Get Ready for a First Date: Tips for Guys


The real reason for the success of the date or its absence is not the place of your meeting and what you are talking about with the girl. Choosing your best outfit and adding a final touch with a cologne are actions that lie on the surface. There are other constituents of the first date checklist, deeper things that you should pay attention to before you arrange a date with a girl. We will try to give you a full “what to do on a date” guide following which you can totally succeed in getting ready for date night. Starting from appearance and finishing with treating the girl right so that she doesn’t think you only need sex from her – preparing for the meeting with someone you like and want to make impression on is a real art.

how to prepare for a date

Should You Be Thoroughly Prepared for a Date?

Every adult male dealt with this anxiety before the first meeting with a single girl online that they had met on the Internet or just a friend they intent to pick up. Even the most experienced man hates this disgusting feeling when you think that you will ruin everything, and you have only one chance out of a billion. Requirements are increasing from year to year, girls are becoming moodier, and men are less understanding. That is why you should definitely spend some time preparing for a first date. The anxiety caused by the first meeting with a girl is justified and completely normal while letting it control how you behave and neglect the proper preparation are not.

There is also a big difference between dating and hunting. The latter ends with the satisfaction of natural needs, when a real date that you arrange because you like a person is something more. And in order not to fail this important trial, you should listen to some practical advice and have a plan of action. Even if you are going to meet a girl from a single woman dating site and do not think this will grow into anything serious.

The first date is an important moment in the relationship between two people after all, almost like a wedding and a joint watching of the first season of Game of Thrones. And the girls take preparation for it especially seriously: she will put on the best shoes and dress, do her nails, hairstyle, and use the best perfume. She will wait for you to notice all of this and wants you to appreciate the work done. And if you come in all Adidas and without flowers, she will not see a brutal man in you but a man who hasn't prepared to meet her. After all, getting ready for a first date means you care for the person and want to leave a good impression.

Getting Ready for a Date: Appearance

The first date is an exciting and nervous event in 100% of cases. Look one hundred percent, do not get into trouble with aromas and outfits. To be at your best, you should comprehensively mobilize yourself.

Body. The least you can do to improve your appearance is to have a fresh manicure and pedicure. It is advisable for men too because women like men who look after themselves and if you do not grow a beard you have to take care of, there are not many things left that can form your overall image. Unless you are a man who uses natural makeup, the brightest part of your appearance and the detail that the woman will pay attention to first of all are your hands.

Hair. A real man can be wearing a T-shirt from the mass market, but his hairstyle should look as if he has just had a hair salon session with the country's best stylist. Visiting barbershops as soon as your hair starts looking a little more on the messy side is a huge plus for a man and a sign of status. Maybe it's time to update the image? The easiest thing you can do is to change something about your hair. Just do not experiment with this matter dramatically: if the girl has been invited by a smoothly combed young man and on the date, a completely bold stranger will great her on a meeting, she will be taken aback but not in the positive meaning.

how to get ready for a dateFace. It's time to visit the beautician. God forbid you to do any at-home procedure on the eve of the date! As even the most harmless ultrasound techniques leave marks on the face. Yes, men should take care of their skin too. It will look fresh and beautiful if you shave few hours before the date but use a fresh razor and soothing lotions as you do not want to be distracted by the thoughts of how badly your face itches as the girl will approach to kiss you.

Outfit. The choice of it will depend entirely on what your plans are. It’s better to immediately let the girl know too what format the first meeting will be held in. So neither you nor she comes to an expensive restaurant in jeans. Walking in the park in the evenings or visiting a cinema are occasions that do not require that formal style. But when we talk about going to the museum or attending a night party, preparing for a date of such kind will require some special choice of clothing. If you still decide not to spoil your surprise, there are several types of universal wardrobe. So, for example, ordinary pants with a nice turtleneck, shirt and/or jacket will look good in almost any situation. In combination with comfortable, but beautiful and stylish shoes, such outfits are suitable both for restaurant gatherings and for walking.

Shoes. When talking about the bottom part of your image, shoes are generally the first to catch our eyes when we meet a new person. From it, another can determine your financial capabilities, your taste, and even your character. In other words, if you wear sneakers on your bare feet, then a clever girl will make her conclusion based on this. Sneakers are a good option, and they are a part of most casual looks you may come up with, but the main thing that should be applied to any shoes is their overall tidy look and matching the rest of the clothes. That is why thinking about the shoes in advance should be a part of any date checklist for guys.

How to Prepare Emotionally for the First Date

In order for the first meeting with a girl to go well, you should gather information about the place where you are going: which positions are considered the best at this or that restaurant and which are the worst, will there be a free table at the right time or should it be booked in advance, etc. How to prepare for a first date? Of course, make a plan that you will follow (at least in your head) so that you feel relaxed and ready for the unpredictable circumstances. In other words, you need to have some clue about what you are going to do. Not a detailed scheme but minimum information. The easiest tip on how to prepare for a date is to give answers to the following questions:

  • When will the date begin and when will it end?
  • Where are we going?
  • What will we do there?
  • What will I do if everything goes wrong?
  • What will I do if everything goes too well? Do I have any options for today’s date to continue?
  • What is the approximate budget for a date and how much will I take with me?
  • What purpose do I set for myself on this date?

If you know the answers to all of these points, you are practically ready. Now let’s consider some more tips and advice. Choose a nice place you know. The first thing you have to do is to determine where you will go. If you are a beginner pick-upper and have not yet found a place where you can invite a girl and be 100% sure that everything will be cool, then you must definitely find it. Walk around the city, look at various institutions, visit them.

