How to Start Dating After a Breakup: a Guide for Men

Misunderstanding, betrayal, quarrels can destroy relations between a man and a woman. New relationships after the breakup seem impossible due to a lack of trust in the opposite sex, unforgettable grievances, and fear of repeated betrayal. To get family happiness, you need to move on.

Pain is a natural consequence of a breakup. People regret the time spent on a single woman dating site, a relationship, and they are deeply disappointed in their exes. As a result, apathy appears, mood deterioration is observed, and depression may develop. After the breakup, you still need to live on. After the emotions and resentment subsided, you can think about how to start new relationships. It is quite possible to find new true love.

what to do after a breakup

How Soon Is Too Soon to Start Dating After a Breakup

Wondering when you can meet real women, it all depends entirely on the man and how dear his woman was to him. To quickly deal with the breakup, you need to realize that this person is forever in the past and engage in self-development. As soon as the man realizes that his life is interesting, rich and happy, it will be possible to start a new life. So, how long does it take to get over someone? This will take at least 3 months. During this time, new habits will appear, and the rhythm of life will change. If you continue to worry, it will take a lifetime to let go of this relationship.

But dating after a breakup too soon, you close the door back. Perhaps you shouldn’t rush things. Spending time with a new partner doesn’t allow us to overcome the breakup and draw conclusions from the mistakes of the past. In a fresh relationship, we can’t fully sense how the impasse of emotional devastation is replaced simply by sadness. A clear understanding of who is needed for happiness will not come.

Sometimes, it’s hard to fully understand whether it is “replacement” or new feelings. When people consciously choose partners they don’t love, arguing, “Since great love turned out to be a lie, then what difference,” this also doesn’t end with a happy end.

Firstly, How to Move on After a Breakup?

The first feelings after breaking with your loved one are shock, pain, loss. This is a normal state of a person losing something important. But life doesn’t stop when you break up, and you will understand this if you take your mind off suffering.

1. Burn bridges

So, how to move on after a breakup? If you decide to leave, it is best to reduce communication to zero. You can communicate if you want in the future. But now you just need to burn bridges. And it will be very difficult to realize that you broke up if you continue to talk on the phone or meet with mutual friends, go somewhere together. An immediate breakup is preferable to a painful and slow one. Remove all contacts so that you don’t make a mistake in the moment of weakness. If it is impossible to completely stop communication, then reduce it to the necessary minimum.

when to start dating after a breakup2. Use anger as fuel

Enormous energy is inherent in anger. So, how to get over a girl using it? You just have to direct it in the right direction. Squat with a barbell in the gym or do any other sport. You can learn something new or change a job, start a business. Let at first it will be a desire to prove to her that she has missed a wonderful man. But doing something new, you can overcome the pain of the breakup and also get bonuses in the form of a healthy toned body and excellent job.

3. Don’t start new relationships

The most important thing is not to rush into a new relationship immediately after breaking up with someone you love. Of course, you really want to feel needed, but a wounded soul needs time to recover. When you live through all the stages of the breakup, admit your mistakes and draw conclusions, it will become easier for you. You will get some useful experience. And the burden of past relationships can no longer prevent you from meeting a girl with whom you will have real, mutual, and happy love.

4. Say goodbye to the past

Any strong emotions are an indication that the pain has not yet been lived to the end. The moment you forgive both your ex and you, it is time to finally say goodbye to your past. This is the most difficult stage – when you realize that this is the end, there will definitely be nothing more. There is no hope of reunification, and you understand that you need to move on without it, even without thinking about it.

5. Accept it

How to get over someone you love? To understand how to overcome a breakup with your woman, it is important to accept this fact itself. You broke up, and this can’t be changed. Don’t have false hopes. It makes no sense to think that you could fix the situation. Relations are always about two people. It is important to understand your mistakes so that next time, with another girl, everything is done differently. Your past remains in the past.

6. Start doing something interesting

What to do after a breakup? First of all, after the break, you need to stop reproaching yourself and let go of heavy thoughts. Time will help. Gradually, the realization will come that even if you broke up with a girl, life goes on, and everything is not so bad. There are many interesting activities besides the relationship between a guy and a girl. It is worth recalling for all your old hobbies and preferences. It will take no more than a month to restore emotional balance.

