7 Tips on How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous


It is not so difficult to make a girl jealous – a man just should use proper methods at the right time. Perhaps, you don’t know how to approach the girl you like because she does not notice you, and the friend zone has become a place of your habitat. Thus, you decided to provoke jealousy to arouse interest in yourself. What a canny move!

Or it is the opposite. You have been dating a girl for quite a long time, everything is going well in your relationship, but the spark of passion has gone down. And so, you decide to revive your romantic relationship. One way or another, this article will be useful to you. There are some well-tried techniques and insightful tips on how to make a girl jealous.

how to get a girl jealous

Why Sometimes You Need to Make a Girl Jealous?

People try to cause jealousy of a loved one for various reasons. Some want to increase their self-esteem, others try to attach a loved one in such a way, and still others just check the feelings of a beloved. But why do you need to cause jealousy of a partner? Why would a guy try to make a girl jealous?

Return passion into the relationship. The main desire of women is to please a beloved man, to be loved and desired. For this, they are ready to dress up for hours and go shopping all day long. In a long-term relationship, your girlfriend may stop trying to attract you. But if a girl suspects the appearance of another woman in the life of her man, she wants to strengthen her “female charms,” and this will increase the level of passion in your relationship. Your importance in her eyes will increase. Your girlfriend will see that you are not a conquered peak, but a man she needs to win over again and again. The risk of loss increases your value. You can confirm this fact by registering on a man and woman dating site.

Steps How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

There is an opinion that jealousy is the main sign of love. The representatives of the weaker sex are often very jealous by nature, so it will not be very difficult to cause this feeling in your girlfriend. Moreover, we have prepared 7 useful tips on how to get a girl jealous.

1. Leave the room during telephone conversations

The mystery is fresh ground for the female imagination. If you add an element of secrecy to your relationship, it is already a reason for a girl’s jealousy. The easiest way of making a girl jealous is not to meet single female but just to go out of the room during telephone conversations. It cannot be considered a clear cause for jealousy, but it exactly the thing that maintains some intrigue and raises suspicions in a girl. If you do this more than once, the girl will surely be interested in the personality of your interlocutor. To enhance the effect, try not to go into details when discussing the conversations. Answering the question, “Who was it?” you can say “Just an acquaintance.”

2. Go off the radar for 2-3 days

Turn off the phone, log off the social networks, arm yourself with patience, and wait. This method is perfect for the first, initial stage of a romantic relationship. You are interested in each other, have mutual sympathy, and suddenly – you disappear, do not write a girl or get in touch. And at such a moment, the girl does not know what to think, she is afraid that you have found another girl, and thus, decides to wait for you and get you at any cost. A lot of strong and long-lasting relationships have started this way. A little panic, anxiety, and growing romantic feelings give such a reaction – the decision to be together.

signs a girl is jealous3. Change the daily regimen and start to work late

This technique is good for a long-term relationship. If you usually come home at the same time, sudden delays at work will cause suspicion in your girlfriend. Thus, your beloved will give you more attention and appreciation.

4. Set passwords on your laptop and phone

One of the best ways to make a girl jealous is to limit her access to all your gadgets. Not understanding what you are hiding and why you set passwords, your girlfriend will think that you have another woman. If your relationship is not so close yet, you can hide some of the information on your profile page of a social network in the privacy settings.

5. Praise another girl

This may be a new colleague at work or just a simple incident acquaintance. Try to praise this woman in a conversation with your girlfriend. Tell her that this girl is smart, interesting, has a cool hairstyle, etc. However, do not say all these courtesies at once, choose just one compliment. If you become obsessed with this method, your girlfriend may begin to consider the stranger as a potential rival, and you do not need this. Your chosen one should feel safe and at ease.

6. Start chatting with another girl

Social networks can also help you make a girl you love jealous. It is advisable that the girl does not have any information about your new interlocutor. Then your beloved will begin to ask questions, and the crazy director in her head will begin to play out different scenarios. The point is not in what your girlfriend finally comes up with, but in that her thoughts will be occupied by you all the time.

7. Flirt with other women in front of your girlfriend

This is a dangerous technique, and you need to use it only in rare cases. At the same time, it should be a very gentle dalliance. For example, you can pay a compliment to the beauty of another girl. This method works well in different stages of romantic relationships.

