How To Find A Wife Online: Complete Guide To Online Dating Success


“How to find a wife online” is a search query that has been on the rise ever since the dawn of the internet. Many men world over find the adrenaline in the search process pretty satisfying. And, modern data science truly allows providing amazing match results based on several criteria vital for users of various forms of dating services. Below let’s consider the pros and cons of online dating as well as the top practices of the wife searching process and the best places to find a wife.

find a wife online

Why do millions of men keep failing to find a wife for years?

When it comes to wife-hunting, it takes too many men too much time, money, and effort. On the surface of it, it should be a pretty easy mission to achieve with all the millions of single ladies world over, but when it comes to real life, millions of single men struggle to find THE one time after time again. So why is it that such a “mission impossible” for men?

The Syndrome of learned failure

First men try to find a partner off-line, in real life. Then after a few setbacks, they lose confidence and grow increasingly shy. Each of the failures just plunges them into low self-esteem more and more. In the end, they don't have the guts even to try, as they felt hurt too many times.

Too high standards for wife material

OK, this one is a bit sobering really. Because all humans tend to think of themselves as the best thing since sliced bread. Truly. We all have a very biased opinion of ourselves. Positively biased. We always look in the mirror with our pink glasses on.

Once you start looking at what you are without any subjective filters, you may actually lower your standards a bit and open a path to a happy marriage. Ask your friends and close relatives who they think might be a perfect life partner for you – let them describe the personality. Yes, such an exercise may put their filters on, but the main thing your filter is out of the equation.

You might be looking in the wrong places

Once too many times men limit themselves to the shop, they know best from childhood. They keep going there and keep finding the same things at the same prices. They are limited to the assortment and ways of that shop. Imagine, if this shop is located in the Alps in the expensive hood with millionaire villas and chalets in the proximity. Only rip-off expensive stuff is on display, but you kinda got used to it as the only norm.

And little do you know – that down the hill there is a huge supermarket with loyalty program wholesale prices and lots of quality everyday produce at non-exorbitant rates. Similarly, some men have never considered it’s possible to find your wife online or look in other countries, then their native USA, UK, Germany. Smart, young, pretty Slavic wives, Asian mail order brides, and Latin American ladies are looking for decent husbands from the western hemisphere right now, as you read this.

The Benefits Of Online Dating

The online dating market is, simply put, huge with 40% of Americans using online dating services with 52% of men using the industry’s offering, and only 47% of women. Moreover, almost 2/3rd of female Tinder users are looking into a relationship more than a hookup, while 33% report having sex on the first date.

So why are so many people into dating online?

  • It’s relatively secure if you take all the necessary caution.
  • It’s relatively affordable if you pick your channels right
  • It’s possible to find a foreign wife online too – so you are not limited to the country-fellow circle of options.
  • It’s don’t in the comfort of your home.
  • You can stop it or pause the process at any convenient point for any reason without having to justify your actions.
  • The commitment is so far away, there is no expectation on online dating sites and apps of family-life relationships right from the start.
  • You can save loads of time by filtering your choices to start with.

where to find a wife onlineThose are just a few reasons why online platforms are the best way to find a wife for hundreds of thousands of men world over/

Ways To Find Single Wife Online

Once you decide: “I want to find a wife online” there are a number of ways for you to consider, let’s review them below in detail.

Employ the power of Dating Sites

Online Dating Websites are multiple and offer a number of advantages:

They allow you to narrow down your GEO interest right away, as many of them specialize in specific markets: Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asian countries. So, if you are looking to find a Philippino wife, you'd better check out the dating websites operated from the Philippines. If you want to find a woman for marriage from Ukraine, you’d better check out the websites from Ukraine, like for the best catalog of Ukrainian girls. You get the logic.

Ladies are highly interested in marriage and relationships, they are actively looking. They did all the work, registering to the website and making pretty pictures for their profiles. They are interested alright.

Many of them allow you not only to text with the ladies directly but also to video chat – so you cut out the formal niceties and can see for yourself if this is your type of person or not.