First of all, a good cafe comes to mind, where you can talk over a cup of tea or coffee; this should be a comfortable place with a minimum noise level. A spot where you feel almost at home. The location also plays a role, for example, a city center would be convenient. If you invite a girl to a remote club in the suburbs or a not well-known café situated far away, she can start suspecting you in having bad intentions towards her.

Prepare a list of conversation topics. Remember, people love to talk about themselves much more than listen. By listening to the girl, you will have the opportunity to assess the correctness of your choice and get to know her closely. What if she immediately declares that she cannot imagine life without some interesting activity or, let’s say, suddenly tell that she is addicted to BDSM. If you belong to the category of silent listeners, you do not even imagine how lucky you are. As women cannot stand men who talk more than they. How to get ready for the first date with a woman if she is not that open for communication? Think about where you first met, what things you have in common and listen to every detail she mentions, she will surely give you something you can stick to.

Don't focus on negative aftermath. While getting ready for a date, deal with the problems as they appear, do not rush with decisions. Think about the date as an occasion to wind down and have a good time even if it doesn't end well. Here are some questions to ask yourself to tune into a good mood:

  • Did your day start well?
  • How confident are you?
  • How high is your self-esteem?
  • How purposeful are you? How much energy do you have, both physical and emotional?
  • How charged are you with sexual energy?

Before meeting with a girl, it is desirable that all the “parameters” of your internal state are at their best. If this is not the case, then think about how to fix it. If you can’t fix it, reschedule the meeting for another day (you need to understand that a bad mood is guaranteed to lead to failure, no matter what modern seduction techniques you have).

Practice in front of a mirror. Women prefer self-confident men. This is an indisputable truth. Therefore, you need to behave accordingly and if you do not feel that inner power, you can try to mimic it in front of the mirror when you are alone. Also, be extremely polite and consistent, show that you are ready to take the initiative. Lady may be a little late, for a young man, this is unacceptable. Therefore, asses the time to be in place a little earlier.

Meeting the young lady, be sure to politely greet her. How to do this on a first date according to the circumstances? If you already know the girl well, you can give her a light kiss on the cheek. In other cases, just politely say hello, calling her by name.

getting ready for date nightOn the first date, you cannot do without compliments. Train to say them in front of the mirror so that you do not look away or get rosy when you repeat them to a girl in real life. Girls are always pleased to hear laudatory words addressed to them, especially since they spend a lot of effort preparing for the meeting. However, the compliment should not be trivial and vague. Instead of the banal, “You look great,” it’s better to say, “This hairstyle suits you.” So you make it clear that you notice a change in her appearance.

Some guys, to make a vivid impression, tell stories on dates that cause a lot of emotions. But you need to be careful, it's not worth complaining and talking about conflicts or other difficulties. About how the teacher caught you cheating in the 7th grade, about the last conflict with your parents or silly jokes of friends, you should better tell your friend about this. Focusing on the negative during a date is not the best way to make a meeting memorable. The girl wants to see in her boyfriend a strong person who is able to resolve issues in a positive manner. And after such stories, she is unlikely to want to meet with you again.

Be sure you had a few nice conversations with her before a date. Any person is pleased to talk about themselves. By asking leading questions, you can easily direct the conversation in the right direction. Of course, the girl will also want to know you better. So, get ready that you will have to tell a little about yourself or prepare the base for your first close meeting by having a few small talks in an informal atmosphere. Think about topics you can discuss on your first date in advance. This will avoid awkward silence. You can start a conversation with a fun story or a joke. If the girl recently did any interesting activity or traveled to another country, ask her to tell about it.

What questions to ask a girl on a first date depends on many factors. If you know little about her, it is better to start with the basic information: work, study, family, hobbies. Do not be too curious if you don't want to be considered impolite or obtrusive. It is undesirable to discuss past relationships with a girl, no matter her or yours. Talking about problems will also be not the best idea.

Calm your nerves. A person who wants to please tries to show themselves from the best side. However, do not try to pretend to be who you really are not. If you are seeing a girl for the first and last time, then your acting is meaningless. If the relationship continues, the truth will come out on the surface. Behave naturally, be sincere, it inspires confidence and helps establish relationships. If you're too worried, just be honest about it, maybe the girl feels the same way. In this case, your words will smooth out the general awkwardness.

Be nice and treat her like a friend. To show a woman some signs of attention you can act according to the etiquette. These rules are simple and familiar to many.

  • Pass the girl forward in the doorway, the exception is the elevator.
  • Give the lady a hand when leaving public transport. In the case with a passenger car, open the door, helping her sit down.
  • If you have to take off your outer clothing, take a lady’s coat and place it on a hanger.
  • Settling down at a cafe table, first help the girl by moving her chair back.
  • Such gestures will create your reputation as a gallant gentleman.

A self-sufficient man will not show excessive attention and think too much about any girl if she does not deserve his attention. Even without her, he feels great: he has something to occupy himself with, he already communicates with some girls and therefore, the value of one particular girl is quite low. A person appreciates what he has got with great difficulty more than what he received immediately.

In making a plan and deciding how to get ready for a date, your initial task is to determine how much you already want to start dating a girl. Because trying to leave a good impression and making efforts to be the best version of yourself should come from within, so be honest. Only in this case you will win the heart of the girl easily and be pleased with the result of preparatory work yourself.

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