Top 7 Qualities of a Good Woman for Marriage

Quite often, marriage serves as a means to achieve personal goals: to give birth to children or to avoid loneliness, to provide for yourself financially, or to have the exclusive right to have a relationship with someone you want. Sometimes people get married because they are afraid that they will be alone. But is this how it should be? Why marry someone to get something that you can get without marriage?

Most people get married because they found a perfect partner with whom they want to spend the whole life. Nowadays, many people meet ladies online searching for the perfect one. In this article we are not only going to provide you with the answer to your question, “How to know she's the one to marry,” but also we will show you signs she's the one.

how to know she's the one to marry

Am I Ready for Marriage? A Quiz

Living together means having plans, worries, hugs, kisses, conflicts, passion, and reconciliations 24 hours a day. Are you sure that you are ready to live with someone and share with this person everything you have? This is why before telling you how to know you found the one to marry, we are going to give you a small quiz that will allow you to understand are you ready for marriage or not. If you have no girlfriend yet and you are reading this article only because you dream about marriage, then you definitely should try to meet girls now.

Rules of the quiz: add one plus each time when you agree with a statement in our quiz.

1. You understand that now there is no place for selfishness in your life, and you are ready to compromise and take into account the interests, tastes, and characteristics of your partner.

2. When you listen to stories about how your friends have fun, meeting nice people, or fooling around in the company of girls, you don’t envy them. You are glad that you have a serious relationship, and don't miss the times of careless freedom.

3. You know what kind of person you need and what you expect from your future together.

4. When you think about your future, your current partner in these fantasies is a part of your life. And it pleases you.

5. There is an emotional connection between you. You can easily tell how your partner is feeling right now, even if you are very far from each other.

6. You have other close people, not only your future wife. If she is your only friend, then every quarrel will seem like the end of the world.

7. You don't hide your shortcomings and weaknesses from each other. You are always ready to be there to support her when she is sad, and she is eager to do the same for you.

8. If you have good or bad news, your partner will be the first to hear them from you.

9. You don’t yearn for a past love. You can’t think of anything worse than getting married just because you want to forget someone. You are ready for marriage if you live in the present and future, but not in the past.

10. You have no hidden grievances, at least concerning your potential wife. If you are going to spend the rest of your life together, but something bothers you in your relationship, it is better to try to find out and settle it from the very beginning.

11. You trust her. You don’t expect that one day she will intentionally betray you.

12. You are not tormented by the question of whether she loves you or not. You know that your feelings are mutual.

13. You both don’t really care if you cannot afford the wedding of your dreams. Even if you don’t have any wedding at all, you will still be happy to get married.

14. You feel confident and believe that you have already achieved something important in your life.

signs you should marry herThe Key to the Quiz

If you scored from 1 to 6 pluses, then you are completely not ready for marriage. You still value or own personal freedom more than anything else, or haven’t met someone special yet.

If you scored from 7 to 10 pluses, then it means that you are pretty ready for marriage. But still, you need to work on some aspects of your relationships.

If you scored more than 10 pluses, it means that you are completely ready to get married, talk to your partner about this as soon as possible, because there is no reason for you to put off your happiness.

General Signs of a Good Woman for Marriage

We hope that our small quiz helps you understand if you really want and ready to get married. But if you are not sure yet that your current girlfriend is a perfect one to marry, or still searching for one, and want to search for signs she is the one, then the next part of this article has been written exactly for you. Because you will learn the main signs of a good woman. You can compare your girlfriend with those signs, to find an answer to your question, “Should I marry her?”

She wants to build a family

Nowadays, many girls dream about careers and other stuff that usually is opposed to building a family. As you may have guessed, it is not the best idea to marry those girls because they will easily sacrifice your family for the sake of their goals. This is why it is crucial to find a girl who will share the same life values with you. If you share the same values with your current girlfriend, then this is a clear sign that you don’t have to be afraid to marry her. If you are still searching, then don’t rush your search, sometimes finding a perfect partner takes a lot of time, but the result won’t disappoint you.

She is faithful

Creating a family is, first of all, about creating an alliance. It is very important for people who decided to marry to trust each other. A small betrayal can easily destroy any relationships. Of course, dating an unfaithful girl won’t harm you, but marrying her will be the biggest mistake in your life. A faithful woman will never even think about betraying her partner if something is wrong. She will express all her concerns and problems with you right into your face. But not because she wants to hurt you, but because she values you and relationships with you.

She should take difficulties

Remember, you can’t have a truly strong marriage with someone who is not ready to withstand difficulties. Those people usually expect that their partners will easily resolve their problems. They simply are not adapted to hard work. Thus, you can’t rely on those people because they will always blame you for not solving some problems. This is definitely not what you expect from your closest person in this world. Married people act as a team when they face problems. They both do the best they can to make sure that their happiness is secured.

