20 Signs She Loves You

There is a popular belief among women that most men are pachyderms who do not need feelings because they do not distinguish them. Women are sure that all men live only with their mind and logic, and they perceive feelings as something invented and nonexistent. The exception, in their opinion, is perhaps teenagers who experience their first love. This opinion is fundamentally wrong. After all, both men and women are people, which means they can experience feelings, worry, and be inspired.

Men are not used to openly demonstrating their emotions and feelings because this is considered a sign of weakness. And it is not surprising that men so carefully hide their feelings, although sometimes they experience them as strong as women do. After all, every person wants to love and be loved more than anything else. This need is the same as breathing. Having fallen in love, men ask the same questions, “How to tell if she loves you? Does she try to twist you around her little finger, promising devotion and love? What are the signs she loves you without saying?" Let’s find out everything step by step.

how to know if she loves you

What Defines Real Love In Relationships

Love can lurk in a look, in a modest smile or an act which one wants to share with the entire world. Talking about its depth, people often mention patience, forgiveness or donation. But what is true love in relationships? There are five crucial moments without which you cannot say that you love a partner.

Absence of selfishness

A truly loving person does not think about how many concessions, attention or gifts they have received from a partner. All this does not matter. They just want to be around, give their warmth, and share what their heart is filled with. There isn't resentment toward a person for not pleasing some whims or not loving them as they want. Partners are grateful for what they have and are always ready to share.


Loving people do not need to cheat, trick or impersonate those who they are not. Annoying circumstances happen, it is not always easy to find mutual understanding in a relationship, to hear each other or recognize pain. Partners can misunderstand each other from time to time, but this does not cause a desire to break up. When partners love each other, they do not try to get what they lack on the side or change masks but talk about what is missing and try to deal with a problem.

Inner development

A loving person will not buy cakes for a partner who is obese and has serious health problems. And they will not dissuade a partner from making a career, especially if they are successful. True love does not indulge weaknesses but helps fight them. It does not lock happiness at home but admires and demonstrates it to the whole world. People in love should support each other's positive aspirations, believe in dreams, and not put a leash on a partner.


When you truly love, you respect not only the boundaries of the partner but also their hobbies, thoughts, ideas, feelings, and people close to them. You understand that all that they live with is their integral part, despising which you reject the true nature of your close person. It’s stupid to put pressure on them, shame or make fun of. When there is true love in relationships with single ladies for dating, you accept a person with all the flaws and even believe that they give them certain uniqueness. And even if you try to alter your partner at some point, you do that without pressure and nitpicking.

how do you know she loves youAbsence of control

If a partner seeks to control your every step, the spoken word, the circle of friends, this is not a manifestation of love but a hidden form of abuse. Loving people trust both tastes and business trips, they don’t have a desire to check every message, arrange hysterical performances, or be jealous. If a partner tells you how to behave, what to wear, whom to be friends with, and what to feel, do not believe their sweet oaths! Absence of control defines real love in relationships.

When You Can Tell You Love Someone

Many people are sure that the main task of a person is to find their love. However, when the two meet and start a relationship, it often happens that quarrels and misunderstandings make them doubt that their feelings are real. How to understand that you have found your true love among many people?

You don’t want to manipulate

In a loving relationship, people should frankly talk about their desires, so when you love a person, there is no need to substitute concepts, look for extreme ones, keep score. “You do something for me - I'll do something for you,” “Don’t make stuff up, you imagined it” such things undermine the foundation of feelings, make it unsteady and unreliable. If there is a game, there is a shadow of understatement, a desire to grab something better, to cheat. When you love someone with all your heart, you don’t even think about all that stuff.

You don’t try to win over a partner

There is no love in a relationship in which there is a struggle for power, where the goals of one are crushed by the goals of another one, and most importantly, where the main desire is to prove at all costs who is a leader in the family. When you truly love a person, you don’t care about your own or someone else's righteousness, you are always ready to compromise and swallow your pride. It is not a victory that makes you happy but the smile of a partner.