Am I Ready for Dating After a Breakup? 3 Sure Signs

Many people sincerely believe that new relationships can cure them of painful separation or loneliness. Psychologists say that you need to start a new relationship wisely, after some time, to have time to prepare for them. But how to understand that the time to find new love has come? It is important to pay attention to the following signs.

You don’t recall her

You no longer visit her page in social networks, don’t look at your joint photos, and don’t buy coffee in “your favorite” cafe precisely because there is a chance to meet her again. And even after the craziest party or just at the end of the loneliest evening, you don’t look for a familiar number in the phone’s notebook.

You look at women with an interest

Moving on after a breakup, you are no longer bothered by the thought that you will have to talk about yourself and find out everything about another woman by going on a date with her. On the contrary, this prospect is of interest. This means that after the breakup, you had enough time to change your thoughts and start dating new women again.

You start looking into the future

You realize that living without love is even worse. Somewhere in the depths, you know for sure that a suitable girl will appear sooner or later, and this is amazing. Does anyone really want to live without love? Love is in the air: your friends love you, your family loves you, your dog loves you. Past troubles taught you to be responsible for your own happiness and helped you look in the future. And you are grateful for that.

Dating After a Breakup Rules

dating after a breakup rulesSometimes to start a new relationship after a sad experience can be quite difficult because many are closed in themselves and deny the need to believe other people and become happier. But time goes by, and you will have to start a new relationship sooner or later and maybe even create a family in the future, but you will have to work on yourself. It is much easier to say that nothing works out in your personal life and stop changing something. But you have to try to start a new relationship adhering to some rules.

1. Be calm and don’t rush

Instead of enjoying solitude, guys and girls often impose the need to date again. If you think that you will calm your grief by speeding up this process, then you are mistaken. The beginning of a new relationship after a breakup shouldn’t be too fast and spontaneous. Continue the old way of life, meet friends and new people – this is what you should do after the breakup. How to start dating again? Don’t force yourself to date someone if you are not ready yet. Give yourself a few months off if you think you need it.

2. Relax and allow yourself to be happy

When to start dating after a breakup? When you are ready for this. Many are trying to compare their personal happiness with the criteria of other people, but this is wrong. Everyone has their own world, feelings, and preferences, so allow yourself to choose. Be happy from the way you see your new relationship after breaking up, and not your friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Only you know what you need for happiness. If you like older women, so don’t listen to anyone – this is your choice and your preference. If you prefer women of eastern appearance, then no one should stop you from becoming happier.

3. Don’t be demanding

After a failed relationship, you will definitely gain experience and begin to form a certain set of expectations from the future partner. Although it’s great to learn from past mistakes, you shouldn’t set too high hopes from new meetings. There’s a fine line here between being choosy and too demanding for women. You don’t have to compromise but, at the same time, don’t start dating if some woman doesn’t fit the portrait of your ideal partner. Just communicate with women without any expectations.

4. Use dating sites

How to start dating? Online dating is a good way to start a new relationship after a breakup, especially if you find it difficult to communicate in real life, or you are experiencing some difficulties due to the recent breakup. In this case, you can freely communicate with the person until you feel comfortable to start something more serious. Just register on popular dating sites and start dating. You can meet a woman from a completely different city. And if you realize that everything is going well for you, you can visit her. A change of scenery and a new city will allow you to quickly forget your ex.

5. Love yourself

Remove all bitterness from your mind and pain from your heart. Keeping bad memories of the past won’t help you. Don’t blame yourself for the breakup. Accept that your past love is over, and you must move on. Become open to new changes in life. Nothing will help you if you don’t accept the situation and blame yourself and your partner. Yes, such situations are really unpleasant, but they shouldn’t take away your happiness and ruin your life.

Now you are a different person, and you will begin a new happy life dating after a breakup! Think of this as a motivation for a new meeting. You only need to overcome depression and insecurity. Then you can again believe in your strength and become happy!

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