How do You Know If a Female Coworker Likes You? Top 15 Signs

In the crazy rhythm and everyday routine, a person spends most of their time at work, so it is not surprising that the percentage of “office romances” is growing rapidly. In the office, people spend a lot of time together: they communicate, share their impressions of the last watched films, read books, go to dinners and sometimes even go home on the same route. But how to understand that a female colleague really likes you, and she feels sincere sympathy? You can understand it after analyzing the behavior of your coworker and check if there are some signs that she likes you. What are these signs?

Female Coworker Likes You

15 Signs a Female Coworker Likes You

1. She always looks at you. The more you catch her looking at you when she thinks you do not see it, the more convincing proof it is. A loving colleague is constantly trying to look at you at least for a second. You feel a searching look at you, even if you are busy with something. As soon as you take a look at your coworker, a person usually acts as if she didn't look at you. Women are not that decisive to make a long-awaited acquaintance, they tend to wait until you ask them out on a date.

2. She always ends up being around you. It is one of the clearest signs a female coworker likes you. She wants to spend more time with you so you constantly meet her in the corridor, in your office, in the dining room of the office. Sometimes she seems to be waiting for you at the entrance to the office building. If there are too many coincidences, then you should think: is this woman trying to gain courage and speak with you? In any case, she unconsciously wants to spend more time with you, although this is a bit like persecution.

3. Accidental touches. As you ask her to give you a book or a pencil, she constantly touches your hand. When you have lunch together, she always sits next to you so that your legs are very close. It seems as if she touches you even when you talk about everyday things, discuss working moments or just chat in a friendly manner. This must be analyzed: you must admit that not every friend of yours seeks to have subtle contact with you.

4. She remembers things about you. During the last meeting with coworkers, you mentioned that you were going to visit a new restaurant or go to a shopping center. Next week your coworker can surprise you wondering about your trip or impressions about the restaurant. She can even remember your favorite color or meal, which you mentioned once last month.

5. She started wearing dresses and make-up. Actually, this is one of the most common signs a female coworker is attracted to you. As she wears skirts and dresses, puts on lipstick and gets a new hairstyle, you can be sure that she tries to get your attention. This is the classic behavior of women when they want to get the attention of men. This case is not an exception.

6. She texts you. And not just emails regarding work but personal messages about her evening, personal life and plans. Also, she can ask you about your plans for the evening, ask to suggest a movie or a book, or where to find some information. In general, one of the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it is when she asks you for any type of help or your opinion on something.

how to understand that a female colleague really likes you7. She asks you questions about your personal life. As you talk, she repeats all the time that she is single. Meanwhile, she wants to know if you are. She wonders what you are doing in your free time, what your interests are and where you have come from. These are not friendly questions but signs a female coworker is interested in you.

8. She always suggests going somewhere together. Although there is a lot of coffee in the office, she asks if you two can visit a new cafe in the city center and talk a little bit about this and that. Also, she sends you a link to a concert in your city or tells you about the exhibition she would like to visit. She is definitely sharing this information with you because she wants you to ask her out on a date.

9. She changes her way home to go with you. You remember that she told you several times where she lives. Still, you noticed her a couple of times in your district. Or one day she starts walking with you explaining that she wants to visit a shopping center or visit a friend. In reality, this is one of the subtle signs a female coworker likes you.

10. She takes care of you. Supposing you caught a cold or something just happened with your car and you stayed at home, she will definitely text you to ask if everything is okay with you. Also, she will ask if you need some medicine or at least advise you something. If something has happened to your car, she will give you a lift. Moreover, later she will text you to find out whether you feel better.

11. Body language. Do you know how to tell if a female coworker likes you if she is shy? Pay attention to her body. If you are not sure if she is attracted to you, there are still body language signs a female coworker likes you. First of all, she will lean towards you all the time, lich her lips, change her poses all the time. One of the signs a shy female coworker likes you is that she blushes when you meet in the office or you just talk to her.

12. She tells you about her life. Both at work and while you are communicating online, she will mention something about her hobbies or family even if you didn`t ask. Also, she shares with you her photos from different places or tells you about the last book she read. She wants you to think that she is an intelligent and interesting interlocutor.

13. She makes compliments. One of the signs a woman is attracted to you in the workplace is that she keeps telling you how handsome you are, laughs at your jokes and says that she likes your shirt. When you tell some stories in the office, she seems to be the most excited and listens to every detail. Then, she genuinely expresses her excitement saying that you have a talent telling stories.

14. Everyone in the office thinks she likes you. People with whom you work observe the whole situation and that for sure see all her efforts to catch your attention. Maybe some of your colleagues told you several times about that and even joked about it. What is more, when you all go somewhere, people always leave the place for you two so that you could sit together.

15. She always smiles. How do you know if a female coworker likes you? Whenever you see her, she always smiles. It is strange, isn't it? This is just a way she tries to show you that she is glad to see you and she wants you to know it. Your coworker wants to seem a pleasant person so that you would like to spend more time with her.

What to Do Next?

Now, that you've analyzed her behavior and know for sure that your coworker likes you, it's time to ask her out on a date! But how to do it? How not to destroy office romance? First of all, stay confident. She already likes you so that it will not be that difficult. Think of some places where you two could go, and she would like it. Try to remember all her interests and preferences that she mentioned and try to choose something personal. Secondly, make sure that the day you choose for a date is convenient for both of you. A lot of women have to delay their plans and feel stressed about it because they feel embarrassed to say that this day is not convenient for them. Finally, tell your coworker where you are going in advance so that she can think of her outfit, make-up and other things. She will feel much more confident and relaxed, and the evening will be marvelous.

If you still keep wondering, “Is my female coworker attracted to me?” try to analyze her behavior and pay attention to details. It becomes clear when you know what are the signs that she may be attracted to you. And if she is, it is high time for you to ask her out on a date and give it a try!

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