How to Improve Your Sex Life in Five Simple Steps

Problems in sex are common. A lot of couples have sexual problems at certain stages of their relationships. There may be some problems even if a couple is harmonious. It happens due to the difference in men and women’s physiology and psyche. We will figure out most typical problems and ways to improve sex life.


Why You May Face Problems in Your Sex Life

What could be better than a relationship between a man and a woman? All couples remember the beginning of their relationship. At first, there is interest, and then sympathy, flirtation, a first kiss, passion, sex.

Sex is a part of a human being and it is very important and necessary. It is needed not only for procreation but for the intimate relationship between people. However, people forget about it very often and have different problems with healthy sex life. We will look at some problems you may face during sex with a Russian girl:

Temporary physical or psychological disorder

Any problem has a kind of prehistory, family dramas, complexes, traumatic situations. One of the reasons for the lack of sex with a Russian woman can be dissatisfaction with life, betrayal of a spouse, resentment. The rejection of sex sometimes is caused by the so-called sexual boredom when partners know in advance what will happen and how. In this situation, interest in sex is lost. Often, those who have lived long in a marriage face such problems. Serious problems can affect the function of the body. In this case, a sexologist or psychologist will help.

Lack of romance

Romantic expressions of love such as words, confessions, flowers, and insane deeds sometimes are more important for Russian women. They need constant confirmation that they are loved. This not only provides them with self-confidence but also supports the desire to have an intimate relationship with men to whom they are dear. If all this disappears with age, it will become scanty or even unnecessary. Then, disappointment in marriage can take dangerous dimensions and there is no better sex life anymore.


Monotony can discourage the desire to make love. Of course, this is wrong. Sex should be interesting, bright, and exciting not only at the beginning of relationships but even after 15 years of living together.

Of course, there may be even more reasons, but these are the main.

How to Improve Your Sex Life: a Five-Step Strategy


Sexual problems are not easy matters for most men and women. Many are afraid of condemnation from a partner, others take everything happening for granted and don’t think that sex can become better. Sex is part of our life and you have to know how to improve your sex life. Meanwhile, this can lead to sad consequences. Therefore, we offer you 5 ways to improve your sex life:

1. Talk to a partner. You need to talk with your partner openly from the very beginning of relationships. If you are going to find Russian women for dating and marriage, you should tell them your desires and problems. It is important to choose the right time for the conversation and the right intonation. Don’t raise your voice or blame a partner.

2. Don’t plan it.  Don’t be afraid of surprises improving your sex life. What is bad in an unexpectedly chosen place and time? In addition, fast sex concentrates emotions, and high concentration leads to increased adrenaline. Could you remember when you experienced such emotions?

3. Diversify your sex. Sex life must be regular and diverse in order to have a strong relationship. Everything can be changed and improved with a loved person. Remember that diversity in sexual life is one of the most powerful elements of a strong relationship!

4. Flirt with your partner always and everywhere. Since all relationships begin with flirting, romance ends when this flirtation ends. It is necessary to flirt with your loved one, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a couple. Use your eyes, lips, and intonation.

5. Change your smells. Conjugal partners get to know each other so much, that they even know each other’s scents: a perfume, a shower gel, a shampoo and so on. Change this line as completely as possible – but take into account mutual preferences/antipathies of your partner.

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