By causing jealousy in such a way, you can see for sure whether your beloved is really interested in you. If she does not even pay attention to your flirting, and nothing has changed in her actions, it means your girlfriend is indifferent to you. But if the girl carefully watches you and grows gloomy, looking at how you speak with another woman, be sure – she likes you.

Things to Avoid When You Want to Make Your Girl Jealous

Nobody likes the feeling of jealousy, so you need to be very careful when making a girl experience this unpleasant emotion. If you go too far, this can lead to serious relationship problems. To prevent negative consequences, you should adhere to some basic rules. Therefore, do not start:

Ignoring her completely

You do not need to distance yourself from your beloved girlfriend, ignore her, and make her nervous for too long. Aggravation of the situation does not contribute to creating a healthy and romantic atmosphere in a relationship between a man and a woman.

Cheating for real

All romantic relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. You can make your girlfriend jealous, but do not try to cheat on her in real. After all, betrayal can destroy any, even the strongest relationship. In such a way, you will not cause jealousy in the girl you love but only lose her confidence.

Insulting her

You should always react to the outbursts of jealousy of your girlfriend to assure her that your romantic feelings are real and genuine. There is no need to become obsessed with this dangerous game. When your behavior strongly insults your soul mate, you can lose her forever.

How to Tell If a Girl Is Jealous and You Did Everything Right

It’s not enough just to make your girlfriend jealous, you also need to keep track of whether the chosen tactic is working well. To do this, you should carefully monitor the changes in the behavior of the girl. Even if your beloved does not want to show her jealousy, there are some obvious signs that she is very possessive towards you.

jealous womanPeriodic detachment in a relationship

If your girlfriend is very jealous, she periodically becomes detached and remote in the relationship. So, your beloved manifests resentment and discontent and makes attempts to manipulate you. The chosen one may not explain the reasons for her sudden change of behavior – this is a kind of passive aggression. But you can notice a consistent pattern. For example, jealousy makes itself felt immediately after you talk on the phone with a representative of the opposite sex or when return home later than usual.


Increased irritability of a girl is a sign of passive aggression that is difficult to control. If you already managed to make the chosen one nervous, but she does not demonstrate her true feelings, you can determine the presence of jealousy by the irascibility of your girlfriend. Suspicion in cheating is a main cause of anger, but if there is no good reason to make claims and accusations, the outbursts of girl’s irritability may be manifested towards the whole spectrum of life situations. Any little thing can make your girlfriend mad if the chosen one cannot get past the idea about her competitors. From the side, it may seem that the reason for such irritability lies in something else, but in fact, it is the result of jealousy that torments the woman you like.

Frequent calls

If you make your girlfriend jealous, prepare for the tighten control on her part. Your beloved will annoyingly make her presence felt in every imaginable way. For example, a jealous girlfriend will begin to call you more often, just to find out where you are, how your things are, and who you are with. These are the signs that the woman is jealous and not indifferent to you. But you need to be careful because this can develop into a real catastrophe and frequent squabbles.

She requires increased attention

Your girl begins to feel the presence of competitors and immediately tries to make sure that you give most of the attention to her and that you do not even have a mere minute to think about someone else. Your beloved can act defiantly, for example, call you at the most inopportune time with different requests for help. The girl may begin to impose her presence when you want to go to a bar with friends. When thinking about how to make your girl jealous, you should be ready to assure her that there is no reason for concern to avoid temper outbursts and excessive pretensions.

Aggression towards other women

When a guy is popular with ladies, his girlfriend gets a little nervous. If, in addition, the man gives cause for jealousy, aggression against potential competitors is inevitable. A jealous woman can be overly meticulous about other representatives of the weaker sex, criticize them in the presence of her beloved man, or even provoke quarrels. Therefore, if you notice that your girlfriend starts treating other women badly and getting peeved at them, it is one of the most obvious signs a girl is jealous.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes jealousy indicates egoism and egocentrism and can be a sign of toxic relationships. But if it is a healthy feeling, then the consequences will not be devastating. Jealousy heightens the interest of a beloved girl, returns passion and freshness to the relationship, and increase the importance of a person in the eyes of a loved one. Follow the above-mentioned and you will definitely succeed in making your girlfriend jealous.

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