13 Sure Signs She Misses You

Love is a bright and delightful feeling that helps a person to survive through difficulties and be constantly in high spirits. But everything can happen in life, and if two lovers have to be far away from each other, then this relationship will only give disappointment. When a woman says she misses you, everything is clear, and you should make her feel less lonely. But there are many ways to get an accurate answer to the question, "Does she miss me?" instead of entertaining yourself with illusions. Even if the girl doesn’t tell you anything, her actions can speak for her.

how to make a girl miss you

Every man wonders if his girlfriend loves and misses him. Women's deeds are sometimes unpredictable, that is why we say that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. Men are trying to understand women's logic and their actions about them. Sometimes it is impossible. Nevertheless, some of the signs may be taken into consideration.

  • She shows an interest in communication. She enjoys being around.
  • She gives you presents. Gifts are one of the signs of investing in a long-term relationship. A gift is a way to make something pleasant for your soul mate and one of the manifestations of feelings. Gifts bought with love carry the energy of happiness.
  • Girls are emotional, and when she shows her concern and empathizes, we can say with full confidence that the girl misses you.

Let's talk about how these signs will be manifested and how to make a girl miss you if you want to get her back.

Two Common Situations When She May Miss You

When you meet a single woman online, one day you will want to switch your communication for the real-life one and to do that, you will need to know how girls show that they miss you in a long-distance relationship. Another case when two people can long for each other is after a breakup. This one is already more difficult, and most exes choose to cease communication as soon as they finish the relationship. So, here are the two situations in which girls miss the guy.

You broke up

After such a crucial decision for a relationship, both of the couple members will be taken over with thoughts, longing, and sadness will overpower them. Parting is behind, she believes that over time the pain of separation will wear down, but it is becoming stronger every day. It’s especially heartbreaking to her if your breakup was terrible, you both said many unpleasant things to each other that now she cannot even imagine how to renovate your communication. Many women go through this, and many manage to get the men back.

Restoring connection with you, your ex-girlfriend may want to contact you, show hints concerning the presence of the past feelings and even say it straightforwardly. But you should be extremely careful in your actions and statements. At this stage, you can make communication more accessible if you want her back too. But do not be too open. You shouldn’t ignore her or pretend to be busy all the time, just as you should not sit and wait for her call. If you have been dating for long, the girl may know all your tricks and habits. Keep doing what you usually do. Chat with friends, meet real women, have a good time and be alert as your ex-girl can make a call that you should be prepared for.

You are temporary apart or have long-distance relationships

Relationships at a distance have a bad reputation. We are sure each of you will be able to recall a dozen such stories. And most probably not all of them have ended well. Because when being constantly isolated from each other, two people live in a state of current missing and thoughts about their partner. Not being able to hug, suddenly come to a person you love and hear their smell is devastating,

how to know if she misses you after a breakupAfter conducting a study among 600 people who had experience of long-distance relationships, psychologists have concluded that couples, where at least one partner had a strong attachment, were doomed. First of all, realize that from the very moment you say goodbye at the airport, you can no longer control anything. This is generally a bad habit even in regular traditional relationships.

But the reason why many people miss their partners in long-distance is that they are unable to control. They cannot choose when to see their lover, when to speak (if you have time difference), where to meet, etc. Any attempt to control reinforces anxiety, excites an unhealthy imagination, covers a veil of doubt and fear. And in the end, you have less and less energy, time and attention to love, so the only thing that helps you survive is a separation.

Your task is to establish a strong bond as any doubt creates micro-gaps. How to avoid this and what to do when a girl says she misses you? Be here and now, do not live in thoughts and dreams. Call your loved one, text each other throughout the day (Viber, WhatsApp, and iMessage allow you to do this for free), share everything that happens to you - both the chronicle of events and feelings.

How to Know If Your Girlfriend Misses You

It is sometimes quite hard to understand that the girl has already fallen in love with you and that strong spiritual bond begins to arise between you. But girls know many cute ways to say, "I miss you" and if you translate her hints right, you will always understand that a girl seeks your attention and wants you to respond.

