Should I Text to Confirm a Date?

Today we will talk about the difficult decision of whether or not you should confirm a date that you have arranged with someone. We will figure out how to confirm a date, the basic rules of confirming a date, should you be confirming a date the night before or just a few hours before a date, and really everything else that has to do with confirming a date with a girl.

So, how do you confirm a date? Before that, let’s find out what to do before inviting a girl to a date.

texting to confirm a date

What to do before inviting someone to a date

The basic rules are as follows:

Don't be afraid

If a girl really likes you, there is no need to fear rejection. It is important to set a goal for yourself and tune in to it. Women love bold and confident men, so after passing a female test, you can achieve success in a relationship.

Study your partner

It is important to explore your potential partner before a date invitation. The more information you have, the easier it is to choose a place for a date and future topics for communication.

The place of your date

Half the success will depend on the right place to meet. Decide what the girl likes, and choose a place that is suitable for quiet communication. Therefore, institutions with loud music will not be the best choice.

Time for an invitation

Great timing for an invitation is 2-3 days before the date of your meeting. Although many girls are quite ready to agree on a date the next day, a person may end up having a very busy schedule. Therefore, think about their business and don’t take a rejection because of this close to heart.

Do not chase your partner

For a girl, you need to be a leader who knows exactly what he wants from a relationship. The girl will definitely appreciate it if you do not chase her. Therefore, you need to value yourself and in no case be humiliated in front of the weaker sex.

These are simple tips on how to invite a girl you like on a date. Using them, you can not only successfully go on a date with a pretty lady, but also gain experience in a relationship that will later come in handy for creating a strong family.

How to invite someone to a date

Here are the key principles:

  • Make your proposal original, so that the girl immediately understands - she communicates with an interesting person with a good imagination. With this, you can definitely have a fun time.
  • It is important not just to call a girl for a meeting, but to arouse interest in her. You can call her to the cinema for the film that she had planned to watch for a long time, or arrange a date in a cafe with her favorite cuisine.
  • It is necessary to clearly indicate the place and time, voicing them to the girl, so as not to get annoying misunderstandings.
  • Make sure the girl knows how to get to the date.confirm a date
  • You should not directly say the word “date” to a girl, it can frighten away some. You can call it just a meeting.

Confidence and calm should come from a man. Therefore, an invitation to a date should be clear, it should be voiced more in the affirmative form than in the interrogative one.

Do not immediately put forward a meeting proposal after the welcome. It is better to first talk a little on abstract topics, and only after that move on to your goal.

In stock should be a few options in case the girl says that she will not be able to attend a date. It is necessary to immediately determine the date of the meeting, convenient for her, otherwise, the question can be postponed indefinitely. Previously, it will be useful to remind the girl about the date of the date.

If a girl constantly comes up with excuses not to go on a date, but you still have an interest in her, you can try to correct the situation with a sense of humor. For example, to say “you have such a busy schedule that you have already refused me five times. What about now, is this date convenient for you, will you agree for a change?”

After your conversation, the girl should have a clear understanding of where she was invited. She must get a sense of the type of a date you are going to have so that she can pick the right outfit and feel as comfortable as possible.

What is the best way to make an invitation?

You can choose one of several options for inviting a pretty girl to a date:

Correspondence. In this case, the girl will have more ways to retreat if she is not particularly nice to you. She may simply not read the message or not reply to it. Therefore, during correspondence, you will need to include all your wit and sense of humor.

By phone. This is an option for a more confident man. It is important to make a situation so that it is convenient for the girl to speak, that there are no extraneous “ears” next to you, and that extraneous factors like a noisy street or a queue in the store do not distract the girl from the conversation.

An invitation over the phone has both positive and negative sides. By phone, it’s easier to get the girl’s consent to your proposal, because the girl will not have time to come up with excuses and excuses. Therefore, if you have a pleasant voice, with its help on the phone you can instill a romantic mood in the girl’s heart.

Confirming a date: redundant or obligatory?

I personally don’t get why it would be considered redundant, I believe that it is all very personal and subjective, since some people are very punctual and never forget about the things they planned.

But, there are people that are not so punctual, some people forget, they have their own business, it can slip their mind, something can happen in their life which ends up bothering them so much that they forget about the things they planned.

So, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with confirming a date, it is rather obligatory in my opinion.

One can make an argument that this will give a person an opportunity to cancel a date and there’s a likelihood of a “bad outcome”, but, if that is the case, if a person doesn’t want to have a date with you, then why bother? Why should they do it against their will?

As long as you don’t act in a way that is too clingy and don’t bother a person too much – everything should be fine.

Should I confirm a date via text?

Should I text to confirm a date? text to confirm dateI personally first try to confirm a date via text. Texting to confirm a date is easy and convenient, a person can give their response whenever they are free of their business.

Text your partner, ask them, are you having a date today? Are they free today? If they don’t answer you in a matter of minutes – do not panic.

Give them around ten minutes. If there’s no answer, you heard nothing back from them – give them a call, if they don’t answer, wait.

And in this case, you would think that, well, maybe your partner will actually come to the date, and they just didn’t have access to the internet or assumed that everything is going as planned.

To not fall into this trap, of should or shouldn’t you go if your partner doesn’t respond to your text messages and phone calls, you should try to confirm a date well before it will take place. If the date is taking place in the evening – text them in the morning, maybe right after you wake up or get to work, give them around 4-5 hours to provide you with an answer.

And now let’s find out how to confirm a date without sounding desperate.

How to confirm a date without sounding desperate

The key to not sounding desperate in such a situation is to not act in a clingy way.

Do not barrage your partner with messages throughout the day and throughout your communication in general, if all you do throughout the day is sending text messages to a person – you will end up looking rather clingy and annoying, and every message can end up being the last.

If so, then tone it down, ask them if they don’t like the frequency of your messages, and if so, try to control yourself.

If you are not clingy and everything seems to be fine, but you still feel rather anxious about confirming a date, then ask yourself why you are feeling what you are feeling.

Ask them how they’re doing and whether or not everything will go according to plan, be straightforward about it.

Examples and tips: text to confirm a date

How to confirm a date with a girl via text? Here are some texts to confirm date with a girl you can use:

  • Are we still good for 6:00 p.m.?
  • Hi, [enter name here], still good for tonight?
  • Hello, you said you like [enter cuisine or place here], maybe we should visit [enter the name of an establishment or place that you would like to have a date at] instead of what we’ve planned? How about that?
  • Hey, I was wondering whether or not you are still good for Wednesday?
  • Hi, you still want to see me for Wednesday?

What to do if your invitation to a date gets rejected

Having been refused, you can’t swear and spoil your relationship with a girl. It would be best to calmly indicate to her that you are very sorry to hear the refusal, but you hope to meet again next time.

It is also important to understand the reasons for the refusal. In the event that the girl refuses far from the first time, and her reasons are more like fabrications, most likely she is really not particularly interested in meeting you.

It is worth looking at other pages on a dating site - there are many lovely girls around who are ready for close and strong relationships. Therefore, it does not always make sense to spend your time on a girl who stubbornly refuses you.

This is a detailed instruction on how to invite a girl on a date, which will help to win the heart of the beloved beauty.

Things to keep in mind

I personally believe that confirming a date is very much necessary, and it can only be bad in the case when you are being overly annoying, clingy, and a person is a bit sick of your text messages, you should read their reaction to the number of messages you send their way. Otherwise, everything should be fine, confirming a date is very important so as not to find either yourself or your partner in an uncomfortable situation.

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