself: more than 97% of women get excited from this kind of kiss.

Want to know when and how to kiss a girl on the neck? Try doing it when you hug her from behind, and she feels your breath on her neck. It’s a kind of trick you definitely need to try. Gently bite or kiss her neck, and she will melt in your arms. Start with a kiss on the lips, then, after a few more kisses, slide down to the neck. Return to her lips. After a while, kiss her on the neck and her under the chin. Watch her reaction – it’s important. If she has a bored look, try another kiss, but usually, the one on the neck has a strong stimulating effect on a Russian woman.

Do Russian girls love kisses on the ear?

Yes, they do. If a guy doesn’t pay enough attention to this part of his girlfriend’s body, he misses a great chance to arouse her with the simplest kiss. The fact is that Russian girls love kisses on the ear two times more than guys. They give women great pleasure, but since men don’t like this type of kiss, they think that girls don’t love it either. But in fact, it feels nice to them. Women not only like kisses on the ear more than men, but also react to them more intensively. If you are curious about how to get a girl to kiss you, this type of kiss will definitely make her do it.

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