She texts you often

You are on a business trip, and she constantly sends you meaningless photos, asks about your presentations and reports, not forgetting to inquire, "What is the weather outside?" That is one of the signs she misses you and is deeply in love. She just wants to continue the conversation, even when all the topics for communication have been used.

Or you saw a dozen of notifications on the phone about missed calls from her. She just wants to hear the sound of your voice. Isn’t it sweet? Furthermore, she gets quite mad when you do not pick up the phone or ignore texts.

She talks about her problems and asks about yours

She can share all her secrets with you, and she wants to do it. She seeks your advice in the moment of hardships, and you are the first to hear about all her little triumphs. What is more, she cares for your interests and even adapts to your schedule. One of the signs she misses you is that the girl understands when you are tired or hungry. She takes into account what you like and what you don't like. Now you will go to films that both of you like and order a food delivery that you approve of.

If your interests are now equal to her own, then you are an important person for her. Take a closer look if your girlfriend has become more attentive and respectful to you.

She talks about you with your common friends

When she doesn’t get enough attention from you, either because you are busy or she just doesn’t want to seem obtrusive, she will contact your friends. If she knows who you were hanging out with, she may reach out to them and ask how was your day. Or comment the photos of you and your friends on their pages as if reminding of herself, surely knowing that you will notice it.

Besides, she tells her friends about you. Even in the most ordinary conversation, which has nothing to do with you, she will mention how much you matter to her. Are her friends talking about high-speed cars? She will remember to state that you have something to do with it, for example, that you like speeding or even that you plan to get a driving license. Are they talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger? She will say that you love Brad Pitt more. Where is the connection? Do not look for it, she just thinks about you too often.

She sends you her nude pictures

It is another great way to remind of herself. If you are currently far away or even 2 days have passed after your last meeting, she will use every possibility to send you a horny pic. She will put efforts into it, think about the lighting, choose the most beautiful set of underwear or appear in complete nudity, but she will be doing her best for sure. So, do not get surprised if these pics randomly appear during your conversation, she has been trying so hard, and she will not wait for you to ask for them first. Because she misses you and wants you to feel the same way.

She makes a musical playlist special for you

If a girl loves you, she worries and takes care of you. She wants you to share your problems with her and have the same feelings that she deals with when you are not alone. You are a part of her life now.

How do you know if she misses you? Emotional investment is a very important and significant factor for girls. And one of the ways to pass your feelings and translate love is to make a playlist, especially of those particular "your" songs. Even if you had just a couple of dates, she remembers every song that was playing on the street and includes them into this nostalgic playlist.

She gets jealous

Naturally, as soon as the girl starts having feelings for a guy, she begins to be jealous. Perhaps she will try to hide this fact from you, but she will not succeed. How do you know if she misses you? Watch how she reacts to your communication with other girls. If she gets angry or upset, then she has feelings.

Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Misses You

how to make a girl miss youAccording to some absurd law of the universe, first couples break up and then begin to miss each other. Perhaps you too are looking at the photos of your ex, feeling sad. Or even cry in the evenings to the songs of James Blunt hoping to return everything. And if you are wondering whether she still has feelings for you, just keep your eyes open and try to detect these 7 signs your ex-girlfriend misses you in her behavior. If you notice them, this is a sure sign that your ex is also feeling lonely and wants you back.

1. Still alone

If your ex still loves you, then it is likely that she will avoid new relationships. At least for a while. And even if she went on dates with someone or had a short romance but tried to hide it from you, it was in order not to harm your ego. One of the reasons why it is important for her that you know about her status and why she will try to make you aware of it is because she is still hoping for a comeback.

2. Calls for no reason

How to know if she misses you after a breakup? If a girl wants to return to you, she will call more often than usual. And she will not need a special reason for this: just to hear your voice or discuss some kind of nonsense. Moreover, often in such conversations, you will notice melancholy with a hint of sadness in her words.

3. Pleasant memories

If your ex constantly finds a reason to mention those times that you were together, then she misses them. The day of your first date, your favorite vacation spot - all these memories are still dear to her. Therefore, she often talks about them. Even when she says she misses you; she will try to hide it and explain that she misses your time together, but we all know what she means.