You are ready to become better

In the right loving relationships, people are free to express themselves and their desires, while in destructive ones, their capabilities are limited. Do you get the point? When you love a person, this feeling inspires you, so you are ready to become the best version of yourself. You don’t want to label anything. At the same time, partners do not lay claim to each other’s personal space, but go hand in hand, brightening the way.

You are ready to listen to the partner

When your girlfriend tells you something about her desires or shares her opinion, you always listen to her carefully. When a man loves a woman, he is patient enough to get to the bottom of the essence and hear what is important to her, what bothers her and influences her mood. You do not necessarily have answers to all the questions, but you will seek them because her joy and inner peace are important to you.

You see your happiness in the happiness of a partner

When you love someone, you neither abandon yourself nor start living the life of a partner, nor try to meet their expectations. You rather find pleasure in making your girlfriend happy and start seeing your victories in her success. You feel that you are not alone anymore, so there are twice as many reasons for joy.

How to Tell If She Loves You: 20 Signs

In the sphere of relationships, men are often more inexperienced than single girls online. Therefore, sometimes it can be very difficult for them to understand a girl’s true attitude. However, knowledge of female psychology reveals secrets with the help of which you can almost unmistakably determine the signs she loves you. Many signals are indicating the real feelings of a girl, starting with body language, which is almost impossible to fake. The ability to read the signs she loves you secretly will help you easily determine whether you should take the first steps towards your common future.

1. She has a great mood when you are together

It is no accident! The smile and good mood of a girl show you how good and comfortable she feels next to you. The more often a woman is in a good mood while being with you, the calmer and happier she seems. After all, she might have genuine, conscious confidence that you will be happy together, and you are the man she wants to be with.

2. She doesn’t try to change you

If a girl tries to change a man in any possible way, then she tries to fit an existing partner to her ideal. She does not love him. When a woman loves, she accepts a man as he is, with all the problems and shortcomings. So, if the girl is not trying to change you, then this is how to know if she loves you.

3. The girl saw the dark side of your personality

The girl saw you in a bad mood, very drunk and in anger. The girl saw you as bad as possible but did not leave. She has examined the dark side of your personality and is ready to put up with your demons. If this did not push the girl away, then this is one of the signs she loves you deeply.

signs she loves you deeply4. Her actions speak louder than words

You don’t know how to tell if she loves you? Do not listen to what she says but watch what she does. A girl manipulates, she is constantly naughty and offended, but at the same time, she tells the words of love? It's a lie. Does the girl take care of you, she is gentle, kind, cheerful and frank? There's no need for words. The girl loves you.

5. You are her priority

Does your girlfriend put off everything to spend time with you? Does the girl happily agree to meet and plan the future with you with pleasure? When she loves you, she gives priority to your relationship instead of work, personal ambitions, female friends or other things.

6. She wants to talk to you

A woman who has feelings for you always wants to communicate with you on any, even trifling, occasion. Although not every one of them decides to do it first due to education, beliefs, uncertainty in mutual feelings. There can be many different reasons. However, when you start to talk to her yourself, you will immediately see that she is happy and ready to communicate.

7. She is indifferent to other guys

When a woman is in love, other men just do not exist for her. She neither distinguishes them from the crowd nor tries to flirt with any of them because she does not need it. In the company, she will not show obvious, defiant signs of attention to other guys. If this happens, then there are two options: she is either offended and wants to take revenge, or she does not like you. A woman who loves you behaves calmly and demurely with other men.

8. She reckons with your interests

When a woman loves, she treats the interests of the man with respect and understanding. She doesn’t give you an ultimatum about meeting friends, fishing or football. A loving woman respects you, therefore, she considers your opinion and your interests. Otherwise, it is not about love. It can be about passion, a desire to manipulate, “mommy” syndrome, “owner” syndrome, but it’s not about true feelings.