She doesn't try to change you

The biggest mistake that a person in love can do is to expect that his or her partner will change. If you sincerely believe that marriage will change something between you, then you are terribly wrong. Marriage won’t solve your problems since it is just a way to multiply your current conditions. Thus, if you are happy now, then the marriage will multiply your happiness, if you have problems, then I think that you have already guessed what will happen. Happy couples don’t want to change each other. We are not talking here that they stop developing. No, people always should go further. We should learn new things, gain new positive habits, and so on. But don’t expect that your partner will like playing games after your marriage if she has never liked doing that before.

She is smart

There is a tendency that weak men search for women why play dumb because it is easier for both of them to live this way. But if you always choose the easiest way, then don’t be surprised that you are not going to achieve anything. Thus, marrying a smart woman is the best way to be sure that you both will develop and go further because a smart woman will never marry a simple-minded man. So you shouldn’t too. Remember, the best marriages are made between equal partners.

She knows how to balance work and home charges

This is definitely not the main factor in the list of signs you should marry her, but still a very important one. If a person can’t balance his or her work and home charges, then your life may turn into a nightmare. Of course, it is not always possible to do this. In this case, you, as a partner, and a husband should help her. But if this happens regularly, and she constantly fails to find a balance, then you should definitely talk to her about this problem. In a perfect world, we would recommend you seek someone who can easily be effective in both those things. But in the real world, we advise you to pay attention to this fact and be ready to help.

How to Know She's the One to Marry

For example, you have been dating a girl for a couple of years, you feel just awesome together, but you still suffer from doubts because you have no idea how to know if you want to marry her. This is a very common situation. So, don’t worry, you are not the only one who googles, “When you know she's the one.” Some people even search for signs she wants to marry you, expecting that they will be able to shift the responsibility to her. Of course, this is a mistake. We are going to provide you with several signs that you should marry your girlfriend immediately.

1. You don’t have any secrets

Yes, you don’t have to share every secret of your life. You can avoid mentioning some insignificant facts of your biography that took place before the beginning of your relationship. People usually hide small things about their lives because they don't want to offend a very jealous partner. And you don’t need to detail all the minor squabbles at work or retell conversations that you had with your friends. But you both definitely should know the most important facts about each other.

signs she wants to marry you2. You feel that you are more than lovers

You feel that your girlfriend is not just your lover, but a soulmate with whom you can share all your problems and doubts, because you know that she will always be there to help you and will always be on your side. In fact, you may share the same emotions.

3. You no longer need to impress each other

Humans are very social creatures, and this explains why we want to draw the attention of someone we like. The same happens with lovers at the beginning of their relationships. They do everything to impress each other. But after some time, you don’t need to constantly impress your partner because you already have his or her attention. Now you are on a completely different stage of your relationship.

4. Your intimate life has become calmer, but no less enjoyable

Perhaps in bed, you are no longer as emotional and unrestrained as at the dawn of a relationship, but you are comfortable with this person, you don’t feel embarrassment or inconvenience in general, everything suits you. If everything completely satisfies you, you have studied each other’s habits, you know all the erogenous zones, you know about your partner’s preferences and taboos in bed, and this suits you, then don't hesitate you have found your soul mate.

5. You trust each other

Trust is the cornerstone of a long-lasting relationship. The absence of jealousy for a loved one doesn’t t mean that you no longer love her or that her life doesn’t interest you, but only that you both trust each other. Remember, trust is not an unconditioned reflex inherited from our birth, it is a matter of time and often great effort. When you trust your partner, you don’t suspect treason when other men call her, you can easily have separate friends and can easily go on business trips to other cities and countries.

6. You are always in touch

Often trust comes from the fact that you always know where your partner is at the moment, what she is doing, and with whom she is. You are constantly in touch via correspondence, phone calls. Moreover, this is not a one-way connection, when someone alone bothers with his importunity, the reason for which is most often the aforementioned jealousy. Consulting with each other about making decisions or making purchases during the day is a sign that the opinion of the partner is important to you.

7. You often say "we" instead of "I"

A person usually begins to think with the category “we” when he or she is seriously thinking about spending his or her life together with someone. Other people see this, they invite you to various events and meetings as a couple, and not separately. You prefer to spend Friday evening with your loved one, and not with friends somewhere in the club, you plan your future together, buy things together, and perhaps even take a joint loan for something expensive and significant. This means that you have already begun to live as a family.

We hope that now you won’t have to google something like, “How do you know she is the one?" because you already know the answer to your question. Don’t be afraid to wait for the right person to appear in your life. But you can’t simply stay at home waiting when a perfect girl will knock on your front door. You have to be active and open to new possibilities and people. When you will finally find a perfect girl and will understand that is she the one, don’t hesitate, surround her with your love and care. Don’t wait for the perfect time to propose because it will never come.

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