Why Do Women Cheat

Why Do Women Cheat

Cheating is a violation of marital fidelity, and one who violated it is considered an unfaithful person who has not fulfilled their obligations. When cheating gets revealed, it is one of the most difficult trials in family life. Living together with a person involves the joint building of relations, family, home, raising children. Therefore, confidence in your partner, in their loyalty and constancy is important. Cheating is like a sudden blow that sweeps you off your feet. Not everyone can cope with this blow.

why do women cheat

Someone is inclined to treat cheating philosophically, claiming that “everyone has at least once cheated!” The statistics are not so categorical. In 2005, Durex conducted a global world survey, according to which only 22% of respondents had extramarital affairs. Depending on the research, different authors give figures that are generally correlated with this survey: about 26-50% of men and 21-38% of women at least once cheated on their spouses, meet a girl now or flirt with a guy currently. But why women lie and cheat, and what lies behind such actions?

What Is Cheating?

In recent years, the number of men and women who accuse each other of cheating during the period of couple crisis or while the partners were not yet married has increased remarkably. At the same time, the concepts and ideas about what is considered cheating do not coincide for many men and women, but also turn out to be diametrically opposite. But first, let's deal with the very concept of "cheating."

Emotional Cheating

Such infidelity is also a betrayal because the partner spends time and energy on another person, as a result, relationships begin to degrade. This began to happen more often due to the Internet and social networks. It’s easier to create a fantasy than to work on building relationships. If you have close contact with someone else, but you don’t notice it, this is a dangerous path, and there is no turning back. Emotional cheating is when you are physically close to one person, but your heart belongs to another. You spend a lot of time with someone you are not in a relationship with and share secrets that you don’t tell your partner.

If you feel that you are doing something wrong or that something bothers you in showing friendly feelings, either on your part or a new comrade of the opposite sex, several symptoms indicate that you are on the path to emotional cheating. Other signs of it are the following.

- meetings and conversations with your acquaintance are held secretly from your partner, friends, and family;

- you say or do something to a friend that you would never allow yourself to do or say in the presence of your partner (spouse);

- you share the ideas, thoughts, and feelings of another person, even if they contradict the principles and ideas of the partner (spouse);

- you indulge in dreams of a future joint pastime with a new "friend" more and more often.

Physical Cheating

Physical adultery is directly related to a person who is not your legal spouse or partner. A woman can imagine how she cheats on her husband for a long time, she can flirt with other men, even love another person, but the physical intimacy doesn’t happen. Such cheating as we have described

earlier is considered emotional. Physical cheating means casual sex with different partners or constant sex with one partner. The most important thing in such a betrayal is that it occurs without any feelings and emotions.

However, quite often there is physical and emotional adultery at the same time. For example, a married woman falls madly in love with another man, she communicates with him and flirts for a long time, and then physical intimacy appears in their relationship. So, any kind of sex, kisses and other actions that can make both parties reach a sexual peak may be considered a physical betrayal.

What Is Considered Cheating?why do women cheat on their husbands

In general, cheating is the fact of a person violating their obligations to someone (a loved one, husband, wife, friend, partner, family, children, staff, organization). So, it is characterized by the presence of the act of violating moral/intellectual/physical values and/or properties and by the presence of a person-cheater themselves.

What Is Micro Cheating?

What at first glance seems completely innocent flirting may be more damaging to real relationships than physical infidelity. Even if you did not intend to enter into a physical relationship with a third person, such an online connection often implies a very high degree of intimacy.

To date, several signs of micro-cheating have been highlighted.

- permanent correspondence behind the back of a regular partner that the person carefully hides from the latter;

- complaints about problems in a real relationship with a person who is clearly interested in you; - chatting with anyone on sexual topics or using single ladies site while you are in relationships.

An alarming signal in such a situation is a moment when a person is not tormented by conscience due to the actual deception of a permanent partner. The fact that it’s easier to hide micro-cheating from a partner may mean that the question of whether to take the last step is practically resolved.

