How To Date A Younger Woman: Build A Strong Relationship

Dating a younger woman for a man is like getting a second breath on a marathon. You have done all the hard work in life, the finish is so much closer, so the newly-emerging energies of the second breath will better get you there with flying colors. You have nothing to lose and every moment to enjoy. It may come as a natural drift away between a couple when the kids leave the nest. It may come amid the midlife crises when you get tired of your own approval-seeking behavior. A taste for younger girls is also a way of life for some of the Casanovas out there.

Whatever the reason is in your case, there’s nothing to be ashamed of and much to be looking forward to, when it comes to dating a girl younger than you. Brace yourself, the autumn of your life could be A LOT more fun, that the spring.

older man with younger woman relationship

Why Do Some Girls Look For Older Men in the 21st century?

This is true, there are millions of younger ladies out there who right away prefer the older gents as their default preference setting. This is their conscious choice and sexual preference. Just like some men would not picture a brunette in their beds, some girls in their early 20s cannot imagine anyone less than 40-45 as their boyfriends. No wonder.

  1. The stigma is out of the way. “Gold Digger” term itself is an archaism nowadays. Society is more open and tolerant and people mind their own business. You literally cannot raise one single eyebrow if you walk along the beach with a lady 20 years younger than you – as long as she is of legal age, of course.
  2. Ladies are not looking to wed in their early 20-s anyway, societal pressure is only turning heat for those in their 30-s. So many opt to minimize their expenses and learn and get mentorship from the older men. Combine leisure with the business so to say.
  3. Older men know stuff about sex. Younger guys may still be entrapped in the complexes and have not discovered their sensuality yet, while older guys know how to please a lady in bed. Not least at all.

The Benefits Of Dating Youthful Women

On the other end of the spectrum, dating a much younger woman has multiple advantages too. So, it’s a classical win-win.

  1. The obvious. The young body. Do we need to say more?
  2. The easy-going attitude. Imagine you live in a villa overlooking an ocean with French windows. You wake up and the sky is clouded as hell, the clouds are heavy and the rain is about to start. Imagine the same, but with the sun shining, the seagulls walking around and butterflies promiscuously flying from one flower to another. You get it. A 50-year-old has been through stuff, she hates people and has gazillions of ways to ruin your day with all the routine drama. A 20-year-old has zero worries, lest she may ask you which dress to wear tonight for a cocktail party.
  3. The young person’s contagiously young mentality. It’s a fact. Older men dating younger women feel younger, behave younger, attend places, the younger generations attend, do sports, the younger people do. Essentially, you become younger yourself, if your GF is young.

The Age Difference & Other Challenges of Dating a Younger Girl

The age difference is such a minor issue in 2020, that we truly hope you erase that out of your mind. Only the very old school conservative people may still look disapprovingly at a couple with the age difference. It took Katherine Zeta & Michael Douglas's successful marriage story for the world to wrap their heads around the idea, that love recognizes no age.

how to date a younger womanNever mind the opinion of the hard-core conservatives. They truly cannot be pleased with whatever you do. Mix with more open-minded people, who don't judge or jump to conclusions. Another obstacle to a successful relationship might be the fast pace of life of your girlfriend, which requires quite some investment in terms of energy levels. If you don't mind some occasional clubbing and hanging out with her friends, you should be fine. But cutting your cloth to the cloth is the rule of thumb: if you cannot handle the pace of a 20-year-old, check out the 30+, they are still very vivid, less demanding and lead a more sedative way of life.

Where Can I Find A Younger Women?

Finding a younger woman is no big deal with all the dating websites and dating apps.

The easiest way will be to use dating websites. The ladies in the catalogs have been chosen based on their looks, intentions and usually undergo background checks. Even better – you can use the filter to sieve through the ones, which fall short of the qualities important to you. The best thing is that you can combine the girlfriend search process with your travel, finding a perfect Slavic girl, Asian mail order bride of Latin American wife for yourself.

Dating apps are good too, but they are more geared toward hookups. This is no rocket science, swipe right, swipe left and wait for them to reply. You will need to stay tuned for the best advice coming below on how to date a younger girl in this case.

Social media is another good database of ladies and you can join specialty groups and keep your hobby at the forefront of the factors you are looking for in your future GF.