4. She knows about all your affairs

When a girl misses you, she will be interested in your life, even if you are not nearby. Moreover, thanks to social networks, this is not difficult. Therefore, if you have not seen each other for a long time, and at a meeting, it turns out that she knows everything about your affairs, do not be surprised. Better think about whether you want to return her because she wants it.

5. Self-flagellation

Another sign of regret about breaking up is talking about the mistakes of the past that she made in a relationship with you. If your ex is trying to show remorse or that she has changed for the better, it makes it pretty clear that she is waiting for a second chance. These conversations usually are ended with words about past love and how well you felt together.

6. Request for help

Of course, there is a possibility that you are just being used. But often, when a girl asks you to come to repair a tap, to nail a shelf or move a sofa, she is looking for a reason to meet with you. Especially if, in the search for an assistant, she ignores the contacts of all the other men she knows.

7. Sensitivity

When an ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you, she is most vulnerable to your actions. You are no longer together, and any ambiguous word on your part can be interpreted negatively. The way you treat her is important, and even your indifference can cause her resentment. This also includes her jealousy towards your new friends, especially girls.

How to Make a Girl Miss You

The success of almost any seduction is based on the art of making a girl think about you. After all, the more she thinks about you, the more your image penetrates her consciousness, and she, without noticing it, falls in love with you. By the way, this is something akin to a marketing strategy. And many successful businessmen will surely confirm: if the advertising works well and gets into people’s minds, then sales will inevitably grow, even if the product does not represent any good for a person. So, how to translate this marketing into real life and make her miss you?

1) Take some "me" time

Even if you care about each other, love and communicate for some time, it’s still reasonable to give each other some space to be alone. Regardless of whether you have one hour every day or one day a week to spend together, you must make a plan to find time for yourself. Try to get the benefits out of your loneliness and do not appear in her life too often. As a result, she will be happy when she sees you again. After you try this, you will feel a surge of strength and energy, and you will always be happy when you see each other.

2) Have a good time with her

If you want someone to miss you, a great plan is to be proactive and make memories for them. If she barely realizes that you simply exist, then how can she miss you? Arrange your beloved a bunch of unforgettable dates and give her a lot of unusual impressions, which she will remember for a long time. You can try to take her to a fashion show or make an unexpected gift. You can go to a concert together or attend a party with her. Or you can even have a romantic picnic in the park.

when she says she misses youYou do not have to pay a lot of money on dates to make a great impression. When you show her how to have a great time just in the company of each other, she will miss you as a person and see that in the future, you two will have enough time to spend together.

3) Don't talk for too long

Regardless of whether you live together or not, for many couples talking on the phone may be a necessity. This helps you understand each other. Nevertheless, doing this every day can give your girlfriend very little time to miss you if you are always available to her. Show a girl that you are interested in her, but your world does not revolve around her.

4) Do not despair if the girl does not miss you

You do not need to immediately answer her phone calls. As a rule, you should wait a minute or more to call her back. At the same time, do not act as if you do not care. If she thinks you just don’t care about her, she will just give up because of thinking you do not need her. If you meet each other daily for several days, it is quite normal that she will ask you to give her a day-off so that she can keep up with her other plans.

Just let her know that you are busy too, not making her feel that you are avoiding her. Otherwise, she will assume that you are not interested in her, and she may leave you.

5) Stop chasing her everywhere

There are many social networks besides text messages and telephone conversations that help keep the couple in contact. From texting or talking on the phone to video calls on Skype, we have many ways to stay in touch with our second halves. So, please, do not use all the possible ways to reach out to her if she doesn’t answer. You need to be careful not to look like you are chasing her. Offer her some time. That way she will miss you.

To miss the person you love is one of the hardest feelings that makes you forget about all your daily grind plans, it does not let you focus on important things or even prevents from sleeping at night. That is why when you notice that your beloved seeks your attention, try to give her more love and cut out some time to meet or at least talk. In case you cannot do it at the moment, simply explain why you may be busy but never ignore a girl that opens her heart to you.

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