That is why both the person who is involved in this process and their partner who suspects them in this shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the emerging problem. Secrecy and distrust have never helped establish real closeness between people in any type of union. Mutual silence, unfortunately, can lead to the collapse of even the strongest relationships. And if you did not put your blindfold off when you suspected something for the first time, do not wonder later why women cheat.

Reasons Why Women Cheat

According to the research of the candidate of philosophical sciences Anatoly Zaitsev, the first step to infidelity is erotic fantasies and dreams. His survey says that 15.9% of men and 25.5% of women dream of or imagine cheating on their partner daily, and 65.4% and 55.9% of them have at least once done it occasionally.

The total number of about 80% of spouses have psychologically incorrect or unstable relationships. The truth is, adultery begins in the head. But fantasies do not necessarily get translated into reality. The loss of brightness of emotions under the heavy pressure of living together is rather a sign about the need to reconsider the relationship. If mutual feelings are alive, the desire to be together is present, you should diversify your life, experiment, work on yourself.

But what is pushing people into cheating and why do married women cheat with married men? Some blame the lack of attention, emotional remoteness, rudeness, distrust in a lover. For some, this is a way of revenge, a mirror response, if physical betrayal has occurred in the family. Sometimes even the emotional betrayal of a husband can cause desperate attempts by his wife to cause jealousy. Another reason is the reluctance to deny yourself the pleasure of the novelty of a change of partner, characteristic of selfish people. That is why we have tried to compile 10 reasons why women cheat into 4 blocks of the most common explanations.

Alcohol. If a woman has such thoughts in her head, sooner or later, she will cheat on her husband and use alcohol as an excuse. Unlike men, a woman rarely does this simply by chance or by overdrinking. More often, alcohol is just a chance to realize that such dreams have been long hiding in the girl's head. In other words, like an orgasm, female cheating initially occurs in the head.

Why do women cheat? Alcohol, like many other reasons, can be attributed to situational factors. When a person uses the phrase, "I/he/she was drunk" it is a sign they try to justify themselves. 70% of respondents admitted that they had committed a betrayal precisely because of the use of alcohol. However, there is always much more what lies behind this.

Feeling underappreciated. No matter what's lacking: attention, warmth, tenderness, compliments, money, sex. Even a lack of a child in a family can lead to the fact that a woman will start making up for the lack of anything. By the way, the lover, in this case, is also a subconscious attempt to arouse interest, jealousy, and finally, attract the attention of her own man.

Why do women cheat on good men? It happens that a man works day and night to ensure the comfort and life of his woman, new dresses, a hundred and fifth pair of shoes, a vacation in the Caribbean and anything else, including the future of common children. And the woman does not work. She is not busy with her own business and is surrounded by nannies and housekeepers. That is, she has an excess of time and if she doesn’t spend it on self-development, then the lady may start a love affair out of boredom and to occupy herself with something more interesting. Why do all women cheat? Because they lack attention and manifestation of certain feelings from their partners.

Promiscuous past. According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, in terms of evolution, we are prone to cheating. This is confirmed, for example, by the fact that three different systems are responsible for sexual desires, romantic attraction, and attachment in the brain. That is, we can be in love with one person and be with them in long-term happy relationships, however, having sex with another, and this will not cause any contradictions at the neurobiological level. So, one of the reasons why women cheat is that if the person is used to doing that, this becomes almost automatic for them.

The main dissonance about cheating arises from public morality. On the one hand, monogamy has established itself as a social norm. On the other hand, the current stage of the development of mankind has more to adultery than all the previous ones.

Why do women cheat? The cheater’s reputation speaks for themselves. Did she cheat on someone before? This is one of the most common features of such people. If a person cheated in past relationships, probably in new ones, she will follow the same path. Of course, everyone deserves a second chance, but still, you should understand all the risks, especially if a woman cheated on her ex with you.

Revenge. Why do women cheat on their husbands? Very often a woman who is hurt by a betrayal of her husband seeks revenge. And for this, the violator has to find out everything, if not see with their own eyes then at least hear about it. But this, as a rule, is an act characteristic of young and inexperienced women. Or those who just were looking for an excuse to cheat too as they did not feel happy in their relationships.

