Older Man Dating Younger Woman: a Comprehensive Guide


It is proved that relationships in which partners have some age difference are quite strong. Most men choose young girls. Yes, girls grow up faster than men – when boys play in a sandbox, girls already paint their lips and put on their mother’s shoes. The difference in age is not a problem in romantic relationships. Look around, and you will see that most guys meet single woman online and their ladies are younger than them because there is nothing wrong with having partners of different ages. Therefore, it is normal if you visit older man younger woman dating sites. You just have to know how to build relationships if your woman is quite young.

older man younger woman dating

Which Age Difference in a Relationship Is Acceptable If a Woman Is Younger

Most of us think that the best option for creating a family is the difference of 3-7 years old between partners, while the man should be older. That is why many young women seeking older man. It is believed that a man grows up not so fast comparing to a woman, so a difference of 5 years will make spouses almost equal. Also, it is proved that such partners have more children than couples of other differences in age.

However, American scientists have recently conducted a series of studies and found that the ideal age between a man and a woman is one year. Scientists also noticed that if the difference between a man and a woman is about 5 years old, then they are 18% less likely to get divorced than couples who have a difference in age of 10 years.

But don’t pay attention to such studies if you practice older man younger woman dating. If there are feelings between you, and you are confident in them, then it doesn’t matter how old you are. Not only age but also the level of education of partners and understanding of each other are of great importance. If a man and woman are on the same wave, and they have a lot in common, then such relationships will be quite strong and long-term.

Dating a Younger Woman: Pros and Cons

Age is not about the years you have lived but about how you feel physically, how you look and how you feel in the soul. Why are young women so good? First of all, a young girl will bring amazing emotions into your life. However, the stability of relationships should be mentioned as well. We will not say that a happy relationship is possible only with a mature woman since this is not so. In each case, the relationship develops according to its own scenario. However, problems between young girls and mature men may arise more often. So, check out all the dating younger woman pros and cons.

Main Pros of Dating a Young Girl

She doesn’t have past relationships. If a woman is young, then she hasn’t the past, which can negatively affect your relationship. She has fewer exes who can remind of themselves, less accumulated cynicism or bad habits over the years. The young woman is still able to change, at least in some little things.

She listens to you. Dating a woman 10 years younger, she is more likely to listen to the advice of her older boyfriend because he has objectively more life experience. A man will be a leader in such relationships.

She is young and beautiful. A young woman makes a partner younger, both physically and psychologically. On the one hand, the man takes care of his appearance and health more to match his girl. On the other hand, she brings vivid emotions and impressions into the man’s life that make him feel younger.

She will sincerely love you. Dating a younger woman, she will be proud to have met you, a real man who is just fine. A girl in this category believes that guys of her age can’t give anything. She is interested in men who have already achieved something in life, have extensive experience, and know how to communicate with a woman.

dating a woman 20 years youngerCons of an Older Man Dating a Younger Woman

She is influenced by her friends. At the beginning of the relationship, your main task is not only to be a fabulous prince for her but also to please her best friends. She wants you to be attentive, courteous, and faithful in their eyes. Otherwise, they will tell her that you are not the best man and, most likely, she will listen to them.

She is inexperienced in bed. Most young girls weren’t in a serious relationship. Of course, dating a woman 20 years younger, you can teach her a lot. But over time, she is likely to leave you to gain experience or at least think about cheating on you. This is inevitable. Moreover, you can likely be bored with being a teacher for her.

She doesn’t know what she wants. This is generally a typical female problem that men face dating a much younger woman. Now she wants to take over the world, and in a minute, she is going to cook chicken. At first, it may seem strange, but it is their nature. You can’t do anything with this.

She has high expectations from relationships. A girl will always expect more from the relationship than is happening. She is not yet ready to work on its construction and sincerely believes that everything should work out by itself. And she waits for more surprises! Sometimes it is very tiring.

Why younger women are dating older men

Everyone knows that girls grow up earlier than boys and especially during the puberty, they are not particularly interested in communicating with peers. They are more interested in talking with older guys because next to them, they feel more confident, but at the same time, more fragile. When they grow up, nothing changes, and they still want older boyfriends.

Their experience

A mature man attracts not only with a sense of security and wealth but also with his experience. He knows how to resolve a conflict situation without any unnecessary hysterics, can understand what can please or upset his life partner, more skilled in bed and understands that it is important not only to enjoy himself but also to be able to bring something good to his partner.

