Everything You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction and How to Fix It

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causes of erectile dysfunction​

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction occurs way much more commonly than most males might think, “disarming” over 50% of men, according to the latest clinical researches.

This highly unpleasant condition is considered to be much more frequent among older men, with almost 40% of males aged 40 fighting this disease, while their number tends to go up the older a man gets, jumping to around 70% of males around 70 or even older.

Nevertheless, it appears many younger men are starting to face impotence as well. In the recent study, the researchers have found that almost one in four males might be suffering from certain type of erectile dysfunction, with nearly half of those cases classified as severe.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is generally defined as the inability to experience or keep an erection sustained enough for having a sexual intercourse and is known to cause stress, strain on relations and major self-confidence issues.

Speaking of the forms of ED, there are currently two of those - primary and secondary. Those males struggling with primary form of impotence have never experienced sufficient erections for a fully satisfactory intercourse. This very form of ED happens quite rarely and is usually caused by some extreme psychological factors, for example, intense fear, lasting feelings of guilt and anxiety.

Touching upon the secondary impotence, often defined as the partial loss of erectile ability after a long period of normal functioning, it occurs more frequently. Males facing secondary impotence are mostly able to engage in sexual intercourse only 25% of all times. This particular form usually comes on gradually and is treated comparably easier than the primary ED.

All men encounter an erectile dysfunction at one point or another. We even consider that pretty normal. However, once it has become a persistent trouble, some medical help might be required. Because, while being unable to go hard can appear like quite a big deal, impotence is usually a sign of much deeper physical or psychological issues involved.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanentlyErection is a pretty mysterious thing itself and is part of a truly complex system involving the brain impulses, hormones, central nervous system, muscle mass and blood vessels. The most insignificant problem in just one of those areas might already be responsible for erectile difficulties. The number of physical conditions that might be potentially leading to ED is impressive. According to numerous clinical testing projects, erectile dysfunction may be possibly caused by:

Endocrine Illnesses

The human endocrine system is responsible for the regulation of the hormones which control metabolism, sexual function, libido and a lot more. The most common disease that is proved to affect the endocrine system is diabetes, due to its effect on the organism’s ability to produce insulin. A major side effect of diabetes may be nerve damage, which can affect sensations as well as the reduction in blood flow and overall hormone levels.

Neurological Disorders

These are the most widely spread conditions that might affect the nervous system along with the brain’s ability to cooperate with the reproductive system, thus preventing a man from reaching an erection. Some of the most serious neurological conditions may include: Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, brain tumors, sclerosis and finally – a stroke.

Various Medications

Different types of synthetic medications that can be affecting blood flow might eventually lead to the inability to experience a firm erection, thus causing ED. Such medications are: alpha and beta-blockers, some of the chemotherapy medications, strong depressants, some other psychotropic stimulants and synthetic hormones.

Heart Conditions

Any condition that affects man’s heart together with its blood pumping ability, might lead to erectile dysfunction. Among others: clogged arteries, excessively high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure might all affect the bloodstream. In this case, treatment may include prescribed medications or particular kinds of natural remedies. At the same time, if a person suffers from any of those conditions provided above, he’d better consult a doctor first.

Psychological issues

Some of the mental health problems, like chronic stresses and depression, are among those things that typically do not get all the attention they deserve. We might know that things like diabetes might affect our physical health, but we usually bury our heads deep in the sand often ignoring the real effect mental health problems can have on our organism too. Stress and depression may bring up such first signs of erectile dysfunction like, for instance, the loss of appetite, insomnia and chronic fatigue in addition to much decreased interest in having sex.

Porn induced Erectile Dysfunction

Well, it looks like men’s eternal question “can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?” was finally heard by the researchers as they have identified that regular pornography viewing can possibly result in abnormally low libido. The main reason is that porn is designed specifically to capture person’s attention. The “stars” of the porn industry often do things that can rarely be translated into the real life. That’s exactly why men watching too much porn videos may get used to that very type of sexual arousal which is not carried over into real life occasions. Studies have also shown that some males who used to watch porn regularly were able to obtain a solid erection once those materials were removed.

Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

While alcohol succeeds as an aphrodisiac traditionally used to get people “in the right mood,” it may actually fail in execution. When erected, the penis is filled with blood and the vessels are tightly closed, preventing backflow, so it can remain erect. In a nutshell, overconsumption of alcohol might cause the blood vessels to expand, in this way allowing more blood stream, thus preventing the vessels from closing. All in all, penis can get erect but not remain so for a long time. How to fix Erectile Dysfunction?

Your first step in fighting erectile dysfunction tells you to determine if it is an actual problem through a simple examination by your doctor. This might include a physical exam, a couple of blood and urine tests, checking for the signs of heart disease, diabetes and some other physical conditions. Still, a lot of men keep wondering how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.

Natural remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Oftentimes, doctors tend to recommend certain lifestyle alterations as a more efficient medication in treating ED because of the effect bad habits usually have on erection quality. Here are some of the best 100% natural ways to beat ED:

  • alcohol and erectile dysfunctionExercising. Losing excess weight goes hand in hand when treating erectile dysfunction. Staying pretty overweight can definitely make erectile dysfunction go even worse, while getting in shape will not only help you become a lot more physically attractive but also more potent down there as well.
  • Well-balanced diet
  • Healthy sleep patterns
  • Giving up smoking and limiting alcohol consumption. Heavy smoking might easily cause restriction of blood vessels, so if you quit this bad habit, it will help reverse the bigger part of the effects of erectile dysfunction, just like reducing alcohol intake will.
  • Monitoring your medications
  • Acupuncture sessions
  • Natural herbs for erectile dysfunction
  • Other natural supplements for erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction treatment

The most popular and successful treatment for low sexual potency is conventional medication. Some of the best medications work by boosting the effects of nitric oxide in your system. This oxide is known to work by relaxing the penis muscles, thus letting for more blood stream and making it much easier to reach an erection once stimulated.


It involves medications being injected into the penis’s base designed specifically to produce a steady erection in 20 to 40 minutes. Some of the likely side effects can include mild bleeding, prolonged erection (what often requires an additional injection of a different kind of medication to balance), and formation of scar-like tissue at the injection spot.

Penis pump

Penis pump is a hollow or a battery powered tube placed over the penis, thus creating a vacuum pulling blood into the love “tool.” Once erect, a special band is fixed over the base of the penis in order to maintain its erect state. The erection itself normally lasts long enough for a person to have sex. Possible side effects might include bruises around the band’s site.


This very way of treating ED includes implanting flexible rods into the penis allowing to literally control the erection. Honestly, this method is not recommended until all the others are tried, due to the risk of various complications.

Blood vessels surgery

This one can only be used in a small percentage of males, involving surgically bypassing particular obstructed blood vessels in the patient’s penis.


For an ED type caused mainly by psychological obstacles, such methods as therapy and family counseling are often quite helpful for both men and their wonderful women.

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