Give a try to Online Dating Apps

Dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, and Hinge all specialize in their own set of services and are a great pastime. Many people just hang out there as a sport and see how many matches they can win. It is definitely an adrenaline-filled paying field with every match boosting the user's ego and providing a rush of dopamine into their bloodstream. It’s a great way to practice and brush up your pick up and chat up skills – some of the options are free of charge too – so there’s a huge advantage to give them a try.

Try out Hobby or specialty Forums

Forums have their one big - even HUGE – advantage: you get a person who likes the same stuff you like – however niche or weird it may be. Are you into bird watching and spend like half-the summer watching birds? There is a bird out there who shares this rare hobby! The forum will help you fish out such a rare specimen. You can observe and listen in to the group of people as long as you need to – in order to understand how much you guys could belong to each other. Engage as late as you want. Create an occasion. Post a thread in the forum, you know she will reply. The downfall is that it takes time and you don’t necessarily know if she is interested/married with kids/gay / used her genuine image for a profile.

Consider using Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are pretty much romance-friendly. Making sure you start from afar is a good idea. Don’t creep on the person of interest right away in the messenger or Insta DM with any straightforward advances.

  • Take your time to friend her friends first.
  • Then go ahead and like a few of her comments and maybe a photo.
  • After that, you are ready to send a friend request.

Even after that take a couple of months to find out more of her via her feed and only then, if you still think that she is the one, try and get onto the same event she goes.

If feeling extra confident, its OK to drop a message at this point in the manner: "Hi, I've noticed you are going to this exhibition. My sis bought tickets ages ago, she is a huge fan. Do you want to join us for a glass of wine, so we de-digitalize our acquaintance? My sis is also into arts, so you guys will surely have something to chat about." Or something in this manner. You get the point, right?

How To Find A Wife? – Give A Shot To Chats

Online chats used to be huge before the onset of social media. They are still quite big now. Just like dating apps, this is a great tool to polish your pick up skills.

Video chats are also popular and allow you to establish visual contact and make sure a girl is a real person, not just a profile with some random dude typing your replies behind it.

Best Countries To Find A Wife

Now that we covered places online where to find a wife, let's also review the best countries to find a wife. There are 3 major geographical areas broadly speaking, that are most popular with the gentlemen looking for a life partner:

  • online datingLatin America (Brazilian, Chilean, Argentinian, Mexican wives)
  • Eastern Europe (Ukrainian ladies, Belorussian women, Russian girls)
  • Asia (Philippino, Malaysian wives)

All 3 regions offer multiple choices in terms of languages spoken, types, religions, and so on. Asian wives are stereotypically known to be humble and good housewives, Latin American women are believed to be good cooks and have a bit of temper to them; Ukrainian ladies are said to be the sexiest nation in the world (according to Daily Mail) and they easily blend in the USA and European countries due to the race. Eastern European countries are also far less emancipated than western countries, so if you are looking for a more patriarchal type of family, there will be harmony across this board.

Difficulty Of Acquaintance With Women Online

Nothing is a breeze in this life, nor is online dating. Don't get me wrong, it's fun indeed – from the excitement of opening a profile of a stunning young lady to taking a trip to meet her in person on the shores of Odesa. But there are setbacks in this process too.

  • Not all websites are reliable. Look for a reliable website with proper HTTPS protocol and good privacy policy.
  • Not all girls are there to find a husband. Some are looking for adventure. Some are looking to have a free dinner in a fancy restaurant. Make sure you take advantage of the video chat feature to use your best Sherlock techniques and see for yourself how genuine her intentions are.
  • The choices are killing you. It’s just overwhelming. You wanna marry them all. Well, maybe not necessarily marry, but the date for sure. Yes, you have to have a methodology to filter out the ones not good for you and the ones you are not good for.

What Do Women Look For In A Man?

All ladies are looking for a similar set of qualities in a man:

  • reliability
  • social status
  • financial independence
  • good genes for the kids
  • sense of humor

How To Start Online Communication?

Honestly. Don’t try to pretend somebody you are not. Save yourself time and money. Let her see for what you are. If she is not happy now – she will not be happy later.

The biggest mistake is to pretend to be more generous, clever, and younger than you are. Don't. The only way to find YOUR person is to be YOU.

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