Their seriousness

Visiting younger woman older man dating sites, girls know in advance that they will feel more secure in a relationship with an older man. The attention and care of an adult man are ideal for girls who need guardianship and are eager to shift responsibility for different issues to the shoulders of a man. Most likely, these girls have a strong emotional connection with their fathers, so they are looking for a life partner who can compensate for the lack of paternal influence to some extent.

Their status

When creating a family with a man older than herself, a young woman doesn’t need to wait until he builds a career, buys a car and builds a house, unlike a young guy who is at the very beginning of his formation as a self-sufficient man. An adult man has a certain position in society and knows what exactly he wants to achieve.

Their lifestyle

Mature men are confident in themselves, know what they want from a relationship, and what efforts are worth making to create a strong family. Their behavior is not characterized by mood swings and spontaneity. They have already got experience in a long-term relationship or were married, so they have an idea of how to properly build a relationship with a young woman. Moreover, such men schedule their lifestyle so that they have time for relationships and different activities.

Rules of Dating a Much Younger Woman

A young girl will bring excitement into your life, fill it with impressions and make you live again in a frantic rhythm. She is not spoiled by life, poorly versed in men, has no burden of lovers and ex-husbands. For her, life is a game, and she learns it with you. She is young, beautiful, and a little naive. So, how not to spoil everything and what are the rules of a relationship when an older man is dating a younger woman?

Be gallant

Visiting younger woman older man dating sites and trying to find a girlfriend, you have to stand out from her slightly rude and arrogant peers. On a date, don’t forget to open and hold the doors in front of the girl, hold her hand or hug her with one hand. Real gentlemen are proud of their girls and love to appear with them where other people are.

Don’t behave like you know this life better

Your woman is many years younger than you, but this doesn’t mean that she is stupid and doesn’t understand anything in life. Yes, you have lived more and seen a lot. However, you shouldn’t reproach her or insist on something. She’s not a stupid doll who will do anything you say. She trusts you, so be a good role model for her.

Don’t control her

Of course, your young woman will sometimes want to spend time with peers, flirt with them, even compare you in bed. Unfortunately, youth doesn’t give a woman fidelity and wisdom. If you start to strictly protect her from communication with others, you push her to leave you. Since you have chosen a young one, put up with her immaturity.

Be confident in yourself

Even young girls can easily use their female charms on men, and they start making mistakes. Be confident in yourself. You are interested in her perhaps no less than she is in you, so don’t annoy her with your constant questions like, “Do you love me?” If a woman thinks that you are the best man in her life, she will be afraid of losing you.

dating a much younger womanControl the time of communication

If you don’t want her to become very close to you and start making plans for a joint vacation, control the time of communication. See her no more than once or twice a week. Young girls are very affectionate, and she can easily get carried away with you. Let her miss you a little, but not so much that she wants to “miss” in the circle of other men.

Love a girl, not her youth

Relationships can’t exist for many years if a man chooses a lady only for her appearance and age. Normally, people become older over the years. Sooner or later young girls will turn into those women who may not be interesting to a man who loves youth. If you like a woman for her appearance or character traits, then strong relationships will never be built.

Get ready for changes

When you try older man younger woman dating, you should remember that she’s young and her priorities quite often change. Be ready to accept her new ideas, thoughts, help her grow. Encourage her changes, even if you understand that it is dangerous. Support her regardless of who will be with her in a few years. For young girls, it is especially important to feel the support of their older boyfriends.

Diversify your sex life

Sex is one of the main trump cards of a man if he is older. But be sensitive in this matter. Knowing how to arouse attraction, don’t try to show all your experience – rediscover the delights of sex with her. This will give your partner confidence. And implement what you know gradually so that your sex life becomes diverse – this is one of the most important tips for a relationship when a younger woman dating an older man.

Give her freedom

All men, without exception, must learn this quality. In the case of a relationship with a younger woman, she mustn't become locked in a cage and suffer from the fact that something doesn’t work with a more experienced partner. She shouldn’t depend on you either financially or emotionally. Remaining self-sufficient, let your girl develop as well. She will be grateful.

Be a leader

Young girls choose guys older than them not just like that. They have less experience, and they are trying to learn from men what to do and what to avoid. Any woman loves when a man takes the initiative in his hands, allowing her to relax. This way, she feels like behind a stone wall.

If you visit an older man younger woman dating site, find a girl who attracts you not only with her bright appearance but also with her inner world. If you plan to be with her, then strive to create harmonious relationships that will make you and your girlfriend happy. In general, behave with a young girl according to the same principles that work for all women regardless of age. Just show your attractive masculine qualities, be yourself, and don’t set seducing as the first and main goal. Chat with the girl, find common ground, and smoothly move your relationship to another level.

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