How to Make a Girl Want You More than Ever

Of course, many men want to know how to interest girls so that they want them more. But it's not surprising that very few men know what girls appreciate and that's why most relationships end at an early stage. The whole problem is precisely the lack of knowledge and necessary information. Therefore, today we will analyze what girls appreciate and what makes them want men more.

how to make girls want you

What do modern girls find attractive?

It's not a secret that there are certain qualities of men that are appreciated by girls! And the more qualities a guy combines, the more interesting he is for women! Of course, this is not all the things that attract girls to guys. But these qualities are the basis of what attracts girls!

What are girls most attracted to:

1. Success

Of course, girls appreciate successful guys. But there are those who don’t appreciate your success but your wealth. They are more interested in your money and their quantity than in you and your success. You need to understand what prevails in your relationship (love or benefit). After all, there are girls who love you and your success more than your money.

2. Love and trust

This is what girls find most attractive. This is basically the most valuable things for normal girls who are not interested in your wallet. They need love and nothing more. Also, these girls are smarter and understand that happiness is not in money but in love. So if you want your girl want you more, then try to give more love to her.

3. Attention

What do girls find attractive? Of course, it is your attention. Pay a little attention to a girl and you may notice how she immediately becomes interested in you and appreciates you. Note and remember the features of a girl: her tastes, manners, behavior in certain situations. Remember the moments from her life, her deeds, and problems. Don’t be selfish. Remember pleasant moments and visualize them again.

make a girl want you4. Tidiness and attractiveness

What are girls attracted to? They are attracted to well-groomed men. Of course, a man doesn’t need to look too handsome and attractive. You just don’t have to forget about your appearance. Since girls appreciate basically not the beauty of a guy but his neat appearance, which includes a lot of things. This includes clean ironed clothes, a good perfume, clean hair, clean shoes, etc. Girls pay much attention to these things. This is one of the main aspects of seduction, without which it will be almost impossible to seduce a girl. But if you also have natural beauty, then this will be an additional plus for you. Of course, girls like handsome men because they feel more comfortable to be with them in a society. They will feel the best and be proud of you.

5. Care

If you remember something from the life of a girl and then sincerely ask about it, this can make her want you more. Notice what she likes in this or that situation and act in accordance with her tastes in the future. But do it without fanaticism. Just take care of her. Men’s care is what girls find attractive. Thus, she will want to take care of you. But if she doesn’t reciprocate you, don’t worry because the whole problem is not in you, but in the wrong way of life and the priorities of this girl who is only interested in gain. Normal girls will appreciate your attention and they will want you more. And when you feel love for each other, then you will be able to create a relationship that will surely be the happiest, strongest and most successful.

How to make a girl want you more

Do you want to know how to make a woman want you? Do you already have interest in a woman and want her to have interest in you? Well, it will not be so difficult if only you know these excellent tips for flirting, which we want to offer you. So, let's start and find out how to make a woman want you more than ever.

Rule #1: Be more energetic and confident than she is. If you don’t understand how to make a girl want you, then here is the first rule for you! Remember, you need to take center stage in your relationship with a woman. Tease her more often, cause her smile and laughter. But trying to make her laugh, don’t try to look like a clown in a circus. The bad experience of many men shows that the traits inherent in “good guys” don’t help make women want them. So don’t be afraid to tease and check her.

Rule #2: Create sexual tension. This is the next point of how to make a girl want you sexually. To do this, you need to understand the methods of sexual touches, allowing you to touch a woman properly and create sexual excitement in her mind. Learn the methods that experts use if you really want to succeed with a woman. The main thing about these methods is to start touching her in a non-sexual manner. When you and your girlfriend get used to these types of touches, you should start touching her in a sexual manner. You have to make sure that she wants your touch. These methods are a little difficult to understand, so you should practice them more often. Nevertheless, act as carefully as possible. Otherwise, it may not have the effect that you need.

Rule #3: Flirt with other women to make her feel jealous. This works well if you talk to her friends, for example. So, talk with the girl, but when you see another woman (this technique works well if that another woman is her employee), just leave her and start a conversation with this particular woman. Your goal is to show her that, in fact, you don’t really need her because you have many other variants. But remember, this technique should be used properly. Otherwise, it can be more harmful than good.

