How to Kiss a Ukrainian Girl Properly

Everyone knows how to kiss. I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s what. But doing it so that a girl liked it is a different thing. All ladies have their own preferences, so men have to find a special approach to each of them. And Ukrainian women are no exception. They need to be treated in a unique way, that’s why if you date a Slavic woman, she may not appreciate your attempts to kiss her.

So since Ukrainian girls are so popular among Western men, we decided to put up a guide for you to explain how to kiss a girl from Ukraine, what to do for it, and how to get a girl to kiss you. The answers to these questions are below, so go ahead and read them.


What kind of kisses Ukrainian girls prefer

Alright, let’s start with noting that you won’t find an ultimate answer to the question about the perfect time to kiss a Ukrainian girl. Some prefer gentle and short kisses; others, for instance, may not be too happy if you try to kiss them on the lips right on the first date. And some ladies would like to see active and decisive actions from their boyfriends, like passionate kisses.

Those, who date a Ukrainian woman, would probably tell you that it's better to finish the first date with a simple kiss on the cheek, especially if she agreed to meet with you again. And after the second or third date, you can try to kiss her on the lips. But the kiss should be full of tenderness and romance. So you should leave passionate French kisses for the time when your relationships get stronger.

For Ukrainian women, dating and kisses mean romance in the first place. Therefore, men need to know that kisses are not all. Before kissing a Ukrainian girl, you need to create the right atmosphere, invite a lady to an unusual place where you can be alone and enjoy each other's company. The most romantic kisses are those that lovers give each other in a certain moment when you feel a strong connection between you.Kissing

You also can’t tell what kind of kisses Ukrainian ladies prefer. Each girl loves doing it her way. Some of them enjoy a gentle touch of lips in a light kiss, others love passionate French kisses, and there are women who want their partner to kiss them on their lips, eyes, ears, cheeks, and other body parts.

But to understand what a Ukrainian girl expects from a kiss, what kisses she prefers, you need to improvise, trying different approaches. And by her response, you can determine what she likes, and what you should avoid.


How to get a Ukrainian girl to kiss you on the first date

Now let’s talk about kissing a Ukrainian woman on the first date and what to do not to mess everything up by the end of the evening.


Make preparations

As mentioned above, it’s better not to rush things out with a kiss and prepare for the moment. Sure, you may say: “What’s the big deal? It’s just a kiss” and so on, but for Slavic women, it means a lot. Besides, it was your decision date a Ukrainian girl, right? So deal with it.

First of all, to get the girl to kiss you, make sure that your breath is fresh. Who would like to kiss a guy whose mouth stinks like a garbage can, and we’re talking about the first kiss here. So brushing your teeth before the date is a must. It takes about a minute or two, but the result is worth such an incredible effort. And stay away from onions, garlic, and other kinds of food that leave a bad smell in your mouth for a while. And the last but not least, be sure to have a couple of mint candies or a chewing gum on hand.


Patience is a virtue

Even if you can’t wait to kiss a Ukrainian woman no matter what, try to be patient and stay away from doing something dumb. One serious mistake, and all your efforts to establish the relationship with your new girlfriend will be nullified. So if it’s not what you want, don’t rush things.

We already told you that, but there’s no need to kiss a Ukrainian woman on the first date. Okay, if you want it so much, at least wait until the evening is over. If you set the particular time for a kiss, you’ll become a bit calmer because this way you get the feeling that everything’s under control. And that’s great, as the less you’re nervous, the better your chances for a perfect kiss.

But you shouldn’t also wait for too long before kissing. Otherwise, a Ukrainian girl dating you may start thinking that you’re too shy or that you don’t like her. So set your goals, find the right place, and go for it.

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