9. She takes care

How to know she loves you? When a girl has feelings toward a man, she shows attention and cares for him. When a woman loves, she will try to make your life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For this, she needs only one thing: to know that you love her too. Indeed, for every woman, love is the most important part of her life. When a woman is loved, she does any housework with joy. Any of her movement and action will be filled with lightness, harmony, and beauty.

10. She supports you

If a woman loves you, she will always try to share your worries and unobtrusively help you. Sometimes, this support can be even completely invisible, without words and advice, for example, she cooks your favorite dish and hugs you after a hard workday. A loving woman will always feel when you need her support and how best to do it, after all, she is on the same wave with you.

11. She treats your career ambitions withy respect

How do you know she loves you? Everything is simple. A loving woman is not only interested in your work, professional growth and promotion, but she also inspires you to get new achievements and victories. A truly loving woman understands the importance of this part of her partner's life. Indeed, she knows that his life will lose all meaning without realization, creativity, and discoveries.

12. She trusts you

Trust is a real indicator of a woman’s love for a man. If there is no trust, then there is no genuine intimacy. When a woman loves, she trusts. Love without trust is impossible. If there is mistrust, then at this moment, your relationship can be filled with anything except for love. It is impossible to simultaneously love and distrust. These are two mutually exclusive inner conditions.

13. She is frank and sincere with you

How to understand a woman truly loves you? Pay attention to the manifestation of sincerity. We are all human, and each of us has our desires, which may not always coincide with the desire of a partner. A loving woman expresses her desires and preferences directly and openly without female quests and omissions.

14. She can easily voice dissent

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. Nonetheless, only truly free, confident, worthy people can consider this freedom, those who appreciate these qualities both in themselves and in partners. A loving girl can express her disagreement with you on some issue calmly and respectfully. She is ready to hear your opinion on this issue, and she will not reject your arguments but will take them into account, possibly changing her own opinion.

15. She always tries to understand you

Even if you argue, her goal is not to convince you that she is right but to understand your point of view. You should understand that the desire to convince a person in the rightness of one’s own opinion appears when there is an intention to suppress this person with one's authority, intellect, knowledge, etc. And if the desire precisely to “suppress” arises, then this is not true love.

signs she loves you without saying16. She doesn’t perceive your flaws as something extraordinary

She is aware of all your flaws, but they don’t annoy her. She doesn’t make a scene because of that. If she is sincerely ready to accept the shortcomings of the boyfriend, not considering him to be a weirdo, then she truly loves him. And she will certainly not make fun of any character traits or discuss such qualities of her loved one with other people.

17. She is ready to share joy and sorrow

When a woman is in love with a man, she is ready to be with him in the moments of joy and support him when he faces challenges. Everyone likes strong and successful people, but if a person has setbacks, then people can turn away or condemn. If you do not notice a change in your partner’s attitude during the difficult periods, then your girlfriend’s love is sincere and true.

18. She allows you to take things that are of great importance for her

If you are the only person she allows to take, for example, her favorite cup or she shows you her treasures of childhood, then this is a sign she loves you. Usually, girls are extremely sensitive about things that are of great importance for them.

19. She is afraid to hurt your feelings

Even if she is very angry or offended, she still doesn't tell you anything that can seriously hurt your feelings. You can quarrel, swear and sort things out, but she always cares about you. She simply cannot do this, even if she was previously capable of such behavior. True love changes people for the better.

20. She believes you are the best person in the world

And this item doesn’t need further explanation. After all, only love makes people truly deeply happy as well as makes them believe that they have relationships with the best partners ever. And a girl can feel and tell you about her feelings only if she is filled with such real powerful love.

Women Fall in Love Much Faster

The obviousness of the fact of love in men and women comes at different times. A woman feels that she is in love much earlier than the moment when a man understands the same thing. And the reason is that feelings and mind turn on at different speeds. After all, a woman tends to trust her feelings more, while a man often relies on logic and rationality. So, he needs more time to get relevant arguments regarding real feelings for a woman. A woman, as a rule, is inclined to feel her love for a man at the stage of conquest, when he tries to win her heart with constant attention, gifts, surprises and romance.

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