Surprising Signs Your Women May Be Cheating

Of course, not everyone reacts to cheating in the same way, but everyone ill agrees that such actions are bad and low in any case. The only difference is that male infidelity is a more common situation that is not shocking for society as much as a female. What is the difference?

“A woman gets more pleasure from cheating than a man. For him, this is a small event, for her, betrayal always means revenge, passion or sin," Etienne Rey.why women cheat

That is, if men can be seduced by a beautiful appearance and adrenaline, then women need a more compelling reason. There may be many reasons why do married women cheat, but the core one is always implanted deep in their head. But what are the signs of a wife's betrayal and how to understand that such a crime has been carried out?

The phone goes everywhere with them. Now her phone and laptop are forbidden for you. Didn't notice anything like that? If earlier she could leave them anywhere, now she always carries them with her.

Or they are now protected with a password that you do not know. She has stopped showing you photos on her phone or leaving you alone with her phone so that you do not see even the slightest bit of secret correspondence. Husband and wife should have no secrets, shouldn't they? Now she even talks on the phone in another room.

Why do women cheat? Maybe she lacks attention from you or her heart has been conquered by a new lover. And now when the phone buzzes, she grabs it at the speed of the light and reads the message so that you do not see it. Why does it happen? Well, you should think about the reason. Chances are she is hiding something.

When you talk, they rock back and forth. The wife is changing before your eyes. Her behavior is now constrained and incomprehensible. If the husband asks for something, the woman answers vaguely or avoids the answer. She always carries a mobile phone with her. While talking on the phone, she goes to another room and speaks very quietly or she is constantly texting, and you do not know whom.

Did your wife begin to leave home often without warning or explanation of where she was going and who she had to meet with, and her strange night walks ended at friends? Try to tell the woman about your suspicions directly. Some wives immediately admit cheating because they are in the greatest emotional stress. Speaking honestly will be at least some way out of their current situation. And if she tries to find excuses or immediately serves you one that sounds like the story prepared and thought out in advance, you will notice it. She can be brilliant at hiding, but her eyes, nonverbal signs, and body will speak without words.

They're more focused on their appearance. Now she shaves her legs every day. Fitness is now in her schedule four times a week; she eats properly and as if radiates light from within. Are you sure she does this for herself and to look good for you? Maybe there is another man that has appeared in her life? Does she have that one sexy set of panties and bra that she was putting on only on your most passionate nights and now you notice her wearing it after she turns back home after work or night out with girls?

Why does it happen? Do you remember the time when you started dating? Your shirt was always perfectly ironed, your face shaved, and she was wearing a full glam. Now the same is happening in her life again. She is trying to impress someone. She wants to be beautiful to that person.

They're always on social media. At the beginning of a relationship, we seem to become dependent on communication. We have butterflies in the stomach from new messages, and the heart flutters at every new meeting. Of course, such feelings motivate you to send a hundred messages a day.

The incessant notification sounds can indicate that your woman has someone else to be texting 24/7 who is not you, especially if this didn't happen before. Further actions depend on what rules prevail in your relationship because if you have their phone password, you can safely check their “innocence,” but if your wife’s phone is protected by a password and a fingerprint (especially if it wasn’t before), we advise you to stay on alert.

The consequences of any type of cheating could have been avoided. It is for this reason that we need to restore trust, open up, become a real friend to our partner. Perhaps communication with them is limited to the phrases, “What's new?” “Nothing interesting,” and you have no one else to talk to or ask for advice. A banal situation.

Remember, emotions rule the world. The relationship begins with sympathy, the joy of meeting, the hope of reciprocity. We idealize the chosen one, create an imaginary perfect image of the family. But the month and years pass. It seems that after we have studied this issue to the details, there shouldn’t be any questions left.

There are so many different personalities around, and it is so easy to fall in love. You have entered marriage because you had your expectations but now, they seem to have been destroyed. The ground for emotional cheating is ready. Is it possible to avoid cooling and keep elusive happiness? How to return to the former sharpness, admiration, romance of your couple?

The recommendations are simple, effective, but they will only help couples with a lively mutual sense of love. You just need to be open about your feelings and always talk about them, in this case, there won't be any lack of attention, misunderstanding or boredom between you

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