Rule #4: Use the “contradictory approach”. If you want to make a girl want you, use this approach. The “contradictory approach” is when you say and do the opposite things. However, this approach implies that a woman already knows you and trusts you. The goal that you pursue is NOT trying to be nice and kind for getting her approval. How can this be done? For example, you can make sarcastic comments that are the opposite of what a girl wants to hear. Or your answer to her questions should be the opposite of what she expects to hear. And you need to do it in a tone that clearly shows that you are just laughing at her.

Rule #5: Read between the lines. If you talk to a girl on the phone and she says that she is going on a date with another man, then you should understand that she is saying this more for herself than for you. Perhaps she just accidentally agreed to go on a date with another guy. If you are in this situation, then tell her something like: “Oh really? Congratulations. Or do you think that I tried to follow you around?” She will not know what to answer and begin to understand that you are an independent guy who doesn’t need any woman. And this is just the type of men whom girls LIKE. Don’t be surprised if she calls you back within a week and says that she wants to go with you somewhere because she doesn’t want to see the guy she met last week.

what attracts girlsRule #6: Dominate. Courtship is based on your actions, suggestions and on what you give her (which basically means gifts, dinners, flowers, compliments, etc.). Attraction involves ways of communication, traits of your character and masculinity. Courting involves a strategy of “becoming a friend”, so you have to be very nice. Also, it means to be an admirer, submissive and a weak man; attraction is leadership, strength, and dominance. Stop caring, start attracting her attention and you can’t even imagine how this will turn your woman on. And this is how to make a girl want you more.

Rule #7: Be strong. Women change their minds about men if they see that they are confident. So, you need to show a girl that you are one of those rare guys. And if she says you that some other guy is interested in her, or that she's busy tonight, then you should understand that she is just testing you. Answer simply: “Come on, I know that this is not true” and she will understand everything. More importantly, she can understand that she is dealing with a real man and this can make a girl want you.

Rule #8: Never stop halfway and don’t explain your actions. If you do something that seems to upset a woman, don’t try to apologize or do something to cheer her up. Don’t feel or act like a guilty person or show her that you are uncomfortable because of what you did. Just act like nothing happened. Go to the next topic. If she starts complaining, then just say that it was just a joke and go on with your story. When you try to stop and start apologizing for what you said, you can be sure that everything is over for you. If you say something and she doesn’t like it, then this is her problem. Women often complain just to see how you can behave in this situation. And if you don’t succumb to this, her respect and attraction to you will grow significantly.

Rule # 9: Show that you are a normal man. There are a lot of jerks, perverts, and maniacs in our world. So, it's very important to demonstrate that you don’t belong to such subjects. Make fun of the stupid behavior of other guys who behave like weaklings. Such actions will show her that you are not one of those freaks who desperately want to have only sex with her. And she will understand that you are better than those other guys whom she usually meets.

Rule #10: Show the trick. If you don’t know how to make a girl want to sleep with you, then pretend that something attracts your attention. Tell her some compliment. Let it be unusual. It has to be something that can force a girl to do so again, only in order to attract your attention again. For example, you can make a compliment on how she is dressed. Tell her that her figure looks so nice in this dress that it even makes you have erotic fantasies. She will dress more sexually just for you to notice it and make her a beautiful compliment again. If you notice that a girl really likes it, then you will need to show her your strong sexual desire more often.

Rule #11: Hint. How to make a girl want you over text? This is more difficult but the practice will help overcome these difficulties. Start with a banal greeting or the simple words “I miss you”. Messages shouldn’t be too long. They should be clear and with non-ambiguous interpretations. But a girl has to understand your hints.

The main thing when making a woman want you is to occupy a dominant position and get her emotions. Almost everything that you often see in movies doesn’t really work. None of those techniques allow you to touch her emotions properly. But if you are really serious about success with women, you will need a good practice to use these methods effectively.

The first luck is a call or a message from her. Now you can safely act on the plan and start your seduction. However, if you are just starting to communicate, it is important not to screw up. Sometimes you can disappear for a day or two, don’t write or call her. Most likely, a girl will start to miss you. At such situations, she can understand what you mean to her.

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