How To Date Younger Women? 11 Tips For Older Man

You are not her Daddy, so don’t behave like one

Being older, you will be tempted to educate her every step of the way, help her succeed. Reveal things obvious to you ate your age. Warn her from making mistakes. With all the experience you have been accumulating for years, you see troubles before they begin and you know the ways that work empirically. Now stop it. You are a boyfriend. You may be a husband. You ain’t her daddy. Stop being hyper-protective. Unless she is in imminent danger, don't impose your rules over her. Let her make a mistake or two. Pretend you never saw it coming. Share the excitement of growing with her.

Let Your Expectations Known

The great thing about mature men, that ladies love is them being mature. They love the fact that they don't have to babysit. They get the calculative machine, capable of foreseeing consequences for their actions. Act according to your age. This is expected. You are expected to know what you want. Let it be known. Don't sneak around trying to push your agenda on her bit by bit.

Talk things through. This is the advantage of having an older man for a boyfriend, that he is capable of planning and taking care of both parties. If you like your morning sex and feel absolutely knackered in the evening – let her know. If you are considering giving it a go for a family if the girl is right – let her know. If you are in for some fun only with no attachments – let her know. By managing expectations, you will make your life – and her life much easier and drama-free.

Do Fun Stuff Together

You are the one who knows all the fun restaurants in the city and the exclusive jazz basements. You have the phone of the best diving instructor on the shores of the Red Sea. You are the one, who attends the annual Cowboy Fest in the local hood.

She is only young and inexperienced. Open the world for her and show all the fun bits. Having a good time and going places is the memory she will keep about you for life. Make them worthwhile.

It’s Not All About Money

Some men, who attract younger women assume that money is the answer to a successful relationship with a younger lady. Such a way of thinking is the end of a relationship with a quality GF or wife material. Yes, being affluent - or at least being a man of means - is a great starting point. But it's only the answer to a question: "how to meet younger women”, not “how to keep young women”.

Support And Protect Her

While being hyper-protective is not recommended, supporting and protecting your lady is a norm. If she is her age or younger than you. Feminists may claim what they want, but ladies are the mothers of the human species. They need to be taken care of when they are pregnant and looking after the young generations.

The weaker ladies need strong men. The strong ladies simply need yet stronger men. Ladies, irrespective of how talented, well off, beautiful, self-sufficient they may be, need a strong gentlman to rely on in their lives.

young women seeking older menAcknowledge The Age Gap

As easy as that – discussing the elephant in the room is totally OK. It’s healthy for your relationship. Let’s admit it – she should be comfortable with your age difference as much as you are. There are literally millions of young girls world over who eye older gents in an undaughterly way. You should only be with a young girl who is alright with your age gap.

Talk about it, laugh it out, play a joke or two on the subject. Don’t pretend everything is normal – make sure it’s normal for the 2 of you.

How to date a younger woman tip: Take The Lead

It's a bit cliché, true. But it's only a cliché because the vast majority of women expect that. Specifically, younger ladies. Every book with the tips for dating younger women will tell you that. Take the lead. Show her the world. Uncover the beauties of the world to her. Take her through the hardships with your unobtrusive mentorship. Always leave a way for her to make her own choice and mistakes, but do try and be available to take the lead through the storms of her life – if she lets you.

Don’t Boil Down Your Relationship To Sex Only

Sex, however good, is a series of repetitive actions, performed by all creatures alive on this planet in the effort to replicate and orgasm. This is physical. Hedonistic, yes, yet physical. With all your experience and means, try and bring about other aspects of human interaction, like cultural nights to theaters and opera, hiking trips to unknown hilltops, sports adventures in the deep seas.

Immaturity Does not Belong To This Relationship

With the lady your age you are OK being a boy at 50 or 70. No problems at all. But if you are hesitating to make a decision to behave irresponsibly when dating 30 years old younger women, you are making a fool of yourself. Immaturity is the last thing why she is with you, so don’t bring it on.

Allow Her To Live Her Life

You don’t expect her to grow up and she doesn’t expect you to become a youngster all of a sudden. The best-case scenario – is when you spend some time together and have some time for the lives of your own. If there is trust in between you 2 – each of you can surely enjoy some time off the relationship or spending with your old mates and friends.

She's Not Looking For A Sugar Daddy – Remember That

You wouldn’t be with a girl, who is only interested in your money, right? You know you are well worth being loved. By any woman – young or peer. Make sure you always treat your lady as an emotional equal. This is the way your friends will treat her – via the prism of your attitude. This is the way a barman will treat her – via how you treat your younger girlfriend.

She loves you for what you are and what you achieved in this life. Don’t be a sugar daddy for her – so she has a chance to prove her feelings to you too.

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